P Diddy Net Worth

P Diddy Net Worth
Full Name: Sean Combs (aka P Diddy, Diddy)
Net Worth: $900 million
Date of Birth: November 4, 1969
Place of Birth: New York City, New York, United States
Nationality: American
Profession: Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Entrepreneur, Actor, and Television Producer
Record Labels: Bad Boy Entertainment, Universal Music Group
Notable Albums: No Way Out, Forever, The Saga Continues…, Press Play, Last Train to Paris
Notable Songs: I’ll Be Missing You, Mo Money Mo Problems, Been Around the World, It’s All About the Benjamins, Come with Me, Shake Ya Tailfeather
Business Ventures: Sean John clothing line, Ciroc vodka, Revolt TV network, DeLeon tequila, Aquahydrate water, investments in tech startups, and other ventures
Awards and Honors: Three Grammy Awards, Two MTV Video Music Awards, BET Awards, NAACP Image Awards, an Honorary Doctorate from Howard University, Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Have you ever wondered what P Diddy’s net worth is? Well, the American rapper and record producer is one of the most influential artists of today’s music and has definitely built quite the legacy for himself. 

P Diddy currently stands as one of the wealthiest rappers alive. 

As of May 2023, P Diddy’s net worth of $900 million. 

In this post, we’ll show you how P Diddy achieved his success and what you can learn from his story.

Early Life

Sean John Combs, better known as P Diddy, was born on November 4, 1969, in Manhattan, New York City. Within Manhattan, P Diddy was born and raised in the Harlem neighborhood. His mother, Janice Combs, was a model and a teacher’s assistant. 

His father, Melvin Combs, served in the U.S. Air Force for several years. More notably, he was also an associate of the infamous drug dealer, Frank Lucas. 

Unfortunately, P Diddy’s father passed away when he was only two years old. This brought about a range of unique challenges for both P Diddy and his mother. For starters, he never felt as though he had a solid male role model. 

This led to him constantly getting into trouble, both in and out of school. Fortunately for the soon-to-be star, he also had an interest in football and was naturally good at it.

Football Prowess and Howard University

P Diddy would go on to use his skills and interest in football to distract him from trouble. He joined his high school’s varsity team and actually ended up winning a division title in 1983. Following his time at high school, P Diddy attended Howard University. 

At the prestigious HBCU, Diddy studied business law. Because of his interest in music and media, he dropped out to pursue his true passions.


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P Diddy got his start in the music industry as a talent director for Uptown Records. In this role, P Diddy was responsible for scouting new talent and helping to develop their careers. He soon began working with artists such as Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, and Heavy D.& the Boyz.

“No Way Out” And Rise To Fame

p Diddy net worth

In 1992, P Diddy released his first rap album, titled “No Way Out.” The album was a massive success and quickly reached Platinum status. The lead single from the album, “I’ll Be Missing You,” became one of the most successful hip-hop songs of all time.

Since then, P Diddy has released a total of six studio albums. His most recent album, “MMM” (aka “Money Making Mitch”), was released in 2016 and debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Getting Fired From Uptown Records

During his time at Uptown Records, P Diddy quickly gained the trust of many of his colleagues and became very comfortable. Unsurprisingly, this backfired as it was seen in a sour light by higher executives and he was let go.

Bad Boy Entertainment

p Diddy net worth

In response to being fired, P Diddy set out to create his own record label, Bad Boy Entertainment. Additionally, this new label would be a joint venture with Arista Records.

The label is most famously known for first introducing legendary hip-hop artist, The Notorious B.I.G. The Notorious B.I.G quickly increased in popularity in New York City and nationally.

Most notably, his project “Born Ready To Die,” broke several music records on its release. This propelled both P. Diddy’s net worth and the success of his new music label. 

His in-house production team would also work with a ton of huge names, including Usher, Akon, Lil Kim, and Mariah Carey. All the while, a famous rivalry began to brew with the west coast label, “Death Row Records,” founded by Suge Knight and Dr. Dre.

P Diddy has also changed his name quite a few times over the years. Some of these names include, “Puff Daddy,” “Puffy,” and “Diddy.”

Awards & Nominations

P Diddy has won 3 Grammy Awards, 2 MTV Video Music Awards, 1 American Music Award, and 1 World Music Award. He has also received 14 nominations for Grammy Awards, 10 nominations for MTV Video Music Awards, 5 nominations for American Music Awards, and 2 nominations for World Music Awards.

He won the best rap album in 1997 for “No Way Out” and the best rap performance by a duo or group in 1998 for “I’ll Be Missing You” with Faith Evans and 112. In 1999, he won best rap performance by a duo or group for “Satisfy You” with R&B group, The Lox, and Lil’ Kim.

Business Ventures

In addition to his music career, P Diddy is also a successful businessman. He has investments in a range of businesses, including liquor brands (Ciroc vodka, DeLeon tequila), clothing lines (Sean John), telecommunications (AOL), and many more.

Sean John

p diddy net worth

P Diddy founded the clothing company Sean John in 1998. The line catered to men and boys, and quickly became popular. In fact, in its first year of business, Sean John generated over $100 million in sales!

One of the reasons for Sean John’s success was that P Diddy was very hands-on. He worked as the CEO of the company and was heavily involved in all aspects of it, from designing to marketing. Additionally, he recruited several big-name celebrities to endorse the brand, which helped increase awareness.

Today, Sean John is still a popular clothing line. It has even expanded into other categories such as home furnishings and beauty products. Overall, Sean John has been a huge success for P Diddy, contributing significantly to his net worth.

The company has recently expanded into men’s cologne and a series of other accessories. 

Combs Enterprises

p diddy net worth

Combs Enterprises is a company founded by P Diddy that focuses on a range of business ventures. These ventures include clothing, fragrances, television production, and more.

The company has been a major contributor to P Diddy’s net worth over the years. This is primarily because Combs Enterprises is very successful and profitable. For example, the clothing line Sean John, which is a part of Combs Enterprises, generates over $100 million in sales each year!

In addition to Sean John, Combs Enterprises also has a successful fragrance line. The first fragrance, “I Am King,” was released in 2009 and was an instant hit. To date, Combs has released six fragrances in total, all of which have been successful.

Finally, Combs Enterprises is also involved in television production. The company has produced several TV shows over the years, including “Making the Band” and “The Hustle.”

Overall, Combs Enterprises has played a major role in increasing P Diddy’s net worth. The company is highly successful and continues to expand into new areas.

P Diddy Net Worth Growth

Year Net Worth Factors contributing to net worth growth
1991 $0 Starting point (assumed)
1995 $5 million Success of Bad Boy Records, artist collaborations and tours
2000 $150 million Successful launch of clothing line “Sean John”, increased revenue from music and entertainment businesses
2005 $400 million Continued success of “Sean John” clothing line, launch of fragrance line and TV network, revenue from music and entertainment businesses
2010 $550 million Sale of stake in Sean John, continued revenue from music and entertainment businesses, launch of new TV network
2015 $750 million Successful investments in various business ventures including vodka, tequila, and cable TV companies
2020 $850 million Continued growth of various business ventures, investments in tech startups
2022 $900 million Current net worth (assumed)

P Diddy Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, P Diddy has a net worth of $900 million.

A majority of his earnings have come from his equity ownership in several investments and ownership of a complete business portfolio of companies. 

In addition to this, P Diddy made a killing during his time with Bad Boy Entertainment.

Today, P Diddy continues to hold his equity ownerships, which continues to appreciate annually. In addition to this, he’s an active philanthropist and donator to troubled neighborhoods in New York City.

Real Estate

P Diddy owns a ton of real estate. In fact, he is said to be one of the top 50 real estate owners in the world!

Some of his most notable properties include a $60 million mansion in Beverly Hills, a $45 million castle in Scotland, and a $30 million penthouse in New York City.

P Diddy’s real estate portfolio is worth an estimated total of $700 million. This accounts for a significant portion of his net worth.

The reason P Diddy has invested so heavily in real estate is that he sees it as a sound investment. He knows that the value of a property will continue to appreciate over time, which is why he has made such a large investment in it.

Overall, P Diddy’s real estate holdings have been a major contributor to his net worth. By owning some of the most luxurious properties in the world, he has been able to increase his wealth significantly.

Luxury Yachts & Private Jets

P Diddy is no stranger to luxury. He is known for his love of lavish lifestyle and has often been seen traveling in style.

One of the ways he likes to travel is by private jet. P Diddy owns two private jets, which are estimated to be worth a combined total of $70 million.

In addition to his private jets, P Diddy also owns two luxury yachts. These yachts are worth an estimated $30 million combined.

P Diddy’s love of luxury has been a major contributor to his net worth. By owning some of the most expensive toys in the world, he has been able to increase his wealth significantly.


P Diddy is a very philanthropic person. In fact, he has given away millions of dollars to various charities and organizations over the years.

One of P Diddy’s main philanthropic initiatives is the Sean Combs Scholarship Fund. This fund provides scholarships to students who are in need and want to pursue a career in music.

P Diddy set up the scholarship fund in 2001 after the death of his friend and fellow rapper, Biggie Smalls. He wanted to do something to honor Biggie’s memory and help others achieve their dreams.

Since its inception, the scholarship fund has awarded over $2 million in scholarships to students all over the world!

P Diddy is very passionate about helping aspiring musicians achieve their dreams. The Sean Combs Scholarship Fund is just one example of his dedication to philanthropy.

Personal Life

P Diddy is a very successful businessman and rapper. However, he is also known for his personal life. Over the years, P Diddy has been involved in several high-profile relationships.

Most notably, he dated actress/singer Jennifer Lopez from 2002 to 2007.

Since then, P Diddy has been in a number of other high-profile relationships, including with singer Cassie Ventura and model Kim Porter. He has also been linked to several other celebrities, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Cameron Diaz.

Overall, P Diddy’s personal life has been very turbulent. However, he seems to have learned from his mistakes and is now a dedicated father to his children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is P Diddy a billionaire in 2022?

No, P Diddy is not a billionaire in 2022 (although he is close). His net worth is estimated to be $900 million.

Who is the number 1 richest rapper?

The number 1 richest rapper in the world is currently Kanye West with a net worth of $6.6 billion.

Who is worth more, Jay Z or P Diddy?

Jay-Z is worth more than P Diddy. P Diddy has a net worth of $900 million while Jay Z has a net worth of $1.4 billion.

Key Takeaways

Now that you know what P Diddy’s net worth is and how he built it, let’s take a look at some of the most important lessons we can learn from his journey.

Your Beginning Is Not Your Ending

Growing up in a rough part of Harlem, it may have been very easy for P Diddy to get caught up with the negatives. Instead, he put his head down and hustled. Know that your beginning is not your end. Keep pushing!

It Pays To Invest

P Diddy stands as the epitome of this lesson, as most of his net worth came from outside of music. Investments and time go hand in hand. Use these to your advantage!

Hustle Beats Talent

While P Diddy never broke the most records on his own tracks, he never stopped grinding and always put in work. Because of this, he came out on top, despite the odds. Always remember that hustle beats talent.