Nicholas Crown Net Worth

Nicholas Crown Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what Nicholas Crown net worth is?

Nicholas Crown is a very successful entrepreneur, businessman, and digital content creator. He was brought to the limelight by his popular video series, Rich vs. Really Rich. 

Besides his social media appearances, Nicholas Crown is also the founder of an organic media marketing company called Amoeba. Nicholas Crown is also a skilled guitarist and apt vocalist, earning him the admiration of many.

As of May 2023, Nicholas Crown’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million. In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about Nicholas Crown’s life and his successful journey as a content creator.

Early Life of Nicholas Crown

Nicholas Crown was born Nicholas DiNorscio in Livingston, New Jersey, on September 30th of the year 1985. 

He was born to an American couple. Nicholas Crown’s father is Larry DiNorscio, and his mother is Deborah McCoy.

During his early childhood years, he lived with his family in Mendham, New Jersey, USA.

His family wasn’t the type to maintain a single residential location since they moved a lot when he was younger. 

However, they finally settled in the upper east side of Manhattan in New York. Within the first seven years of his life, Nicholas Crown’s parents divorced.

The events following their divorce must have had a toll on him. It’s alleged that he found music as an escape route from his pain, specifically the guitar. 

Nicholas Crown Education

Nicholas attended Seton Hall Preparatory School in New Jersey immediately after completing his early and primary education.

He ended up becoming a very skillful guitarist and loved playing Delta blues music tunes. 

Nicholas Crown later went on to perform on many popular platforms as a student, and his work was quite astonishing.

It was clear he’d eventually found his craft at Seton Hall Preparatory School. Nicholas Crown was later admitted to Cornell University for higher learning. 

His pragmatic approach to life clearly helped him make the decision to further his studies.

In 2008, he was awarded a major in Applied Economics and Management after graduating with distinction from Cornell University.

Personal Life of Nicholas Crown

There is very little publicly available information about his family. However, Nicholas Crown has a brother by the name of Michael DiNorscio, with whom he gets along quite well.

There’s been speculation about his relationship status, but the rumors can’t be verified. Why so? Merely because Nicholas Crown leads a very private life.

There, nobody knows about Nicholas Crown’s wife. Nicholas Crown’s height is 5 feet 9 inches tall, has brown eyes and weighs roughly 75kg.

Among his peers and close friends, Nicholas Crown is known as a music fanatic and a passionate guitarist. We can actually prove that through his global music tours and his unique talent.

As a result, he has not only visited but also lived in several cities all over the world, such as Istanbul, London, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires, among others.

Nicholas Crown also speaks Spanish and English fluently. Nicholas DiNorscio is arguably eating life with a big spoon.

His love for luxury and class is not limited since he lives lavishly in his Chicago home. Nicholas Crown’s house is also very exquisite.

It is not an exaggeration to say that he resides in a splendid mansion. The type of cars Nicholas Crown owns is sleek and expensive. His success is real, and it shows for itself.

Nicholas Crown loves animals, especially dogs and cats. He enjoys taking mind-blowing photos for his followers to admire on social media. 

Nicholas Crown Instagram presence is also huge. His zodiac sign is Libra and he is currently 37 years old.

The Career of Nicholas Crown

His career journey formally began when he was hired as a pit clerk for a crude oil trading ring called the New York Mercantile Exchange in 2005. 

At the crude oil investment station, Nicholas Crown got a mentor called Mark Fisher, who gave him guidance in the world of business and marketing. 

Barclays Capital

Nicholas Crown later changed jobs and found himself working for Barclays Capital as an analyst.

He was stationed in London, UK and was given a role in the repo trading desk. Here, he learned much about trading and the basics of risk investment.

Nicholas Crown then made advances in his career by moving to a bigger company in New York, where he got a role at the trading desk.

In 2011, he was hired by a Swiss investment bank in Stamford to build a basis trading desk. Thereafter, he was truly set up for success.

Nicholas Crown Companies

Nicholas Crown left Wall Street in 2013 and decided to join the world of entrepreneurship.

Nicholas Crown rose to the limelight with his smart and innovative technological creation. He developed a technology called ATS that uses reverse engineering methods during recruitment. 

He used Resume Atelier, a company he founded in 2016, to create this groundbreaking reverse engineering hiring technology. In short, Resume Atelier uses AI to help job seekers improve their chances of getting shortlisted by recruiters.

His other company, Amoeba, uses custom search engine optimization techniques to help websites and businesses rank higher on the internet. 

It is a digital marketing tool that focuses on helping businesses grow organically.

Music Career

After some time as an entrepreneur, he fully embarked on his music career. 

This led to the birth of a Nicholas Crown band, The Cold Water Electric. This group toured many parts of the US, performing in concerts and music events.

He is also a witty writer and blogger. He has written numerous Nicholas Crown articles that earned him great accolades from many readers. 

Nicholas Crown Achievements

Nicholas Crown has been in the business world long enough to know the right buttons to click. 

As such, he attracted big contractual deals to promote companies like Fintech via his digital network outlets. These ventures obviously added a lot to Nicholas Crown’s net worth. 

Fame came knocking on the door when Nicholas started a video series program called Rich vs. Really Rich that’s available on Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok.

In the video series, he tried to distinguish different social classes.

His social media influence is one of his biggest successes. Most of his life is based on social media, just like other social media influencers.

For instance, he has more than 2 million followers on Tiktok alone. He has many followers on Instagram, where he posts skits and brief films on a regular basis.

Nicholas Crown’s Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Nicholas Crown’s net worth is approximately $10 million. His company has contributed significantly to his net worth, closely followed by his digital marketing campaigns. 

In short, his social media platforms have made him substantial amounts of money over the years.

His other business ventures and trading experiences have also helped him become a millionaire. This has indirectly contributed to the overall net worth of the American entrepreneur.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Nicholas crown from Tik Tok?

Nicholas Crown is a popular Tik Tok star from the USA. Crown is now the owner and created the popular TikTok series, “Rich versus Really Rich.”

What is the name of Nicholas Crown Father?

The name of Crown’s father is Larry DiNorscio.

Who is the mother of Nicholas Crown?

The mother of Nicholas Crown is called Deborah McCoy.

Key Takeaway

Crown believed that hard work, dedication, and resilience were the only way to succeed in life.

His unwavering belief in himself has enabled him to achieve his dreams and aspirations, like creating revolutionary technology.

Crown also encourages others via his digital platforms not to give up on themselves and their dreams, no matter the obstacles.