Master P Net Worth

Master P Net Worth
Name: Master P
Net Worth: $200 million
Born: April 29, 1967
Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Occupation: Rapper, Entrepreneur, Actor, Investor
Labels: No Limit Records, Priority Records, Koch Records, Guttar Music, EMPIRE
Years active: 1990-present
Spouse: Sonya Miller (m. 1989-2014)
Children: Romeo Miller, Cymphonique Miller, Veno Miller, Mercy Miller, Hercy Miller, Tytyana Miller, Inty Miller, Itali Miller, Young V, JJ, Vercy, Italy, Hercy, Mercy, Veno, and Romeo (adopted)
Notable works: Ice Cream Man, Ghetto D, MP Da Last Don, I Got the Hook-Up, Uncle P, Master P’s Family Empire, No Limit Chronicles
Twitter: @MasterPMiller

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Master P is? Well, the rapper, producer, investor, and entrepreneur has built quite an empire.

Master P is very well-versed and involved in many forms of entertainment. However, his main claim to fame is as a rapper and the founder of No Limit Records. 

As of May 2023, Master P has a net worth of $200 million.

In this post, we dive into how Master P built his empire from scratch and how you can use his experience to build yours.

Early Life

Master P, formerly known as Percy Robert Miller, was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the Calliope Projects.

Like Jay Z, Master P came from extreme poverty and lived in one of the most violent housing projects in the country.

He attended Booker T Washington High school and played on the basketball team, where he thrived. This allowed him to gain a full athletic scholarship at the University of Houston. 

He dropped out and attended Merit College in Oakland, California, where he majored in business administration.

He would go on to drop out of Merit College as well, as college wasn’t suited for him.

Shortly after dropping out, his grandfather tragically died in 1990 in a work-related accident, leaving him 10,000 dollars in a malpractice insurance settlement check. 

Master P started a record store called No Limit Records in Richmond, California, with this money.

He changed the business model from a record store to a record label as he saw a better business opportunity there.

His brother died shortly after his grandfather and motivated to provide for his family, Master P went to work creating music and trying to make a name for himself.

Master P’s Music Career

Master P released his first debut album, Get Away Clean, in February 1991. This was followed by his second album Mama’s Bad Boy, which was released in April 1992.

Master P also collaborated on various No Limit Compilations albums, which all saw major success.

In 1997 he released his breakthrough album, Ghetto D, which in its first week sold over 760,000 copies. 

This meant that the album got certified triple platinum and placed Master P as one of the top rappers in the game.

From 1992-1998 No Limit records sold $120 million worth of albums making the label one of the most profitable in the industry.

However, the smartest thing that master P did in his music career has absolutely nothing to do with a melody or a beat.

In 1996 he signed a fantastic music distribution deal with Priority Records. The deal allowed No Limit Records to retain 100% ownership of their master recordings and 85% of total sales.

This deal alone has made Master P millions.

Acting And Basketball Career

With his success in the rap game, he became a very famous figure making his transition into acting effortless. Since 1997 he’s appeared in,

  • Uncle P,
  • Uncle Willys Family
  • Soccer mom
  • Gone in 60 seconds 
  • Hollywood Homicide
  • Toxic 
  • Foolish
  • I got the hookup

Varying from major to main roles, all contributing to a solid filmography that generated millions of dollars for Master P.

Additionally, he starred in his most successful acting stint, Romeo! Where his son, Romeo Miller, was the main character. The show was a kid favorite and aired on nickelodeon from 2003-2006.

Master P also did a brief stint in the NBA. The Charlotte Hornets(1998) and Toronto Raptors (1999) both gave Percy pre-season contracts.

Unfortunately, he could not land a contract with either team for the regular season but then went on to play for the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) from 1999-2000. 


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Unlike many rappers during the time, Master P was smart enough to understand the value of investing.

As a result, the profits from No Limit records were used to support a wide range of cross-industry expansions and investments.

These investments included stocks, real estate, retail, food, film, and production. Below are some of the following assets accrued during his time.

  • No limit Records
  • No limit clothing
  • No Limits Films
  • No Limit Sports Management
  • Pm Property/ MP Realty (A)
  • Big Poppa Burgers(A)
  • Moneyattie(A)
  • Make Em Say Ugh Energy Drink(A)
  • Rap Noodles (A) 

“No Limit” is something Master P took quite literally in his business ventures as an entrepreneur.

In detail, he fully diversified his assets and stretched his money into many different realms of business. As a result, the money works for Master P instead of him working for the money.

The excessive cash flow he has created does not tie him to one entity and allows him to keep his eyes open for the next big move.

Master P Net Worth Growth

Year Net Worth Growth Factors
1991 $0.1 million Founding No Limit Records
1994 $5 million Successful album releases
1996 $25 million Expanding No Limit Records, signing big-name artists
1998 $50 million Diversifying into film production, fashion, and sports management
2000 $150 million Selling No Limit Records to Priority Records
2022 $200 million Investments in tech, real estate, and energy

Master P Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, the net worth of Master P is $200 million. All starting from a small $10,000 investment, he has now set himself and his family up with generational wealth.

Owning a vast majority of assets that will generate wealth for years to come.

He recently orchestrated a 2 million dollar endorsement deal with technology company Webs Apps America.

This deal will allow his son Hercy Miller to profit off his name as he attends the University of Tennessee on a basketball scholarship.

Key Takeaways  

Have a Why

Master P used the tragic deaths of both his grandfather and brother to motivate him to be successful.

As a result, he had an extra chip on his shoulder because he was working hard for something bigger than himself.

This does not mean you have to experience the tragedies he endured, but you should have something that pushes you. In other words, You need to figure out what your why is.

No limits

 The biggest reason for Master P’s success is that he did not limit himself to one field. It’s best to have different avenues of income in your life.

Diversify your investments and don’t get caught relying on one income stream to provide you the majority of your wealth.