KingCasinoBonus Identifies “Understanding Your Audience” As the Key to Deliver Useful Casino Reviews


Adult gambling participation in the UK is 44%. That number itself is extraordinary when you come to think of it. With so many people inclined towards online casinos and gambling in general, there is a need for regulation with unbiased reviews. KingCasinoBonus is the platform that takes care of the same.

From 2500 offers now publicly available on, the features that are rated are the most impactful when gambling online: the cost, the time it takes to complete, the games, and the bet values. The way they were picked and highlighted was the effect of more than seven years in the domain of online casino wagering. Knowing what is of interest to the user and how gambling gets intertwined with other sectors makes the site popular enough to have a constant user base.

If you are at crossroads on why KingCasinoBonus should be your go-to for online casino reviews in the UK, this article will explain it all.

More about KingCasinoBonus

KingCasinoBonus is a leading and reliable casino reviewing platform for UK gamblers. Launched in 2016, the platform has focused on bringing unbiased, reliable, and in-depth research and reviews about established and emerging online casinos to help players make informed decisions before gambling.

Every review posted on their platform goes through multiple screenings and assessments to bring nothing but the most transparent reviews for online casino users.

Why is KingCasinoBonus a Trusted Name in the Niche?

The gambling industry is expanding at an incredible rate. With new online casinos venturing into the market, new and experienced online casino users are becoming overwhelmed.

“Which one to play on?” “Which one’s bonuses and promotions are enticing?” “Is it worth switching to a new platform?” The questions seem to be never-ending. This is where KingCasinoBonus steps into the picture.

Some elements that are integral to every online casino review by KingCasinoBonus include:

  • Casino security protocols
  • KYC processes
  • User experience
  • Game selection
  • Payment providers
  • Transaction speed
  • Transparency of casino terms
  • Loyalty programs
  • Casino’s offers, etc.

So, each published review is reviewed on different markers, keeping users in mind. No two reviews are standardized and undergo multiple testing rounds for maximum accuracy.

What kind of Resources does KingCasinoBonus Leverage for their Reviews?

Numerous online casino reviewing platforms exist, so what sets KingCasinoBonus apart from its competitors? The individuality of the process is what makes them a trusted source.

With an internal team of gambling experts and professionals onboard, every review is done by their team and never outsourced. However, the reviewing process isn’t superficial and involves multiple testing rounds before publication.

Some of the most essential resources that the platform leverages are:

  • Eight strict selection factors
  • Two dedicated specialists to test and review the casino
  • Two experts for the final round of checking before the review is published
  • 8-10 hours of rigorous testing for each casino
  • 6-8 hours writing the review for the casino
  • Between £10 and £100 to assess the monetary features of the casino
  • Around £80 to test the bets and games
  • Between £1 to £50 to avail the casino bonuses and promotions

If a casino fails to meet the standard in any of these factors mentioned, the same is said clearly and without bias in the review.

Why does KingCasinoBonus prioritize understanding your audience when reviewing the casinos?

The reviews crafted and posted by KingCasinoBonuses are curated with one intention: To help gamblers identify the best online casino platform in the UK.

Each casino is tested and reviewed by the platform from the user’s perspective. This means that the reviewers put themselves into the shoes of the potential gamblers.

  • What kind of features would they want?
  • How long is the transaction processing?
  • What kind of reliability and trust does the online casino offer?
  • What are the kinds of games available?
  • What kind of promotions and bonuses are available?

These questions are answered in detail in each review because that’s what the user wants clarification on.

If the reviewers find an online casino subpar and not to their standards, the same is mentioned in the review. There is no inaccuracy in the reports, and each review is transparent. So, even the negative aspect of the review is highlighted.


KingCasinoBonus is a valued name in the online casino testing and reviewing platform niche. We hope this clears your doubts if you have been concerned about the platform’s integrity. Also, if you are a UK casino player and have been looking for comprehensive and transparent reviews, this is where your search ends. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave them in the comments for us.