CasinoAlpha’s Rating System Made Them a Reliable Online Casino Source


Would you be surprised if we told you that the online casino market has grown by 110% in the last four years? Sounds astounding, doesn’t it? In just under four years, the user size has grown to 176 million people. If you want to become one, you have come to the right place.

With the rising popularity of gambling online, there has been a surge in the availability of online casinos, too. 

Not making any exceptions when it comes to casino quality makes each review from the 200 casino sites listed on CasinoAlpha New Zealand an accurate source for gambling data. In an era when marketing can be aggressive and imbalanced and where online reports may be tweaked to please a certain side, gamblers can use the details and comparisons as useful tools.

If you are venturing into online gambling and want to invest in a reliable platform, optimal research helps, and we will discuss how CasinoAlpha does that for you.

1. In-depth Industry Knowledge

When relying on a casino reviewing platform like CasinoAlpha, their industry knowledge is the first thing that sets them apart.

Since its inception in 2021, the platform has worked rigorously to bring unbiased and comprehensive reviews. But what research framework do they follow? The first is the collection and analysis of data from 100+ sites.

People on the team are seasoned professionals who ensure higher accuracy with the reports they publish. Additionally, the reviews are assessed and curated by professionals with expert knowledge in online gambling, game rules, strategies, legal structures, taxes, etc.

When you rely on CasinoAlpha, you rely on the word of the experts from the gambling industry.

2. Delegated Reviews

One of the best factors that set CasinoAlpha apart from its competitors is its attention to the quality of the research reports. Instead of pushing out hundreds and thousands of monthly reports, the maximum they publish is 20 review reports.

Around eight gambling and research experts are dedicated to bringing readers the most comprehensive and put-together review.

Believe it or not, the experts even spend money on the individual online casinos they are reviewing to test the platform’s accuracy, efficiency, and safety. Some of the critical factors that go into the research process each month include:

  • 100+ hours of research
  • 200+ hours of website testing
  • 60+ hours of data analysis
  • 72+ hours of review analysis
  • 60+ hours of analyzing customer reviews

To bring the most accurate reports, CasinoAlpha prioritizes investing their money in the proper channels to acquire relevant information.

3. Factors of Consideration

When it comes to testing an online casino platform, CasinoAlpha prioritizes testing the features and user experience via:

Anonymous tests

This involves the researcher and reviewer creating anonymous live accounts to play and wager their money to assess a first-hand experience with the platform.


An online casino platform’s ease of use and navigation is vital for optimal user experience. CasinoAlpha’s testing prioritizes testing usability both on the desktop and mobile, keeping the users’ diversity in mind.

Besides testing the standard web version of the online casino on both desktop and mobile, the reviewers also tested the app. The main reason behind multi-step testing is to assess the flexibility of the user experience and compare any differences between the app and PC versions.

Deposits and withdrawals

One of the most common worries users have is related to the safety of their money. Questions like “Will I be able to withdraw my money?” “Is the platform trustworthy?” is a common recurrence.

The reviewers at CasinoAlpha test out different deposit and withdrawal options on the online casino site and test them individually. The objective is simple – To see the processing time for the payouts and the ease of making a withdrawal after a successful win.

Back-end support

Online casinos require prompt customer service. It is paramount and indispensable. So, when curating a comprehensive online casino report, CasinoAlpha also assesses the promptness of the platform’s customer support.

Be it a 24/7 live chat or email chat support, every channel is cross-checked for assistance. Some online casinos come with VIP support for an additional price. The effectiveness of those is checked, too.


Are you still limiting your online casino research to a simple Google review? Well, it’s time to change how you compare yourself to casinos. With CasinoAlpha, your work is minimized, and your mission to find the best online casino is simplified. How will you make your next big move to crack the casino game? Let us know in the comments.