Kevin Hart Net Worth

kevin hart
Name: Kevin Hart
Net Worth: $450 million
Born: July 6, 1979 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Comedian, actor, producer, writer
Years active: 1999–present
Notable works: “Laugh at My Pain” comedy tour and DVD, “Let Me Explain” comedy tour, “I Can’t Make This Up” memoir, “Jumanji” film series
Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Kevin Hart is?

One of the most famous comedians in the world has accrued quite a fortune.

From stand-up shows, Netflix specials, and a movie career, Kevin Hart is one of the richest comedians in the world.

As of May 2023, Kevin Hart has a net worth of $450 million. This post will reveal precisely how Hart amassed his wealth.

Early Life

Born in Philadelphia on July 6th, 1976, Hart led a difficult upbringing.

In a single-parent household led by his mother, Nancy, Hart had to navigate the struggles of an inner-city childhood without a father present.

His mother worked for the University of Pennsylvania, while his father, Henry Witherspoon, was a cocaine addict who was often in jail.

Therefore, Hart himself reported that he used comedy early on as a way to cope with his family situation. 

While he has since repaired his relationship with his father, Hart’s mother, unfortunately, passed away from cancer in 2007.

Hart attended George Washington High School in Philadelphia. After graduating and a brief stint in community college, Hart left Philadelphia.

Then, he found short-term roles in Massachusetts and New York City before beginning his comedy career.

Comedy Career

kevin hart net worth
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Kevin Hart’s comedy career did not have a successful start. Hart decided on comedy after performing at an amateur club in Philly.

Early on, Hart faced a lot of rejection (common in this profession) and was booed off the stage several times.

Originally known as “Lil Kev”, Hart wasn’t sure if he had chosen the right career path.

One of his idols, Lucien Hold, even told him that comedy wasn’t a right fit for him.

Hold was the club booker for The Comic Strip, a historic comedy club in New York City, and was famous for identifying comedic talent.

One reason for Hart’s unsuccessful start was that he hadn’t yet developed his own comedic style and was imitating other comedians.

Once he found his delivery style and honed in on telling the stories of his life, he found success. He has since become famous for his storytelling abilities.

Hart continued performing in comedy clubs and his first four comedy tours were between 2009 and 2013.

After earning over $20 Million total during his last two, Hart began gaining notoriety and quickly became one of the highest-earning comedians.

His first tours were “I’m a Grown Little Man” (2009), “Seriously Funny” (2010), “Laugh at my Pain” (2011), and “Let Me Explain” (2012).

In July 2015, it was announced that a special performance of Hart’s “What Now?” tour would be released in theaters.

The live performance was on August 30th, 2015, and drew an audience of 53,000 at Lincoln Financial Field, the stadium of the NFL Philadelphia Eagles.

While his comedic career hasn’t been the most lucrative source of income for Hart as of late, it was the catalyst for his increased influence and brand in other areas of his career.

His stand-up success led to increased opportunities to appear on the big screen, allowing his earnings to skyrocket.

Movie Career

kevin hart net worth


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During the early stages of his comedy career, Hart began to appear in films.

Some of his early films include his film debut “Paper Soldiers” (2002), “Soul Plane” (2004), and “The 40-Year Old Virgin” (2005).

Upon establishing himself as one of the premier comedians in the industry, his opportunities in higher-budget films increased.

He appeared in “Think Like a Man” (2012), and its sequel performed well at the box office.

This led to his first lead role in “Ride Along” with Ice Cube in 2014. The success of this film led to its sequel in 2016.

Beginning with “Central Intelligence” in 2016, Hart has increased his fame by starring in films with fellow A-Lister, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

After co-starring together in 2016, they reunited in 2017 to lead “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”, the re-make of the famous movie.

Hart’s roles have increasingly increased in budget, expectations, and the fame of his fellow cast. This has led to his film earnings being in the tens of millions each year.

Laugh Out Loud Productions

Hart understands how hard it can be to overcome rejection early in your career.

As a result, in 2017, he founded Laugh Out Loud (LOL) Productions to invest in and identify talented comedians across ethnicities.

In growing LOL, Hart has created YouTube shows and secured partnerships with brands such as Sirius XM, Roku, and Peacock. 

LOL has won numerous awards for its content from Critic’s Choice Awards, Producer’s Guild, etc.

Fabletics Men & Chase Bank

Besides his comedy and film careers, Hart has developed several lucrative partnerships with popular brands.

For example, besides being an investor in the brand, Hart is also the face of Fabletics Men, the activewear clothing brand owned TechStyle Fashion Group.

In addition to Fabletics, Hart has also served as a Brand Ambassador for Chase Bank, appearing in several commercials for the bank.

While the value of these partnership deals hasn’t been reported, one can assume that they are very lucrative for Hart!

Kevin Hart Net Worth Growth

Year Net Worth (in millions) Contributing Factors
2010 1 Stand-up comedy tours and appearances in movies and TV shows
2011 5 Release of “Laugh at My Pain” comedy tour and DVD
2012 10 Lead role in “Think Like a Man” and continued success in stand-up comedy
2013 25 Success of “Let Me Explain” comedy tour and increased movie roles
2014 40 Continued success in movies, including “Ride Along” and “About Last Night”
2015 60 Role in “Get Hard” and launch of digital comedy platform “Laugh Out Loud”
2016 87 Continued success in movies, including “Central Intelligence” and “The Secret Life of Pets”
2017 120 Release of memoir “I Can’t Make This Up” and successful Irresponsible comedy tour
2018 150 Continued success in movies, including “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” and “Night School”
2019 200 Launch of “HartBeat Productions” and continued success in stand-up comedy
2020 250 Continued success in movies, including “Jumanji: The Next Level” and “Fatherhood”
2021 350 Launch of “Owls & Gloves” NFT collection and continued success in business ventures
2022 450 Continued success in movies, including “Borderlands” and successful investments in various industries

Kevin Hart Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Kevin Hart has a net worth of $450 million.

Since 2017, Hart has consistently earned over $50 million/per year as one of the highest-earning comedians/entertainers in the world.

His earnings are mostly derived from his long list of box-office successes and steady income from his comedy specials on Netflix.

Key Takeaways

Now that you know what the net worth of Kevin Hart is and how he built it, let’s take a look at some of the most important lessons we can take from his journey.

Find Productive Coping Mechanisms

Kevin Hart struggled growing up in a single-parent household. He was able to utilize humor and comedy to make the hard times better.

His ability to find something positive and productive to help with his struggles at home is something we can all learn from.

If you’re struggling, either personally or professionally, find positive ways to heal and feel better. You never know. It may lead to an extremely lucrative career for you!

Always Persevere

The only reason we know Kevin Hart today is that he was unwilling to give up or quit.

So many young comedians never make it past amateur night performances because the rejection becomes too much to overcome.

If you’re facing rejection, believe in yourself and what you have to offer, double down and keep moving forward.

Build Your Business Acumen

Hart didn’t stick to one thing like other stars. He recognized that he had a talent not just as a comedian but as an entertainer.

Hart was devoted to building his brand and reputation by using his skill set in Films, TV shows, and as a Host on several networks.

Continue to build your brand, and look for ways that you can grow your earnings in similar fields.