Ice T Net Worth

Ice T Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Ice T is? Well, the rapper and “Law and Order” star has made quite a name for himself through both music and television.

He is an American musician, rapper, actor, and author from New Jersey.

As of May 2023, Ice-T has a net worth of $60 million.

In this post, we’ll show you how the television icon made his fortune.

Early Life

Tracy Lauren Marrow was born to Solomon and Alice on February 16, 1958. He was born in Newark, New Jersey.

For much of his young life, he worked as a conveyer belt mechanic at the Rapistan Conveyor Company.

He eventually moved to the more upscale neighborhood of Summit, New Jersey. There, he experienced racism for the first time at his white friends’ hands to other black children.

He was apparently able to escape similar treatment due to his lighter skin.

Ice T lost both of his parents before he turned twelve. Before joining the army, he spent much of his time selling cannabis to make ends meet.

He also became affiliated with gangs in high school, though he never officially joined one.


The nickname “Ice T” comes from Marrow’s respect for Iceberg Slim. In his honor, he named himself Ice T and recorded a rap called “The Coldest Rap.”

Before beginning his musical journey, Ice T served in the army for four years.

He eventually signed with Sire Records in 1987 and released his debut album, “Rhyme Pays.” The album went gold and signaled the launch of Ice T’s stardom.

In 1991, he released his album O.G. Original Gangster, which many consider one of the albums that defined gangsta rap. Below is a list of Ice T’s released studio albums:

  • 1987: Rhyme Pays
  • 1988: Power
  • 1989: The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech…Just Watch What You Say
  • 1991: O.G. Original Gangster
  • 1993: Home Invasion
  • 1996: VI: Return of the Real
  • 1999: The Seventh Deadly Sin
  • 2006: Gangsta Rap
  • 2014: TBA

Acting Career

Ice T net worth
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Ice T is perhaps most popular for his role as Odafin “Fin” Tutuola in “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” since 2002.

Tutuola is a former undercover narcotics officer transferred to the Special Victims Unit.

However, Ice T portrayed many other amazing characters before playing this wildly popular role. In fact, he embarked on a serious acting journey in 1991, putting his music career in the backseat.

His “big break” came when he portrayed detective Scotty Appleton in “New Jack City.”

In addition to his role in “New Jack City,” he starred in multiple movies alongside Hollywood heavy hitters like Denzel Washington and John Lithgow.

Below is a list of the movies Ice T has played in:


2019 Clinton Road RJ
2019 UglyDolls Peggy
2016 How We Met Narrator
2012 Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp  
2012 Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn Tyler Moss
2011 Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap  
2010 Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone  
2010 The Weird World of Blowfly  
2010 GhettoPhysics: Will the Real Pimps and Hos Please Stand Up?  
2010 The Other Guys Narrator
2009 Good Hair  
2001 3000 Miles to Graceland Hamilton
2001 ‘R Xmas Kidnapper
2000 Air Rage Matt Marshall
1999 Heist  
1998 Jacob Two Two Meets The Hooded Fang Justice Rough
1995 Tank Girl T-Saint
1994 Surviving the Game Mason
1993 Who’s the Man? Nightrain/Chauncey
1993 Gift (1993)  
1991 Ricochet Odessa
1991 New Jack City Scotty Appleton
1988 Colors  
1984 Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo Radiotron Rapper
1984 Breakin’ Rap Talker
Source: Fandango

Ice T Net Worth

As of May 2023, the net worth of Ice T is $60 million. His hip-hop albums helped shape early gangsta rap, and much of his style and influence came from Iceberg Slim and Schoolly D.

However, his influences weren’t only rap. In fact, Ice T drew much of his inspiration from heavy metal music.

Some of his favorite heavy rock acts are Edgar Winter, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath.

This unique blend of inspiration is what allowed Ice T to become wildly successful and a hip-hop/film icon.

Key Takeaways

Only take advice from people you admire

Ironically, this is advice Ice T once received from someone growing up on the streets. This concept is simple, according to the hip-hop mogul.

“If you’ve got a friend that doesn’t have a girl, don’t take relationship advice from him. You got a broke friend, don’t take business advice from him.” 

Don’t look at all criticism in the same way

Ice T once said that he lets criticism “roll off him.” The sources of criticism you should give attention to are the ones that come from your friends and people you admire.

Everything else should be water. Don’t let the water get in the boat!

Underdog stories are more interesting

Ice T once said that he’s interested in all people who made it from nothing. “Like, why go to the gym and work out with a guy who’s been in shape for his whole life?

I want to work out with somebody who used to be fat, and now they got it. That’s the guy that can teach me something.”