George Farmer Net Worth

George Farmer Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of George Farmer is? As one of the U.K’s most successful businessmen to date, he has definitely made quite the name for himself.

While his net worth certainly reflects this, his accomplishments do as well.

As of May 2023, George Farmer has a net worth of $180 million.

In this post, we’ll teach you how George Farmer built his vast net worth and what you can take from his story.

Early Life

George Farmer was born in London, United Kingdom on December 15, 1989. He was born into the royal Farmer family of Britain, which heavily influenced his upbringing.

First and foremost, he was the oldest of his siblings. This caused him to be responsible for both house-related matters, and business affairs with his parents.

His father and mother had successful careers, giving George Farmer a ton of inspiration growing up. From when he was just a boy, Farmer always displayed immense intelligence and determination, despite his already uber-wealthy family name.

This is what separated Farmer from many others with his background, he naturally loved to work hard.

This work ethic landed him at the top of his graduating class in high school. Following this, George Farmer attended university where he received a degree in Business Management.


George Farmer net worth
Source: Fox Business

Because of his already wealthy standing, George Farmer did not enter a traditional career role as many others would. Instead, he used whatever capital he was allowed to have, alongside his skills and knowledge obtained in business school, and would start multiple entrepreneurial projects.

Because of this, George Farmer became really good at knowing what works, and what doesn’t. These skills, alongside the intelligence he already possessed, would later allow him to operate multiple businesses at a time.

George Farmer became particularly famous because of his political involvement with the Donald Trump campaign during both presidential elections. After marrying long-time trump supported, Candace Owens, he too became vocal and adamant about the Republican nominee.

Red Kite Group

George Farmer’s most lucrative business idea to date was the Red Kite Group. With the help of additional partners, George Farmer began Red Kite Group, a copper production company that sought to serve niche problems in the market.

Unsurprisingly, George Farmer led the company to massive success in its first 24 months of operation.

In 2006, the Red kite Group transitioned its focus from copper production to an even more lucrative industry, hedge fund investments. While this sort of move is normally unheard of, George Farmer somehow perfectly executed it.

Today, the company successfully trades future contracts of copper in the market with the help of its superior industry knowledge.

George Farmer Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, George Farmer has a net worth of $180 million. A majority of his earnings came from equity ownership in his companies and ventures. Additionally, George Farmer owns multiple real estate properties in the United Kingdom, now worth much more than what he had originally bought them for.

Key Takeaways

Risks Are Integral To Success

As a serial entrepreneur, George Farmer truly showed that risks are important to success. By taking risks, we can achieve more lucrative goals and net worths. We do need to be mindful and manage said risk, however!

Connections Are Key

Despite all the fortune and fame he already had in the U.K, George Farmer still wouldn’t have been able to do everything without the help of others. Particularly, his biggest company, The Red Kite Group. Connections are key so never be afraid to make them!

Leverage Your Strengths

After several successful months producing copper, George Farmer leveraged his knowledge to make even more money. Similarly, we should be looking to capitalize on any strengths we may possess!