Charleston White Net Worth

Charleston White Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Charleston White is? The inspiring success story of the motivational speaker all began with him being arrested and put in a juvenile correctional facility.

As of May 2023, Charleston White has a net worth of $1.5 million. Stick around to learn more about White’s rocky road fame throughout his early life and career that has accumulated his large wealth.

Early Life

Charleston J. White was born in 1970 in Fort Worth, Texas. Aside from that, White’s past life was riddled with criminal life. He mentions that in his past life, he was involved in gangs and even became a gang leader.

The current social media personality was jailed for shoplifting at a shoe store at the young age of 14. A man came up to the group in the parking lot and was later shot.

Although White claimed not to pull the trigger, he still confessed that he was still part of the murder. For this reason, he was jailed for six and a half years in juvenile detention in Tarrant County for murder under the Texas Determining Sentence Law.

Leaving Prison

White’s bout with the Texas prison system was luckily cut short before he was scheduled on his 18th birthday to move to an adult prison.

This was thanks to his juvenile correctional officers serving his case to a judge. That being said, White left Giddings State School, the juvenile correctional facility, prior to his 21st birthday.

The Charleston White arrest story proved notable on his road to success. As a motivational speaker, he hoped to keep youth away from the life of crime he experienced.


To grow in his path, White enrolled in Texas Wesleyan University located in Fort Worth. He is currently undergoing a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

Personal Life

Charleston White is a married man and a proud father of two children. Nevertheless, his family hasn’t appeared much in the media spotlight, so there’s little information about them.

Apart from that, White characterizes himself as a religious man due to his commitment to the church.


Speeches and public praise aside, Charleston has also been under the spotlight for his beef with other famed personalities.

Soulja Boy Dispute

One of which comes from the rapper, Soulja Boy. Their feud began in a confrontation in Miami, where Charleston allegedly used mace on the popular rapper.

He pulled out his mace due to being threatened by Soulja Boy and his crew. White went on social media to voice out his concern and filmed himself filing a police report of the incident.

In response, Soulja Boy pulled the headline for this police charge and stuck a series of rat emojis. In other words, the rapper is calling White a snitch.

Charleston White Public Image

Despite what Charleston White has to preach when it comes to arguing against crime, his reputation is conflicted among the community.


White’s negative public image stems from a couple of issues. He’s been commonly referred to as a snitch for helping law enforcement in taking down drug rings in Fort Worth.

In another stint, the multi-faceted personality posted distasteful comments regarding the George Floyd case. His comments insinuated that the victim caused his own demise. Due to public outrage over these posts, White erased his social media accounts.


It’s not all bad for Charleston White. His youth outreach program has helped in combating crime committed by youth by encouraging them to stay in school. In turn, he earned praise from his loyal fanbase.

His positive image continued to grow as he volunteered at the Texas Juvenile Justice Department. In line with his strong religious views, Charleston also volunteered as a chaplain in the prison reentry program at Welcome Back Tarrant County.

Charleston White Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Charleston White has a net worth of $1.5 million. In the motivational speaker’s success story, Charleston, also nicknamed Baby Blue, developed a large fan base, both positive and negative.

While some regard his speeches as inspiring, some have labeled the ex-gang leader a snitch for collaborating with police officers. His social media fame is owed to the stories he posts regarding his criminal past life.

In terms of his financial gain, Charleston White’s annual income steeps at $200,000.


Charleston White founded HYPE, otherwise known as Helping Young People Excel, in 2012. The youth outreach program aimed to better the young Texas community from resorting to crime. His motivational speeches have garnered most of his financial gain.

Social Media

Apart from his program, White also owes his finances to blowing up on social media, specifically from his YouTube videos.

Merchandise Collection

On top of his social media wealth, Baby Blu has also collected income from his merchandise collection. The professional speaker sells products such as t-shirts, beanies, keychains, snapbacks, jackets, and sweaters.

Advertisements and Promotions

Like most content creators, ad placements and promos are nothing new. The same applies to Charleston White. He charges a hefty sum for up-and-coming businesses for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram shoutouts.

Interview Appearances and Features

As an influencer and gaining fame status, several organizations have hosted Charleston White whether for an interview or live appearance.

Besides streamed or in-person interviews, the popular personality offers appearances in speaking engagements, skits, movies, and commercials. He also provides music and audio features.

These ventures can prove highly profitable. White allegedly landed a $30,000 interview.

Stand-Up Comedy Tours

In addition to being a content creator, businessman, and CEO of HYPE, Charleston has also found a spot in the stand-up gig. He is hosting a comedy tour titled, “Charleston White and Friends.”


Among his accomplishments, Charleston is also coming out with a documentary titled, “Murder Changed Me.” In this production, he hosts the mothers of the murdered rappers FBG Duck, Lil Snupe, and Mo 3.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Charleston White’s Instagram?

Charleston White’s Instagram handle is @charlestonwheat.

What High School Did Charleston White Go to?

Charleston White went to Palo Duro High School in Amarillo, Texas.

Who is Charleston White Beefing with?

He is beefing with T.I. The rapper collaborated with Jucee Froot’s “Step,” where he continuously dissed White.

What is Charleston White Known for?

Charleston White is a notable social media influencer, YouTuber, and overall media personality.

Key Takeaways

Never Give Up

Starting his early life as a juvenile, it was as if Charleston White’s life of crime was already paved. Nonetheless, he decided to turn his life around. He understood the ramifications involved in incarceration and used his understanding to motivate those around him.

His motivational speeches hope to inspire multiple individuals to avoid this difficult life. From a teen delinquent to a millionaire, his success story tells us a lot about never giving up.

Seek Opportunity

Charleston White didn’t stop at becoming a motivational speaker. He used his multi-faceted personality to expand his opportunities at becoming a social media influencer, comedian, and business mogul.

Once you’ve got an opportunity at hand, make the most out of it and always find ways to develop yourself. White wouldn’t have garnered the wealth he has now if he was just satisfied with being a speaker.

Prioritize Your Family’s Wellbeing

Exposing loved ones to the limelight can often turn sideways. Thankfully, White caught this on and decided to keep his wife and kids out of the media spotlight.

Not only will it benefit their overall safety, but it’ll keep them from experiencing hateful comments from online bullies.