Carly Pearce Net Worth

Carly Pearce Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Carly Pearce is? Carly Cristyne Slusser is famous for her hit single “Every Little Thing,” but what else is there for this American country music singer and songwriter?

Well, we have to brag about how her debut single became the number-one song on the Mediabase and Billboard Country charts in 2017. Carly Pearce was off to an amazing start and has no signs of stopping her career in writing country music.

As of May 2023, Carly Pearce’s net worth is estimated at around $5 million. That’s almost as high as the net worths of Becky G and Jaleel White.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at Carly Pearce’s life before and after the beginning of her country music career. How was she able to make her voice stand out in the world of country music and into the hearts of her fans? Let’s find out.

Early Life

Carly Cristyne Slusser, also known as Carly Pearce, was born on April 24, 1990, and raised in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, U.S.A. She was brought up in a wealthy family by her father, Todd Slusser, and mother, Jackie Slusser.

Carly’s family surrounded her with country music. Her love and passion for this genre run deep, as they would regularly play country songs at home when she was still a child.

She drew so much inspiration from the songs that she even claimed she would make it to the Grand Ole Opry one day. Todd Slusser and Jackie Slusser were in full support of their child’s dream.

As a result, Carly Pearce honed her talent in singing by performing in her local church and some tent revival shows while attending her homeschooling program.

She dropped out of that homeschooling program at the age of 16 to focus on finding her path in the music industry.

Young and Humble Beginnings

Carly Pearce’s story as a child showed how eager she was to make a name as a country writer and singer. At the age of 11, she started performing in a Bluegrass band. Bluegrass is a country genre known for its off-beat rhythm and influences from jazz and blues.

When Carly was 16, she auditioned for the Country Crossroads, a show that pairs country artists with other musicians from different genres.

As she was performing around five times a week, she opted to drop out of high school to meet the demands of Country Crossroads. Thanks to this gig, she was able to meet her childhood idol, Dolly Parton.

Determined to nourish her passion for singing, Carly decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee, to continue establishing her music career. However, it wasn’t an immediate rise to fame and success.

Sony Music Nashville

Carly Pearce got an agreement with Sony Music Nashville in 2012, but it didn’t last long, as it was canceled shortly after. In the meantime, she got by with the help of some part-time jobs, including cleaning Airbnbs.

Instead of getting disheartened, she continued to pursue her dream without an ounce of hesitation. Little did she know that the failed attempt with Sony Music Nashville and those part-time jobs would prepare her for something even bigger.

Professional Music Career

In 2015, Carly Pearce actualized her dream of appearing in the Grand Ole Opry. With the help of the company’s vice president and general manager, Pete Fisher, she was finally able to set foot on the stage she dreamed of as a child.

The same year, record producer Busbee signed Carly to a developing artist agreement. She was also featured in the country group Josh Abbott Band’s song, Wasn’t That Drunk.

At this point, Carly Pearce was slowly making bigger waves as an American country music singer and songwriter. It was only a matter of time until she made it into country radio stations.

A Country Music Star Is Born

Carly Pearce Embraces All the Stages of Love on Her New Self-Titled Album
Source: Billboard

Carly Pearce’s career instantly skyrocketed when she released her debut single, Every Little Thing, in February 2017.

It didn’t take too long until the song peaked at the number-one spot on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. It also reached number five on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Late in that year, she released her debut studio album, Every Little Thing. This was when she started going on multiple tours with Thomas Rhett, Blake Shelton, and many other country music vocalists.

Self-titled Second Studio Album

A lot has happened to the young country music singer in 2019, including the passing of her longtime producer Busbee. In the same year, Carly filed for divorce from her former husband, Michael Ray.

After such tragic and heartbreaking events, Pearce released her second song from her unreleased second studio album, I Hope You’re Happy Now. The song seemed like a redemption arc for Carly as it also took the number one spot on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

The self-titled album was released on February 14, the following year. It easily reached the 6th spot on the Billboard Country Albums chart and the 73rd spot on the Billboard 200.

29: Written in Stone

Carly Pearce’s third studio album, Written in Stone, was released in September 2021 under Big Machine Records. It served as Carly’s most meaningful album thus far, given what she had to overcome in the past two years.

Going through losing Busbee and her divorce dealt a huge blow to her professional and personal life. However, despite being overwhelmed with those events happening all at once, she continued to do what she does best.

Written in Stone helped her cope and recover. It’s no wonder the album and its songs reflect how much she wanted to keep moving forward.

Carly Pearce’s Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Carly Pearce’s net worth is estimated at around $5 million. Her drive to pursue her passion didn’t only help achieve her dream, but also build her impressive net worth at a fairly young age.

With such a great devotion to music, a decent amount of YouTube subscribers, and millions of listeners on Spotify and Apple Music, there’s no doubt she’ll continue climbing the ladder of success.

The child who only dared to dream is now one of the best solo country singers, and she’s got enough accolades to prove it. What’s more, is that she’ll likely come up with more hit songs and albums in the years to come.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Carly’s net worth doubles or triples in the next few years.

The Best of Carly Pearce So Far

Carly Pearce has already made it quite big in the country scene, but there’s probably more to come.

Her talent and dedication serve as her bread and butter when writing songs. Her most notable songs include:

  • Never Wanted to Be That Girl feat. Ashley McBryde – 29: Written in Stone
  • I Hope You’re Happy Now feat. Lee Brice – Carly Pearce
  • Every Little Thing – Every Little Thing
  • What He Didn’t Do – 29: Written in Stone
  • Dashboard Jesus – Carly Pearce
  • Dear Miss Loretta feat. Patty Loveless – 29: Written in Stone
  • It Won’t Always Be Like This – Carly Pearce

Most of her recent hits speak of heartbreak, and it truly shows in the lyrics. As terrible as it sounds, well-written lyrics paired with a tragic heartbreak make up for an amazing country song. Carly Pearce’s fans can attest to that.

Carly Pearce’s Other Awards and Achievements

Here are some other impressive feats and awards Carly Pearce has gained throughout her music career:

  • CMT Music Awards Breakthrough Video of the Year – Every Little Thing (2018)
  • Country Music Association Awards Musical Event of the Year – I Hope You’re Happy Now feat. Lee Brice (2020)
  • Academy of Country Music Awards Single of the Year – I Hope You’re Happy Now feat. Lee Brice (2020)
  • Induction into the Grand Ole Opry as an official member (2021)
  • Academy of Country Music Awards (2022)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Carly Pearce Still Dating Michael Ray?

Carly Pearce began dating Michael Ray in 2012 and got married on October 6, 2019. Michael was also a country singer and was even featured in her song, Finish Your Sentences.

However, the couple got divorced after eight months of marriage. Carly Pearce is currently dating former MLB player, Riley King.

What Is Carly Pearce’s Height?

Carly Pearce has a height of 5 ft and 7 in (170 cm) and weighs around 58 kg (128 lbs). She has an American nationality, with hazel brown eyes and natural blonde hair.

What Does Carly Pearce’s Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

Carly Pearce has a butterfly tattoo on her wrist, which represents her grandmother.

She also has a feather tattoo on her left arm, which symbolizes her grandfather.

Other tattoos include:

1. Outline of the state of Kentucky – right wrist,
2. Wildflower – right forearm
3. She believed she could fly, so she did” – left wrist
4. Every Little Thing” – right forearm

Key Takeaways

Enjoy the Ride

Carly Pearce is still young, but her journey as a country singer was long and tough. Yet she still lived through each moment and appreciated them.

While it’s true that you must work hard and go through struggles to achieve your dreams, you have to savor every moment. Your journey is just as important as your destination.

Roots Before Branches

One has to plant their roots firmly on the ground before they can start to develop branches. Carly Pearce never turned her back on where she came from, even after all her success.

If it wasn’t for her family’s support, love, and care, she wouldn’t be where she’s standing right now.

Pick Yourself up off the Floor

It’s hard to deal with heartbreaks, let alone the loss of someone dear to you. However, this doesn’t mean the end of the world.

You should learn to pick yourself up if you wish to keep moving forward. It’s tough to overcome, but acceptance starts from within.