Benzino Net Worth

Benzino Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Benzino is? Well, the American rapper and TV personality has been in the entertainment industry for decades and is worth a fortune.

He is famously known for his role in The Source magazine.

As of May 2023, Benzino has a net worth of $1 million. This post will discuss how he achieved his success.

Early Life

Benzino is formerly known as Raymond Leon Scott and was born July 18, 1965, in Boston, Massachusetts. His parents are Mary Scott, from Cape Verde, and Edward DeJesus.

He has two sisters, Anita Scott Wilson, and Maureen Scott. The movie Wild Style inspired Benzino to get involved with Hip Hop and Rap. During college, he befriended Dave Mays, a Harvard graduate.

Together they created the Hip Hop magazine, The Source. This would be the start of his illustrious career in the rap industry.


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The Source was founded in 1988 and covered Hip Hop music, politics, and culture. The magazine started in Benzino’s hometown of Boston, but in 1990 would move offices to New York City. Hoping to market the magazine in a bigger, more rap-oriented city.

Benzino was also a part of the rap group Almighty RSO, which would break through by winning an ICA B-Town Rap Battle in 1986. The group would become known locally in Boston.

In 1994, they released their first Extended Play Revenge of Da Badd Boyz, the lead single of the album “One in The Chamba,” which was made in response to two youth killings by The Boston Police Department.

With the help of The Source, the group would try to become a household name but struggled to be known outside of Boston. They would release four more projects, none sparking the buzz necessary to blow up. As a result, the group would fall apart, and Benzino would begin to start his own career.

He released his first studio album in 2001, The Benzino Project; the album peaked at number 84 on the Billboard top 200. It features renowned artists Snoop Dogg, P Diddy, Scarface, and Raekwon.

Benzino would release three more studio albums, Redemption(2003), Arch Nemesis (2005), and The Antidote (2007). All but one (Antidote) made the top 200 chart appearances.

His career as an artist was solid, but where he found the most success was with The Source. He served as Chief Operations Officer and Co-Owner and played a pivotal role in the growth and running of the magazine. The Source is the world’s longest-running rap periodical and is an essential staple in Rap culture.

Benzino Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Benzino has a net worth of $1 million. His wealth is from his salary with The Source and his record sales as an artist. He is also the father of Coi Leray and is still very connected with the rap industry.

Key takeaways

There are different ways to do what you love

Benzino’s passion is music, and he had moderate success as an artist. However, what he’s most known for is The Source magazine, which keeps listeners updated on rap culture.

You don’t always have to create something unheard of or be the most talented. You can star in your role and still be in a field involving something you love to do.

Don’t be afraid to branch away from friends

Benzino started with a rap group with friends from his hometown. They weren’t that successful, and he ended up doing his own thing, and that’s where he gained the most notoriety as an artist.

Sometimes it’s okay to stray away from your childhood friends to go on to bigger and better things.