Anthony Anderson Net Worth

Host Anthony Anderson arrives at the 2017 Andrew Young International Leadership Awards and 85th Birthday Tribute

Have you ever wondered how much the net worth of Anthony Anderson is? With his many accolades, is it no surprise the Black-ish star has gathered a multi-million dollar net worth.

The huge popularity that each of his performances has resulted in has helped him reach amazing heights and he is not one of the best-paid Hollywood celebrities in the industry.

From doing sitcoms, hosting shows, and appearing as a guest to participating in shows, working in films, and producing series, Anthony’s net worth is the result of his years of hard work.

As of May 2023, Anthony Anderson has a net worth of $30 million. Read on to see how Anderson has accumulated his huge wealth.

Early Life

Born on 15th August 1970 to Doris Hancox and Sterling Bowman, Anderson opened his eyes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

At a young age, he got introduced to stand-up comedy. He was by no means an overnight success.

Ironically, the man known for his wit was booed off the stage when he started out stand-up comedy. Yet, he kept going on despite the discouragement and has yet to look back.


Moving past his short stint at stand-up comedy, Anthony, along with Guy, a fellow entertainer, appeared in a film by Edie Murphy.

He went on to appear and produce the award-winning, Black-ish series for which he received a nomination for outstanding lead actor.

Anderson continued to appear in many other shows after this.

Anthony Anderson has made many special guest appearances in popular shows such as The Bernie Mac Show. He also got to be a judge on prominent shows such as Iron Chef America.

His exuberance has even won him the spot of a host for game shows like, To Tell The Truth as well as other reality shows.

Anthony Anderson’s net worth is the result of the tremendous work that he has done throughout his career.

TV Career

Anthony Anderson & Laurence Fishburne arrives to the ABC TCA Press Party 2016

All About The Andersons is one of the shows that got Anthony Anderson immense recognition. In addition, many other roles he played, such as that of Teddy Broadis, were stepping stones that helped blow up his career.

There have been many other guest spots on TV programs that Anthony Anderson played. He also has experience performing in crime-related dramas.

His income rise when he began his performance in the Black-ish series. His incredible acting skills have allowed him to be always in the eyes of prominent TV fathers.

Movie Career

Although Anderson is much known for his work on TV, there are many famous pictures too in which he has been featured.

From Liberty Heights in the 1990s to other prominent hits, he did not let his fans down.

Anderson did many supporting roles in a score of celebrated movies starring celebrities like Jim Carrey.

Anderson appeared with many other known actors in movies. He has also reserved for himself recurring parts in films like Scary Movie 3 and 4.

Throughout the 2010s, Anthony Anderson continued appearing in movies with only a little speed breaker in the form of Black-ish. He even played in a movie in the Netflix original movie Beats.

Dramatic Increase In Pay

With each episode of Black-ish in the fifth season, Anthony Anderson makes a whopping $400,000. Since over 22 episodes are shot in a year, Anthony Anderson earns around $8.8 million a year!

The first season of his series initially provided him with the opportunity to make $100,000 a year. Black-ish is only one of the many projects that Anderson was working in!

Anthony Anderson’s net worth increased after each of his stellar performances, as he is continuously handed more projects.

Allegations Against Anthony Anderson

There have been several occasions where Anderson has been accused and charged with rape and sexual assault.

From 2004 to 2018, there were instances where he was accused of rape and sexual assault on the set of projects he was working on. Anthony Anderson denied the charges, and the case was closed.

In each case, charges against Anderson were dropped due to a lack of evidence in the investigation.

Awards And Nominations

Anthony Anderson at the 47TH NAACP Image Awards Press Room at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium

Anthony Anderson’s winning performances have allowed him to win many awards and nominations. Some of these include:

  • NACCP image award for the years 2015, 2016, and 2017
  • National Board of Review Award for best cast
  • Satellite award for the best cast- Motion Picture

Diagnosed With Diabetes

Anthony Anderson was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes. He was the first in his family to be diagnosed with the disease, followed by his mother and father.

By the time his father got diagnosed, his health had deteriorated significantly. This realization made him change in a completely new direction.

Anthony has since worked on his weight, and there has been a commendable change. He has managed to lose weight to minimize the risk attached to both diabetes and obesity.

Since then, he has participated in diabetes awareness programs. Along with working for diabetes patients, he occasionally does charity events.

He did a charity event for the Alzheimer’s association, where he collected a vast amount of charity money.

Anthony Anderson Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Anthony Anderson’s net worth is around $30 million. Working on multiple projects and TV leading roles has netted Anderson millions which he spends on a lavish lifestyle.

Real Estate

Anthony Anderson currently resides in Los Angeles in a three-bedroom, 3500-square-foot property that he bought in 2005.

Car Collection

Since Anthony Anderson believes his purchases are a reward to his younger self, he never shies away from treating himself to luxuries.

His significant purchase was a Mercedes Maybach which came at an eye-popping price of $200,000, which was a personal reward for him.

Personal Life

Anthony Anderson and Alvina Stewart arrives for the Fourth Annual Celebration of Black Cinema Television

Anthony is married to his teenage sweetheart, Alvina. The pair has two children, with the kids already walking the path their daddy took.

He is an incredibly loving father who believes in independent choices for the kids, all the while believing that kids should not be spoiled with money.

Both Kyra Anderson and Nathan Anderson have been brought up in an environment where Anderson ensured there is a line between loving and spoiling.

Anderson’s encounter with diabetes has motivated him to opt for a healthier lifestyle. He has also worked on his weight, and there has been a commendable transition.

His experience has also become a reason for many diabetes awareness programs he has volunteered for over the years. Anthony also participates in charity events.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How old is Anthony Anderson?

Born in 1970, Anthony is 52 years old.

How much is Anthony Anderson’s salary?

Anthony Anderson’s salary is around $9 million a year.

Is Anthony Anderson married?

Yes, he is married to Alvina Stewart.

Has Anthony Anderson produced any shows?

Yes, apart from being an outstanding lead actor, he has also produced shows. One of his productions was the famous Black-ish show. He is not only an actor and producer but a writer too.

Key Takeaways

A peek into Anthony Anderson’s life has given you a better understanding of how he reached where he is now. Let’s look at a few lessons we all need to learn from him.

Be Patient And Own Your Mistakes

Growing up as a minority is difficult, and Anthony attributes his humor to the hardships that befell him. For him, patience and hard work are the ways to rise above challenges.

Your Mistakes Make You Unique

Anderson believes in allowing children to own and learn from their mistakes. He is also a proponent of not spoiling children no matter how rich you get. If they never have to take risks and fail, they will never find success.

Always Persevere

Perseverance is another thing that Anderson stands by. His remarkable body transformation and switch to a healthier life allow one to value life and motivate one to make the impossible possible!