Alex Rodriguez Net Worth

alex rodriguez net worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Alex Rodriguez is? Well, the baseball legend has continued to accrue wealth long after his final at-bat in the big leagues.

During his playing career, Rodriguez and the contracts he earned consistently made headlines.

For example, in 2007 he signed what was, at the time, the richest contract in MLB history, a 10-year $275 million deal.

As of May 2023, Alex Rodriguez has a net worth of $350 million.

This post shows you exactly how the baseball legend amassed his millions.

Early Life

Alex Rodriguez was born in Washington Heights, a Dominican neighborhood in New York City, on July 27th, 1975.

As a young child, his family moved to the Dominican Republic and then back to the U.S. to Miami.

In Miami, Rodriguez attended high school, where he became one of the most recruited and famous baseball prospects of all time.

While he was offered several college scholarships, he elected to forgo his college baseball career and sign up for the 1993 MLB Amateur Draft instead.

On June 3rd, 1993, the Seattle Mariners selected Alex Rodriguez with the 1st overall pick, at just 17 years old.

MLB Career and Contracts

Throughout his career, Rodriguez spent seven seasons with the Seattle Mariners, three seasons with the Texas Rangers, and the remaining 12 seasons of his career with the New York Yankees.

As a player, Rodriguez set the record for the richest contract in MLB history multiple times!

While he quickly became the face of the franchise in Seattle, he left the team after the 2000 season for free agency.

He joined the Texas Rangers on a 10-year, $252 million contract, the richest ever at the time.

Although he would play well during his three seasons with the Rangers, the Rangers traded Rodriguez to the New York Yankees at the conclusion of the 2003 season. 

Rodriguez had a great start with the Yankees, however, he decided to opt out of his contract at the conclusion of the 2007 season and test free agency again.

There, he would sign a new 10-year contract with the Yankees, but this time, with a total value of $275 Million.

As one of the best baseball players of all time, Rodriguez was able to surpass 3,000 hits, 650 home runs, 2,000 Runs Scored, and 2,000 Runs batted in, along with other feats.

His talent on the diamond earned him over $440 Million over the course of his career, the most of all time.

During the first half of his career, Rodriguez also benefited from endorsements.

He’s appeared in ads for companies such as Planters, Pepsi Co, and Harman International (JBL Audio).

However, years of controversial headlines, injuries, and ultimately, a performance-enhancing drug admission caused his endorsement opportunities to dwindle.

Post-Career Ventures: A-Rod Corp

While his career didn’t end in the way he may have wanted, riddled with headlines and controversies, Rodriguez continued to build his brand and earnings after his final at-bat.

In 1996, Rodriguez formed A-Rod Corp, a holding company in which he began making investments in 2003. The company has invested in industries including real estate, wellness, entertainment, etc. 

Some of his investments include Snapchat, the coconut water brand Vita Coco, NRG Esports, and co-living companies Bungalow and Sonder Corp.

Additionally, Alex Rodriguez helped found Monumental Capital Management. An asset management firm through which he invests in Multifamily apartments.

It is reported that the firm owns more than $800 Million of real estate and ~11,000 apartments in over a dozen states.

Alex Rodriguez And Jennifer Lopez

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez at Awards


Source: The News

While not included in his personal net worth, Alex Rodriguez for many years was dating the famous Latin Singer/Artist, Jennifer Lopez. 

Rodriguez and Lopez began dating in 2016 and in the Spring of 2019, announced their engagement.

With a net worth of ~ $400 million herself, Lopez and Rodriguez formed quite the super couple.

This was evident when they were part of a potential ownership group that entered a bid to purchase the New York Mets, late last year.

However, the couple ended up splitting up in March 2021 stating they were better as friends.

Presidente Beer

In January 2020, Rodriguez announced that he was the new Chairman and co-owner of Presidente Beer.

Presidente is a popular Dominican brand of beer and a subsidiary of Anheuser Busch.

According to Rodriguez, it was more of a sentimental and cultural connection to Rodriguez as opposed to a strategic investment.

Nevertheless, his influence and relationships with other big brands will undoubtedly help him grow the Presidente brand.

For example, Rodriguez appeared in a Superbowl Ad for Presidente during Superbowl LIV just last year.

Alex Rodriguez Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Alex Rodriguez has a net worth of $350 million. This figure represents earnings from his MLB playing career, endorsements, and A-Rod Corp ventures.

His most recent business venture is his part-ownership deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves. He teamed up with Marc Lore to purchase the team for $1.5 billion.

Rodriguez was seen outside supporting his team in the NBA playoffs, the Wolves lost in the first round but have a very bright future and hopefully, Rodriguez will reap the benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long did Alex Rodriguez get suspended?

Alex Rodriguez was initially suspended from August 8, 2013, until the end of the 2014 season for violating MLB’s PED policy.

Why is Alex Rodriguez so famous?

Rodriguez ranks fourth in all-time highest home runs. He is the 29th member of the 3,000-hit club. Three-time American League MVP: 2003, 2005, and 2007. Has been elected to the All-Star Game 14 times.

What was Alex Rodriguez accused of?

Alex Rodriguez Accused of Racketeering and Civil Theft in Ongoing Legal Battle. Alex Rodriguez has been accused of racketeering and civil theft, the latest step in a years-long legal battle with the younger brother of Rodriguez’s ex-wife, Cynthia.

Key Takeaways

Now that you know what the net worth of Alex Rodriguez is and how he built it, let’s take a look at some of the most important lessons we can take from his journey.

Maximize Your Value

Alex Rodriguez’s talent on the baseball field was never a doubt for him or his employers.

With the help of his agent, Scott Boras, he elected to test free agency several times to maximize his contracts.

This is a lesson in understanding the value of your brand and your product in the marketplace.

Put Your Money to Work

Even though he didn’t begin investing until 2003, Rodriguez formed A-Rod Corp to manage his ventures outside of the game.

Rodriguez understood that wealth is not only about making money but more importantly, about keeping it and multiplying it.

The Importance of Branding

As a young phenom in the sport, there was no shortage of endorsement/partnership opportunities for Rodriguez.

That changed, however, once he admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs for several years.

Your value in the marketplace and as a business partner is closely tied to your brand and reputation.

While it may take years to build, it can be ruined in a day with a single mistake!