Top Security Solutions For Property Managers To Increase Their Revenue

Top Security Solutions For Property Managers

On average, a burglary occurs every 8 seconds. As a property manager, you must provide tenants with a safe place to live that meets their basic needs.

Are you considering increasing security and convenience for your tenants? Keep reading to learn how security helps keep your tenants safe and increase revenue.

This guide will cover the top security tools to help you maximize ROI on your property and security investments.

Access Control Software

Cloud-based access control solutions implement software to facilitate smoother and more convenient security operations.

Access control is a staple in residential property security, preventing intruders from accessing the property and putting your tenants in harm’s way. Using traditional key locks leaves your tenants vulnerable to lockpicking.

With a cloud-based turnstile access control system, you can implement keycard or fob door locks or even door locks that operate using mobile access credentials. With mobile credentials, you don’t need to replace keys or create new ones. Instead, your tenants can simply download access credentials to their mobile devices – saving you time, effort, and money.

When your tenant needs to enter the building using their mobile credentials, they don’t need to touch a keypad or button to enter the building. Instead, they can enter by waving their hand over the motion sensors in the access control reader. The motion of their hand will trigger remote communication with their mobile device via Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular communication to detect and verify their access credentials.

With cloud-based access control comes software that provides you with the following benefits:

  • Remote door lock operation – if one of your tenants is stuck outside the building without their access credentials, you can remotely allow them to enter the building. The tenant will not need to wait for you to come to the site and unlock the door. Additionally, letting your tenant inside won’t cost you time or petrol.
  • Remote access credential management – if your tenant loses their mobile device, keycard, or fob door access control, you’ll be able to revoke access for those credentials from anywhere using a mobile app or cloud-based control center. This means that if the access credential is stolen, the perpetrator will not be able to use it to enter the building.
  • Remote visibility – you can view security information from anywhere on your mobile device, allowing you to stay in touch with security happenings when you’re on the go.

The benefits of cloud-based security are endless. Another key benefit of cloud-based access control is that it allows you to integrate different security tools together using open API integrations.

Delivery And Visitor Management Software

You need a visitor management system to provide convenience when your tenants have visitors. Rather than hiring door staff or reception staff, you can automate the visitor management process by integrating visitor management software with your access control system.

Delivery and visitor management software integrates with access control, providing users with a digital visitor form to fill out on their mobile devices before entering the building.

Having accurate visitor logs provides you with evidence of an incident that occurs in the building. Also, it gives accuracy for registration in an emergency evacuation procedure – letting you know who is in the building.

When the visitor has filled out the visitor management registration form, they can download temporary access credentials and enter the building. These credentials will be removed when they leave. The system will log both their time of entry and their time of exit.

Rent Management And Collection Software

One of the best software solutions for property managers is rent management and collection software. Staying on top of rental payments and monthly reminders can be time-consuming if your tenants have an app that allows them to pay their rent each month and sends reminders about when it’s due.

The software comes with cybersecurity to ensure your tenants’ payments are secure – reducing their concerns about the security of their payment details.

You will receive automated alerts for late rental payments, so you don’t need to keep checking your bank accounts. Additionally, the software will keep track of any advance payments, making the rent management and collection process straightforward!

Video Management Software

When you implement video surveillance, you need to be able to access video feed information at any time. With video management software, you can check your security cameras using your mobile device, allowing you to stay in touch with potential security risks from anywhere.

If your tenants have access to this same feature, they can check on their packages, and you can increase demand for your property.


If you’re looking to streamline security operations and make your property more attractive to tenants, you need to consider the benefits of the cloud.

Cloud-based security can allow you to manage your property from anywhere and provides tenants with a safer property. Consider switching to cloud-based technologies for more agile security.