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Top Marketing Tricks to Attract Users

Any business needs users, as they are a key goal. The number of people ready to visit your site and buy your product or service must constantly grow for your business to succeed.

You are unlikely to be interested in slow business growth while your competitors are breaking commercial records. But the problem is that not all business owners and startups know how to use marketing options to grow their sphere of influence effectively.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about such nuances: here are the top marketing tricks to attract users.

Offer New Customers Discounts and Promotions

People love great marketing deals and are willing to visit new websites for something special. That is why you can announce a discount season and time for such marketing activities to coincide with holidays or other important events.

Sometimes even a 10% discount can make sense, especially if your competitors offer less favorable terms. Then, depending on the cost of a product or service, you can increase discounts until it is still beneficial.

You can also think about promotions to motivate new customers to join you. For example, offer people bonuses, the opportunity to choose a gift, or an extra service for the same price.

Whatever your promotions are, they will allow you to get more loyal people ready for certain actions. Such marketing tricks are as old as our world, but they still work flawlessly.

Ask for Referrals

You probably know what network marketing is. So this is a way to attract new people through the activity of your current users. What if you have a website with products and services and need to increase sales? In this case, you should offer your users a referral program.

Give them discounts, bonuses, gifts, or the opportunity to earn on every friend they bring to you. You should also choose the action these people need to perform to count on the bonus. For example, beginners must replenish their account, buy something or perform a certain action.

Thanks to the referral program, you can attract a lot of users. But do not forget that in the first stages you will have to invite people on your own and explain all the advantages of your offer to them.

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Update Your Website

Updating your website is also a good marketing gimmick and an opportunity to attract new users. Imagine that people are used to seeing a certain design and functionality of your company.

So spend money redesigning your website and adding cool new features. You can present all such changes as a complete rethinking of the concept of your business and an improvement of services for potential customers.

As a rule, people react to changes as an opportunity to get something better. In other words, a website redesign will allow you to attract new people.

Partner With Complementary Businesses

Here is another marketing ploy that works well in today’s business environment. Let’s look at an example to understand how beneficial cooperation with complementary businesses is.

Let’s say you own a brewery and want as many people as possible to visit your website and place an order. So enter a partnership agreement with chips, nuts, and pistachios manufacturers.

Print promotional codes that users can find in chips and other product packages. Such promotional codes should give a discount or the opportunity to receive other bonuses.

For you, this will be an opportunity to significantly expand your audience and increase your influence on the selected market sector.

Take Advantage of Online Ratings and Review Sites

Many people tend to trust companies with good reputations. Surely you provide excellent products and services, so you have nothing to worry about.

But many people may not know about your great company, and you should correct this misunderstanding. Offer people bonuses, discounts, and any gifts for positive feedback about your company.

You don’t even have to ask them for a certain tone of voice since it’s unlikely that any of them will leave negative feedback in the hope of receiving a gift. As a result, even a couple of weeks of review bombing and your rating can increase significantly.

In addition, many new users will perceive your company as a market leader and a trusted business icon.

Final Words

As you can see, quite a few effective marketing tricks can help you earn good money and attract new users. You need to use all the above instructions correctly and not chase mega-profits in the first years after starting your business.

Such a strategy will allow you to significantly expand your audience and win the reputation of a reliable company. In the future, you will get a loyal audience and be able to dictate the game’s rules.

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