Surviving Your Commute: 5 Tips for Making Your Drive to Work More Enjoyable

Surviving Your Commute: 5 Tips for Making Your Drive to Work More Enjoyable
Surviving Your Commute: 5 Tips for Making Your Drive to Work More Enjoyable

The average American worker spends about 55 minutes every day commuting to and from work. This may not sound like a lot of time if you’re only doing it for a few days. But if you’ve been commuting for years, there’s a good chance leaving home for work is one of your least favorite activities.

Long commutes lead to decreased job satisfaction among workers and increase their risk of developing mental health conditions.

Driving to work doesn’t have to be an activity that sucks the life out of your soul. Of course, doing something repeatedly leads to boredom, but there are steps you can take to make your commute more enjoyable.

Let’s explore a few of them:

1. Invest in a Good Ride

If you’ve driven a couple of cars, you know that each offers a different driving experience. Obviously, cruising in a sports car isn’t going to feel anything close to driving a convenience sedan. Given the opportunity, everyone would drive a sports car to work, but the harsh economic reality of our times effectively puts this option out of the reach of the average worker.

This, though, doesn’t mean you settle for any convenience car for your work commute. Even among mundane commuter cars, there are subtle differences.

For example, a Volkswagen Jetta is in the same category as a Toyota Corolla. While both cars have their fanbases, there’s no doubt that the Jetta offers a more enjoyable driving experience. While the latest Corollas have a CVT gearbox, the Jetta can be had in either a six-speed manual transmission or an eight-speed automatic… you catch the drift!

An exciting ride makes for an enjoyable ride to work. You can run through the gears, racking up speeds that pump up your adrenaline. Before you know it, it’s time to make that last turn to your company’s premises!

2. Ride With Friends

Taking a solo drive is a great way to reconnect with your inner self and enjoy the scenery without distractions from anyone. However, make driving alone a habit and you will likely start hating the drive.

Riding with friends can add some fun and joy to your work commute. You can crack some jokes, take turns driving, and do other little things that make the commute bearable.

If any of your workmates live in your neighborhood, reach out to them about the possibility of carpooling. However, ensure you’re choosing people whose company you’ll enjoy; otherwise, the wrong company can worsen an already boring commute!

Carpooling comes with the added benefit of saving on commuting costs. You can split the cost of fueling the car and use the money you saved to grab some snacks along the way!

Surviving Your Commute: 5 Tips for Making Your Drive to Work More Enjoyable

3. Listen to Audiobooks

You’ve probably driven to or from work countless times with the radio or music turned off. It’s not that you don’t like music, but what’s the point of turning on the radio if it always seems like it’s the same songs playing over and over again? Or maybe you have had a hard day at work and the last thing you want to listen to is some radio presenter humming on about nothing and playing terrible music.

If you want to hear something different from your car’s speakers, welcome to the world of audiobooks! Especially if you love reading, you’ll enjoy reading your favorite books while you commute, only that this time they’ll be read out to you!

Imagine listening to someone narrating your latest crime thriller as you drive down to work. You’ll hate having to arrive at work because you’d rather continue with the drive and keep listening to the book.

Like music, audiobooks can get boring from time to time. The key to keeping the inevitable boredom at bay is finding audiobooks that really captivate you.

4. Ensure Your Car Is in Sound Mechanical Condition

A car brings unparalleled convenience to your life, but it requires great care for it to be an effective servant. If your car has ever broken down on your way to work, you know just how these machines can ruin your day, especially if you have a boss who doesn’t tolerate lateness.

Driving a car that feels like it’s going to break down any minute only makes your commute feel like a chore. You’ll be uneasy and anxious, wondering when the wheels are finally going to come off.

To prevent such feelings, ensure the car is always in great mechanical shape. Don’t skip the routine service, and be proactive about preventative maintenance.

If you’re hearing some strange sounds from the engine or elsewhere, don’t wait it out, hoping it will resolve itself. Take it to your mechanic as soon as possible; otherwise, you’ll only have yourself to blame when it stalls on the road on the day you are rushing to beat the check-in deadline at work.

While at it, keep your car tidy at all times. Clutter and dirt are linked to stress and anxiety, so if your car isn’t clean, it could be the reason you’re feeling worked up during your commute.

5. Shorter Commute

Daily commutes are all undesirable activities, but some are more undesirable than others. Longer commutes can actively worsen the quality of your life, while shorter commutes can be bearable. You could even ditch the car and walk or cycle to work when your office is down the road.

If you get the opportunity for a shorter commute, consider taking it. This basically means moving closer to your workplace or finding a job that’s nearer to your residence.

Make Driving to Work Enjoyable Again

When was the last time driving to work was enjoyable? Maybe it’s when you first bought a car, or when you first got employed. But as you racked up the miles, day in and day out, driving started to feel like a chore-something you’d rather not do.

Well, driving to work is part of the grind, and it’s in your best interest to find ways to make the drive to work enjoyable again. Embrace these tips and you might see a big difference!

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