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The Top 3 Reasons Your Major Doesn’t Matter

Your major doesn’t matter.

Alright, that came out wrong. It matters, but only if it makes sense. A better way to say this is don’t choose a major “for money.” A perfect example of this philosophy embodied is ESPN megastar, Stephen A. Smith. A new age made man who decided to pursue a career in journalism, an industry with an insignificant minority presence at the time of his entrance.

This week we cover Stephen A.’s road to success and why they mean that your major doesn’t matter (as much as you think it does).

1. Everyone has their own skill


The hardest thing to do in college is to avoid falling into the trap of choosing the major that “makes the most sense.” Why? Because it’s profoundly easy, that’s why. Between the likely pressure from your family, former high-school teachers, and even friends, choosing a major that you’re comfortable is harder now than ever before.

Stephen A. Smith knew from a young age that his strengths lied in areas that wouldn’t land him in a corporate office, but with a pen in his hand and his face in front of a camera. Because of that, he decided to study journalism. In this case, Stephen A.’s major made sense.

What doesn’t make sense is choosing a major you have no interest in for anything other than money *Mic drop*. This brings me to my next point…

2. It’s OK to have your own opinion


I would venture to say that Stephen A. Smith has made a career of his own opinion. People may not love it, but they listen, and the ratings of his daily television show, First Take, show it.

In a bit of a cliche way, this is our way of saying that having your own opinion is good for you, and at times, can even be profitable for you, as it has been for Stephen A.

For context, Smith recently became the highest-paid sportscaster in the United States, signing a lucrative $10M/yr contract.

3. Your Process Should Translate Across Majors

To read a little bit more about what I’m talking about, you’ll love our article where we commemorate the life and legacy of the late, great Kobe Bryant, and his approach to the game of basketball.

Stephen A. Smith took a similar approach to his career, jumping from newspaper to newspaper, earning under $20,000 a year consistently, and famously living off of Kool-Aid for a few years. All the while, he trusted his process and dedication to his craft, always willing to outwork the opposition and put himself in place to succeed.

The more you watch Stephen A., the better you’ll understand his dedication to his craft. At times, you’ll even catch him falling asleep on air… on live television. The point is, your process should mirror Stephen A.’s, no matter what your major is — and you will find success.

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