The Best Apps to Help You Save Money


Let us begin this article by telling you a fact. Smartphones have essentially changed how we carry out our daily activities and saving a few bucks is no exception. There are honestly countless apps out there with the only aim of helping you grow your savings account. It really is just a matter of properly digging them out and figuring out which are ideal for you. 

Fortunately, for you, we have done the hard work by trying and diligently testing some of the most famous applications to help you save a lot of money. These apps will take the burden off your shoulders and bring some ease and convenience into your life. 

Your task now is to sign up with a speedy internet connection similar to the one offered by Xfinity. Once you are signed up with a reliable provider, you can use these apps seamlessly without any hassle. Listed below are the five best apps that will make the whole money-saving process easy for you. So leave everything aside and start taking notes. 

1) Starling

Starling Bank is essentially an application-based bank, paving the way in the entire digital banking revolution. Even though they have no physical branches, they still possess a complete banking license, enabling you to start a current account from your smartphone within minutes. 

You’ll be delighted to know that you also earn proper interest on the amount held in the account. The app has countless budgeting as well as security features that make it stand out from the rest of the competition. 

2) ATM Locator

This is a perfect app, specifically for those days when you are in a different city and you don’t know where the ATMs exactly are. During such crazy times, when you are just running low on your present cash and chaotically looking for a cash machine, this incredible app comes in handy. 

The ATM locator application uses state-of-the-art geolocation to pinpoint all of the nearby cash points in your region and effectively displays them on the map. The cherry on top, it also tells you which ATMs charge and which do not. 

3) Chip

Saving money can be super difficult, especially when you are a student who is hesitant to put any amount away in case you require it later. Luckily, automatic, proficient saving bots like Chip can come in handy for you during such times. 

As soon as you have given proper access to your official bank account, the app will begin monitoring your spending patterns. It will diligently observe your transactions and will let you know the amount you can save every week. The amazing part is that once the app has calculated the total amount of money that you can save each week, it will automatically place that money in a separate account thus saving you from a lot of hassle. 

4) Idealo

There honestly is nothing worse than purchasing a product online or in a physical shop only to discover later that there is some other place that sells the same product for a lesser price. Idealo is a perfect app for anyone fond of impulse buying. The second you come across some item that you would like to purchase, get this incredible app out before you make any purchases. 

To use this app, all you need to do is either look up the item in the search bar or simply scan the item’s barcode to find the exact price it would be from other shops or retailers. This way you’ll be able to buy your favorite product, without being too heavy on your wallet. 

5) Vouchercloud

There are countless voucher code applications in the online market, however, it is simple to see this particular app is one of the most famous ones. The comprehensibility of the application and easy-to-understand user interface is a real highlight. 

You can either sift through the best-featured deals to find the perfect deal or use the convenient ‘near me’ feature to find out what the finest deals are around your present location. Attain your discount by clicking on the ‘User voucher’ icon as soon as it’s time to make the payment, and instantly a code will appear that you will show to the staff in order to avail of your discount. 

Wrapping Up

Saving a few bucks every month, especially during such difficult economic times is very crucial. Your savings not only make you feel good about yourself but also save you from the tensions of the future. So try to save as much money as you can, the apps that we have mentioned above will truly help you in the process. Download them all and see an improvement in your savings account. Let us know your feedback in the comments below.