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Teachable Review – Best Platform For Online Courses

Enough has been said about online courses over the past few years. According to Globenewswire, the online course market was valued at $3.61 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $25.33 billion by 2025. Creating online courses used to be fairly difficult as there wasn’t software that allowed you to host the course, create the course, and promote the course all in one package. However, there is now, and that software is Teachable. In this review, we will break down everything you need to know about it.

Teachable is the go-to platform for all the instructors, teachers, and schools who wish to transcend the physical walls and make learning an opportunity for an infinite amount of students.

About Teachable

Teachable is a learning management system that allows online educators to create and sell their own courses. It has been designed specifically for those who wish to share their knowledge with everyone, but do not have enough technical support concerning coding and web development. The main idea is to provide you with all the resources that you need to teach others online.

The Teachable portal does not only invite regular courses but also encourages companies to come on board and create content for employee training. These unique features enable entrepreneurs to share their market insights on an open platform and monetize their knowledge.


To review Teachable we looked at the various prices it offers. Teachable has variable pricing packages, which includes all sorts of fees for hosting. As per the plans, here’s what Teachable offers:


That’s right. Teachable actually allows you to use their platform for free. You can host a course for ten students under their free plan, making it a perfect option for testing a presale. However, if your presale goes well and you plan to launch your course, you should upgrade to one of their paid plans. Their free plan is great for testing, but you need to pay an additional $1 and a 10% transaction fee for all course purchases.


Their basic plan charges $29 per month paid annually or $39 paid monthly with a 5% transaction fee. With this you get features like:

  • Unlimited students
  • The ability to host a coaching product
  • Members-only community
  • Instant payouts
  • Teachable’s course creator training and TeachableU
  • Custom domain support
  • The ability to offer coupon codes to students
  • The option to release drip course content (setting a delivery schedule for the content within your course)
  • Third-party integrations (like OptinMonster)


With $99 per month paid annually, or $119 per month, you can get advanced benefits from the basic plan features:

  • No transaction fees
  • Course completion certificates
  • Integrated affiliate marketing
  • No Teachable branding


By paying $249 per month, annually, or $299 monthly you can get the full suite of Teachable’s offerings. Ususally this package is only needed if you have a support team and a large student base. Benefits include: 

  • Manual student imports and bulk student enrollments
  • Advanced theme customization
  • Group coaching calls
  • Customer user roles


As part of our Teachable review, we found that Teachable offers you every feature that you may want to get from an education platform. Here are some services that make it stand apart from the competitors:

Curriculum Editor

The main course content in Teachable is organized using the Curriculum Editor. The subjects can be divided into topics and themes, and the lessons can be easily separated. Such customization allows your students to easily find the content without much navigation.

Courses on teachable


Your course branding is vital to attracting students as you’ll want your students to know you are hosting this course. Your design should clearly define your course to allow it to be easily differentiated from other similar courses. Thus, Teachable allows you to customize your content with themes, logos, color schemes, and fonts as per your wish.

Custom Domain

You can host your course on a custom domain, i.e., This creates a singularity in your course and helps remove all the Teachable branding from the Basic plan.

Good File Handling

Teachable supports high-quality streaming of all video content and supports maximum file types. It is also supported on diverse platforms, including Apple, Windows, and Android.

Easy Upload

Most classes need common files like videos, images, presentations, and PDFs for conducting the curriculum. The drag and drop feature of Teachable makes it very easy and time-saving to upload files. Bulk upload using Google Drive and Dropbox is also available.

Analytics and Support

Teachable provides you complete insights into the progress of the students and their engagement. You can also use Google Analytics to track the sources of traffic. The customer service of Teachable is very active in solving all your queries anytime. They have a support ticket feature, FAQ page, and live chatroom.

Student Communication

Students on teachable

You can communicate with the students to discuss their troubles in the subject or give feedback on the subject matter. You do not need to switch to email apps either as Teachable supports integrations with email service providers like Mail chimp, Zapier, ConvertKit, etc.


Teachable is also a step ahead of its competitors in regards to its marketing capabilities. You can use an affiliate marketing program or bundle your courses together and provide them as a package to students.

Pros and Cons

As we went about the review of Teachable, we analyzed different aspects of the education portal. While the platform is easy to use and straightforward, it isn’t perfect.


  • Interface: The easy-to-use interface considers people with no tech experience and provides seamless integrations with popular services.
  • Multiple Currency Options: There’s no monetary barrier to get you started on Teachable. You can pay and receive money on your terms, with their multiple currency support.
  • Cost-Effective: With a free option, Teachable is very price effective in comparison to its competitors. You can also get deals on their pricing with bundles and coupons.
  • Enrollment Control: As the course provider, you get complete control over who gets to take up the course. This is mostly used when you are offering a specialization and need people to have a prior skill set related to the curriculum.


  • Student Engagement: Teachable only offers limited community engagement with your students. Unless you opt for more expensive packages, you can only interact with your students until a certain limit. However, you can get around this by inviting them to join a Facebook group after signing up for your course.
  • Multilingual Teaching: Teachable does not offer multilingual teaching facilities, and it depends on the tutor to curate his/her course such that diverse students can enroll.
  • Lack of Final Documentation: Teachable doesn’t document or show a certificate for the course unless you have at least the Professional package.

Key Takeaways

Teachable is the best platform for online education. If you want to take a piece of the massively growing industry, I recommend you sign up for the platform. 

It offers affordable teaching services with comprehensive benefits. If you are eager to share your knowledge with the world and get paid to do so, there is no better platform. 

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