Tactical and Strategic Tips to Increase Your Win Rate in Fortnite Matches

Tactical and Strategic Tips to Increase Your Win Rate in Fortnite Matches

Fortnite is one of the most famous projects in the battle royale genre and a famous shooter from Epic Games, which uses standard mechanics, cartoon graphics and special features like real-time construction mode.

In order to win more often and get Fortnite carry your rating, you need to understand that victory consists of the ability to destroy the enemy and surviving as long as possible without entering into battle unless absolutely necessary.

The more time you survive in the match and the more enemies you destroy, the higher your rating will be at the end of the match.



You need to choose points that include two or three buildings to collect starting loot. There is no point in flying to large cities and popular spots, because a large group of players will land randomly, and even the best shooter will not always cope with this house of battle.

This format is more suitable for those who like to shoot and those who are learning to play Fortnite, and not for players who want to progress in their rank.

A point with a couple of houses often has everything that is needed to start – a primary weapon, protection and sets of grenades, so that the player has the resources for the first battles on favorable terms.

There is no point in moving anywhere until the point of the first narrowing of the game map is indicated, because you may not guess correctly and spend a lot of time correcting the current situation, not to mention the optional shootouts with enemies.

It is better not to consider distant points, because you have to get from there to a safe zone and along the way you may encounter many enemies and obstacles, which will negatively affect Fortnite boosting.

Look for an Assault and Sniper Rifle

Of course, during the landing you will grab the weapon that comes to hand, but gradually, as the match progresses, it is better for you to look for a specific weapon that will solve the main tasks.

The pistol and shotgun are good at the first stage, but they should be replaced with an assault and sniper rifle as soon as possible.

An assault rifle has universal damage at all distances, and although it may lack accuracy in long-range combat, you will still have a chance to kill any enemy.

A sniper rifle is needed for reconnaissance – to understand where the opponents are and in which direction they are heading, and of course to destroy targets that find themselves in open areas.

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Look for Grenades

Many players do not understand the true potential and capabilities of grenades, especially since each player can build a shelter literally anywhere on the map.

You can use attack grenades to damage enemies behind cover and force them to take damage, or leave your position and take direct damage from automatic weapons.

In Fortnite there are also grenades with a negative effect, like a dancing one, when all the enemies hit will dance and will not be able to do anything for the duration of the effect.

Keep an Eye on the Play Area

The overall game map will be constantly shrinking so that all surviving players are constantly eager to fight until it becomes clear who will become top 1 and receive a Fortnite rank boost.

The area will shrink until it reaches a small arena, and all players will take damage if they are outside of it at any point in the match.

The first change will be minimal and will push players to determine the direction of movement, and further ones will bring the match closer to completion.


You can use the mechanics of resource search and construction mode.

You can collect wood, metal and stone to use to build shelters.

Shelters can be installed anywhere on the map and at any height and length to suit your needs.

Of course, they can be destroyed, but they will withstand the initial damage, and then everything will depend on the speed of your work with shelters – how quickly you can build them, restore them and impose your initiative on the enemy in order to break his defenses and cause damage to the player himself.

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This is a systemic drop of valuable supplies and weapons to a random location on the map that can be as dangerous as it is useful.

Remember that many ambitious players will flock to it, who want to gain an advantage in battle and are ready to fight for it, so if you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to simply avoid such activity, or shoot all the enemies who try to get through to it.

Wait out the First Stage

When the match begins and most players have decided on their landing point, the very first battles begin, which will significantly reduce the number of players who will move to the conditional second stage.

While you are collecting your first equipment, the enemies will already be exterminating each other and preparing for the first reduction of the map, and your main task is simply to wait out this stage without risking your life and get boosting in Fortnite simply for the time of survival, even if you yourself do not kill anyone during disembarkation time.

Be Proactive in the Second Stage

This is the time of the game when several reductions in the playing area have already occurred and all players are moving towards the potential ending point of the match and destroying each other.

If you have good enough equipment, then rely on moving safely, using cover and attacking enemies only when necessary, because the main battle will be in a small arena, where the outcome of the match will be decided.

You need to either survive or reduce the number of remaining enemies as much as possible on your own, and even if you die, you will still increase your level of cheap boosting in Fortnite.

The Final

The arena is small and the outcome of the meeting will decide everything. A player who approaches the battle recovered and with the ability to competently build a shelter and destroy enemy shelters will have a better chance.