Steven Furtick Net Worth

Steven Furtick Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what Steven Furtick’s net worth is? Founder and senior pastor of the Elevation Church, Steven Furtick makes money through church work, YouTube, book sales, and personal investments.

As of May 2023, Steven Furtick’s net worth is $60 million. This post details how he gained such success as a Christian pastor.

Early Life

Born on February 19, 1980, Larry Stevens “Steven” Furtick Jr., or more commonly Steven Furtick, is a Christian pastor, Grammy-winning songwriter, and author.

As a young boy, Steven Furtick lived a relatively humble life. He was born in Moncks Corner, South Carolina to Faith Furtick and Larry Stevens Furtick. He has an older step-sister Stephanie born in 1975, and a younger brother Matthew born in 1983.

Steven Furtick’s first real calling towards God happened at 16 through the book Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala. The book inspired him to become a pastor in a major city and spread God’s word.

After graduating from Berkley High School, Steven Furtick studied at North Greenville University and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication.

He then applied to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to earn a Master of Divinity degree.

Founding of the Elevation Church

Furtick worked as a worship leader at Christ Covenant Church in 2004 at the age of 24. He loved his job but felt as though he needed something more.

He relocated to Charlotte, Carolina, two years later and established the Elevation Church with seven families and his own. 

Furtick isn’t your typical pastor. He wears ripped jeans as he preaches and a medallion rather than a cross. He doesn’t hide his tattoos nor the fact that he drinks every so often and even uses the occasional cuss word in his sermons.

He doesn’t come across as religious, making him a controversial figure among conservative evangelicals.

His “controversial” personality is what drew people—particularly those of the younger generation—to his church.

In 2007, Furtick founded the contemporary worship music collective Elevation Worship. The group was a big hit, going as far as winning a GMA Dove and Grammy for the album Old Church Basement.

That same year, the Elevation Church made news headlines when church members gave out $40,000 in $5, $20, and $1,000 envelopes. Furtick instructed his members to donate the money to people in need.

It wasn’t long before the Church was the talk of the town. Touched by the church’s generosity, hundreds of people applied to be a part of the Elevation Church. Before long, the church became one of the biggest in the Charlotte area.

Success as a Pastor

Steven Furtick charmed the nation with his passionate, creative, and enthusiastic sermons. Every weekend, Furtick preaches in person or live on-screen across the globe. Some of the most notable events he hosted were as follows:

  • 2011 Global Leadership Summit
  • 2012 C3 Conference 
  • 2012 Hillsong Conference
  • 2012 and 2013 Presence Conference
  • The Elephant Room 1 (2012)
  • The Elephant Room 2 (2013)

The Elevation Church is a generous group. Furtick donates 12% of every dollar his church receives to support outreach efforts nationally and globally.

It’s also a big contributor to Charity Water, a non-profit organization that aims to provide clean and safe drinking water to people around the world.

Overall, the church has donated more than $10 million through various charitable endeavors, including A Child’s Place, Samaritan’s Purse, Charlotte Family, Matthews Free Medical Clinic, and Charity Water.

Success as an Author

Steven Furtick is a New York Times best-selling author. He wrote at least 10 books, with the most popular being Sun Stand Still (2010), Crash the Chatterbox (2014), Through the Eyes of a Lion (2015), and (Un)Qualified (2016).

He has sold at least 100,000 books through Amazon and 500,000 books through other retail channels.

According to Chunks Corbett, Elevation’s Chief Financial Officer, Steven Furtick sells most of his books at discount prices.

He also lets Elevation sell copies of his books in bulk and keep the profits.

The church has made hundreds of thousands of dollars through such sales, none of which go to Furtick. Most of his profit comes from book advances.

Personal Life

Steven Furtick married Holly Furtick in 2002. The couple met at North Greenville University and have been together ever since. They have three children: Elijah, Graham, and Abbey.

Head Pastor

Most of Steven Furtick’s fortune comes from the church he leads, which has a net worth of around $10 million. His annual salary is undisclosed, but some predict that he receives at least $1 million annually as the head pastor.

Elevation Worship Member

Furtick’s second-highest source of revenue comes from his music group, Elevation Worship.

As of May 2023, the group has more than 4.8 million subscribers and 2 billion views on YouTube.

Elevation Worship’s estimated net worth is close to $12 million. It’s unknown how much Furtick receives from Elevation Worship, but it could be estimated that he earns at least $300,000 annually from the group. 

Book Royalties and Advances

Furtick receives a decent sum through book royalties and advances from his publishers. Each of his books has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. He advertises his books on his website, social media, YouTube, and during his sermons.

What Does Furtick Spend His Millions On?

Steven Furtick allocated some of his wealth to his 16,000-square-foot mansion in Waxhaw, North Carolina. The mansion costs at least $2 million and features five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, an attic, a basement, a garage, and a porch space.

Steven Furtick’s mansion has received a lot of controversies ever since its announcement in 2013.

Some people believe that a pastor shouldn’t reside in a house so big as it doesn’t go by Jesus’s humble teachings.

Furtick defended himself by saying that the house is self-funded through loans and book advances. He also said that he and his family are thankful for the big house and they see it as a gift from God.

Steven Furtick likewise spends quite a bit on his outfits. In his sermons, he’s seen wearing thousand-dollar designer clothes and shoes.

People point out that Furtick’s outfits are a prime example of a preacher taking advantage of his followers, believing that he’s using most of the church’s donations on himself.

Furtick denied these accusations and pointed out all the good his church has done over the years.


Apart from the controversies about his mansion and sense of style, Furtick attracted criticism for how he structured his sermons.

Furtick isn’t a traditional pastor. His sermons don’t feel like sermons but more like a conversation among peers.

He isn’t afraid to talk about controversial topics like racism, sexual abuse, and the trinity doctrine. He’s open about his frustrations and difficulties about being a parent, as well as the emotional struggles of controlling one’s weight.

He inserts humor into his sermons and doesn’t shy away from using cuss words.

Moreover, some people claim that Furtick’s teachings are false and that the congregation seems to be fixated on Furtick rather than God.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What religion is the Elevation Church?

Elevation Church is affiliated with the Baptist Evangelical Convention.

How many people attend the Elevation Church?

The Elevation Church has a weekly attendance rate of between 14,000 people to upwards of 30,000 people. To date, the church has 23 locations across the United States and Toronto, Canada.

How much money does Steven Furtick make a year?

According to reports, Steven Furtick earns over $500,000 a year.

Key Takeaways

Follow Your Calling

Steven Furtick understood his calling at the age of 16 and spent his entire life following it. People who follow their calling are more likely to be successful and satisfied with their life, job, and health.

Live Life as You Want It, Not as Others Dictate It

In other words, pay little attention to the naysayers. To this day, Furtick is criticized for the way he delivers his sermons.

Despite that, his teachings inspired hundreds of people and changed lives for the better. He achieved his success by being unapologetically himself, even if it’s not what other people deem “conventional.”

Gratitude Attracts Good Things

Despite his success, Furtick never forgets to express his gratitude and appreciation for everything he has.

Be the same. Take the time to be thankful for the amazing people you have in your life, as well as everything you’ve achieved thus far.