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Stay Productive While Working From Home With These 3 Easy Tips

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Chances are, you, like millions of other Americans, have been mandated either by your firm or the federal government to work from home for the foreseeable future. When this happened to me, I was excited to be able to work in my pajamas. But after a few days of taking client phone calls in my bed, I realized a clear drop off in my level of concentration and production.

I knew I needed to make a change. On top of that, that same day, my company announced our Work-From-Home mandate would continue until the end of April. Since this is now the new normal for almost all of us, aside from essential workers, our team decided to research the top 3 ways to stay productive during your working-from-home stint.

Work Regular Hours

As tempting as it may be to now stay up all night watching Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO or whatever streaming service you like with the intention of waking up later than usual, you should actually view this as an opportunity to be a more productive and efficient version of yourself.

That means going to bed and waking up at the same time you normally would on a regular work night. Doing this gives us the idea that we are still in work mode, per se. Have a morning commute? Many people on #Twitter have been using their now free hour – an hour and a half of commute time to work on self-development tactics. Here are a few ideas to incorporate into your morning routine to attack the day.

  • Yoga. It relaxes the body and takes your mind off of how tired you are.
  • Meditation. Proven to help concentration and reduce anxiety. A perfect way to start the day.
  • Morning Jog. For all you runners out there (or not, I hate running. I’m going to try this, though).

Find an Organized Workspace (Or Create One)

My workspace is my room; and, full disclosure, before this pandemic, my room was never the neatest. However, studies show that the neater the environment, the more efficient we are capable of being. Because of this, these days, my room is the closest semblance it possibly can be to my office to ensure I’m tackling my goals just as well as I would at my desk.

If you don’t have an organized workspace, create or find one. Let’s face it, we may be under these circumstances for a while. If you don’t want your productivity to falter, now is the time to adjust and create the most efficient work environment for yourself.

Take Breaks

Now that many of us are fully remote, it can be easy to fall into the trap of not taking proper breaks throughout the day. I get it; our work lives are now almost blended with our home lives. It’s hard. However, it’s up to us to notice this and treat our new workdays the same as we would if we were in the office.

That means taking breaks as you normally would (Unless you’re one of those people who hides for thirty minutes on the toilet. We’re not talking to you). We need breaks not only for our sanity, but to stay productive.

A great way to ensure you’re taking healthy and frequent enough breaks is to create goals for yourself. For example:

  • After I make twenty-five calls, I’m going to make a sandwich
  • After I fill out five reports, I am going to take a walk
  • After I do XYZ, I can do XYZ… You get the idea

Hopefully, these 3 Tips can catapult you into living your best at-home work life. Let us know in the comments below!

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