Sofia Franklyn Net Worth

sofia franklyn net worth

Have you ever wondered what Sofia Franklyn’s net worth is? Well, the American social media personality, radio host, and podcast host has become an internet sensation quickly. Through her ultra-popular podcast, Call Her Daddy; she has amassed a net worth of $500,000.

She achieved this success by creating and co-hosting the podcast, which features frank conversations about relationships, sex, dating culture, and other topics that have resonated with listeners worldwide.

The podcast quickly gained traction due to its humorous yet informative content and Sofia’s engaging personality, which kept fans coming back for more each week. This success allowed it to grow into one of the most popular podcasts on Apple Music, garnering millions of downloads since its launch in 2018.

In this article, we will explore how Sofia Franklyn became an internet sensation and earned her wealth through Call Her Daddy. 

Early Life

Sofia Franklyn was born on July 21, 1992, in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is African-American. Though not much is known about her family, it’s publicly reported that Sofia attended East High School before continuing to the University of Utah, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2014. She briefly worked for a finance firm before starting her career in media.


sofia franklyn net worth

Call Her Daddy is an ultra-popular podcast that has quickly become an internet sensation since its launch in 2018.

Formerly hosted by Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper, the podcast features frank conversations about relationships, sex, life advice, and other topics. Since its debut, Call Her Daddy has drawn in millions of fans worldwide with their unique brand of humor, frankness, and open dialogue.

The podcast’s success has catapulted Sofia into the public eye and helped her amass a net worth estimated to be around $500,000.

Barstool Sports Deal

In 2018, the famous pop culture blog Barstool Sports and its founder Dave Portnoy negotiated a three-year contract with the co-hosts to become one of the company’s exclusive podcasts that included a base salary of $75,000 with bonuses based on podcast performance and merchandise sales.

Moreover, this agreement transferred all intellectual property rights to Barstool Sports.

The Call Her Daddy podcast exploded in popularity after becoming an exclusive podcast with Barstool Sports. Downloads of the show skyrocketed, attracting millions of fans from all around the world.

The success of this partnership can be attributed to a combination of factors. Firstly, Sofia and her co-host Alexandra are both incredibly engaging personalities that can keep listeners captivated with their frank conversations. Additionally, the show’s content has resonated with fans worldwide as it covers topics like relationships, sex, and life advice in a relaxed yet humorous way.

Separately from hosting the podcast, Sofia also started writing her blog posts on the Barstool Sports website.

Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn Split Up

During the summer of 2020, a contract dispute caused Franklyn to sever ties with Barstool Sports and depart Call Her Daddy.

Fans were confused after a new episode titled “Kesha… The End” was released on April 8, 2020. Alex and Sofia could not explain why new episodes suddenly stopped being released; however, they did post an official statement on Instagram saying that they were “unable to speak out due to legal reasons.”

As the public was left in suspense, tabloids and fan forums were abuzz with speculation. Then, on May 17, Dave Portnoy released a solo episode of the podcast that shed light on Barstool’s perspective regarding the hiatus.

During the 30 minutes of airtime, Portnoy discussed the financial and contractual information concerning their deal with Barstool. He noted that Barstool offered Alex and Sofia a $500,000 base salary and stressed how expensive each missed episode would be for them since it meant losing an estimated $100,000 every time.

Cooper had come to a consensus on new provisions. However, Franklyn was unwilling to sign the revised agreement, thus causing her ultimate departure from the show.

At the time, Franklyn was in a romantic relationship with Peter Nelson (formerly referred to as “Suit Man” in earlier episodes of Call Her Daddy), an HBO Sports executive. Portnoy accused Nelson of instructing Franklyn to turn down Barstool’s contract offer and actively circulating the program among other podcast distributors, thus creating a deep rift between Franklyn and Barstool.

In August 2020, Miley Cyrus collaborated with Alex Cooper on the re-launched podcast to elaborate on her split from Liam Hemsworth and her journey of self-discovery. Sofia went her separate ways.

Spotify Acquisition

This June, an impressive $60 million deal was secured between Cooper and Spotify for exclusive podcast rights. Barstool is still responsible for the show’s merchandise, ensuring its success thrives beyond streaming platforms.

Sofia With an F

sofia franklyn net worth

Following Sofia’s departure from the show, she turned her attention towards her social media accounts – most notably Instagram – where lucrative promotion deals and partnerships with prominent brands enabled her to earn up to $20,000 each month.

In October 2020, Sofia got a contract from Sloot Media to make her own podcast called “Sofia with an F” through her YouTube channel. The podcast became very popular soon after it launched. In one week, it was the #1 podcast on iTunes.

However, it isn’t nearly the massive success that her work on Call Her Daddy was. Alex Cooper has since taken over the podcast solo, which is still strong.

Sofia Franklyn Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Sofia Franklyn has an estimated net worth of $500,000. This is mainly due to her successful podcast, Call Her Daddy, as well as her subsequent venture with Sloot Media and other deals she has made with brands.

Despite the controversy surrounding her departure from Barstool Sports, Sofia will remain a successful businesswoman in the entertainment industry in the coming years.

She’s an Instagram star and will continue to use that platform to promote her brand and business. With an influential presence, she can expect more lucrative deals in the future.

Personal Life

Since the public split from Call Her Daddy, there has been little news regarding Sofia Franklyn. She has remained out of the public eye and hasn’t spoken publicly about her experiences with Barstool Sports or the podcast. However, she remains active on social media, regularly posting content across Instagram and Twitter.

Her relationship with HBO executive Peter Nelson has been kept private, and there is no confirmation on whether they are still together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money has Sofia made?

Franklyn has generated an impressive $1 million during her career. Unfortunately, due to New York’s high taxes, she had to pay 33% of that total in tax–about $330K. With the remaining amount after taxation (around $670K), Franklyn can still celebrate and feel accomplished for reaching such a financial milestone.

Who owns Sofia with an F?

Sofia Franklyn is the owner of her podcast, Sofia with an F. It is exclusively distributed through Sloot Media and hosted on YouTube.

How much money does Alexandra Cooper make?

Alexandra Cooper makes around $24 million annually.

What is Joe Rogan’s salary?

Joe Rogan makes anywhere between $20-40 million annually.

Key Takeaway

In the end, Sofia Franklyn’s decision to leave Barstool Sports and Call Her Daddy was risky. Despite her successful venture with Sloot Media, she may have been better off staying on the show for an extended period due to its immense success and potential financial rewards.

Nonetheless, Sofia has made the most out of her situation by leveraging her social media presence into lucrative deals and partnerships with prominent brands.

As long as she continues to remain active in the entertainment industry, there is no doubt that we will continue to see more success from the star in years to come.