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Small Business Ideas to Start at University

Becoming financially independent after starting a uni can be tough for many young people. Juggling a part-time job and studies is quite a challenge.

Fortunately, some students have a better idea than that. They start their own business and run it parallel to their studies.

So, if you wonder what type of business a college student can start, here are some ideas. See if you find something to your liking. 

Benefits Of Running Your Own Business As Student

In case you have any doubts about running your own business while in college, read these top four benefits you will gain from such experience. 


You won’t have to report to anyone. You are your own boss. Sure, it’s a lot of responsibility. Yet, you can also enjoy a great deal of independence.

So, you’ll be able to experiment, take risks, make your own decisions, and learn new skills. 

Flexible schedule 

Unlike with regular jobs, your own business grants you higher time flexibility. On the one hand, it’s quite a demanding endeavor.

On the other hand, you can manage it in your own time and fit it around a study timetable perfectly. 

Valuable experience

Of course, running a business will look rather impressive on a resume. It will instantly show that you have leadership qualities, aren’t afraid to take risks, and have gained lots of valuable experience in the process.

Being a business owner will also advance your personal skills, enhance your network, and improve your social, organizational, and time management skills. 


One of the most common businesses among students is tutoring. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, of course. After all, learning is what all students should be the best at, which leads them directly to tutoring. 

Such a business is easy to set up. It also doesn’t require any investments or additional expenses. Just find a subject or area where you feel most confident and skilled and start offering your services. 

You will have no lack of clients if you choose more or less complex subjects and earn a good reputation around the campus. 

Shopping assistant

You may think that shopping assistants are quite rare to come across, ha? As if only movie stars would need those. Well, you’d be wrong.

Just as students rely on services like for professional writers, many people rely on other people to help them with fashion choices.

So, if you live for fashion and know everything about it, this business opportunity is right for you. Consider creating a fashion blog to show off your knowledge and personal style for a start. Such pages will attract people’s attention and help you advertise your services. 


Any special skill or the desire to learn them will make you a good freelancer. These days, millions of people go to freelance platforms in search of accessible and affordable one-time help online.

This help can be anything related to the digital world, like programming, design, social media management, or content writing. It can also be more creative professions like artists, photographers, or videographers.

So, if you have experience and skill in any of these areas, starting a freelancing business can be the right move on your behalf. 


Are you an artistic person? Do you know much about crafts, and how often do you create anything yourself? If you are full of various creative ideas and love working with your hands, you may as well offer your services or products for sale.

A starving artist cliche doesn’t have to be the reality for you. Find your niche and build your audience. Soon enough, it will grow into a real business where people will be lining up for your crafts. 


What do you think about children? Are you good with them? Have you had much experience babysitting? Do you know CPR and basic First Aid rules?

Perhaps, you should consider running a childcare business if all your answers are positive. Good babysitters can set generous hourly rates, meaning you don’t have to work many hours to earn a decent day’s pay.

Sure, the hardest is to find clients, build a reliable reputation, and manage your working hours with studies. But, other than that, childcare can be a great idea for students who are good with kids.


How can we forget about the most popular business these days? Being an influencer is one of the booming industries right now.

Social media has created a whole new business sector that anyone with any experience can enter. Don’t be fooled, though.

Influencers have to work hard to grow and maintain their audience, make frequent interesting posts, keep their social media presence daily, and interact with followers. It’s a lot of work and time.

However, these efforts will pay off as soon as you land any big sponsor or investor. 

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