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SEMrush Review – A Premier Tool For Digital Marketers

Have you ever wanted to increase your online reach but didn’t know how? As a business owner, this can be frustrating. You may be running ads to get people to your offer or implementing SEO strategies but not seeing the increase in traffic that you were hoping for. If you are just getting started, you may feel overwhelmed. Still, there is a tool that can help with everything from SEO, PPC, Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, Backlink Analysis, and more.

This tool is called SEMrush. It is the all-in-one package for boosting your digital media campaigns and touching a new zenith of success.

About SemRUSH

Started in 2008, SEMrush has grown to be an extensive toolkit for digital marketers over the last 12 years. Founders Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov now boast a user base of over 5 million users. 

SEMrush is a complete package of all the tools that you need to optimize your website for search engines and get more organic views.  

It does everything from finding the best posts that your target audience approves of and finding further link-building opportunities on other websites. It also enables you to run SEO-audits and tweak certain technical aspects of your web page to better your search rankings. Regardless of your digital marketing needs, SEMrush can handle it all.

Pricing Plans

SEO tools like SEMrush are generally more expensive than other SaaS apps. This is because they do not provide you with just one function, like just landing pages. Instead, they give you a plethora of options, combined in one package.

SEMrush can be accessed through three main pricing plans:

Pro – $99.95 per month

The Pro plan gives you 10,000 results per report (a result is the amount of data rows you can receive). These reports can be generated for anything from keyword analytics, traffic sources, rankings, social media, and more. With this plan, they also allow you to run up to 3,000 reports a day. 

The Pro plan allows you to work on as many as five projects at a time, track up to 500 keywords, crawl up to 100,000 pages, and create up to 50 associated social media profiles. This pricing tier is more than enough for most small to medium-sized businesses.

Guru – $199.95 per month

The Guru plan allows you to get 30,000 results per report and up to 5,000 reports per day. However, the major increase in plans is the ability to run 50 total projects instead of just 5. This allows your SEO team to expand its research and target a more expansive list of keywords and phrases. 

The Guru plan also gives you 20 PDF reports, custom branding, historical data access, 1,500 tracked keywords, 300,000 crawled pages and 100 social media profiles.

Business – $399.95 per month

Finally, they offer a business plan for larger enterprises. This plan gives you a bump again from the guru plan and allows you to have unlimited projects, access to product listing ads, White label reports, API access, multi-user sharing options, and Google Data Studio Integration.

Plans in Summary

As you can see, the most significant change from plan to plan is the increase in quotas permitted. To summarize how the three paid packages differ from each other:

  • Number of reports allowed to run per day
  • Number of keywords that you can track in a month
  • The number of reports you can generate
  • Total projects that you can keep running at once

Based on your company’s requirements, you can choose the package of SEMrush that best fits your needs. Luckily, you can try it out for free for 7 days first to see what plan works best.

SEMrush Features

The features of SEMrush are incredibly comprehensive. Even those who do not understand digital marketing can fully use this tool effectively. They also offer tutorials and videos to help you navigate the site effortlessly.

Although they offer a plethora of features, below are the ones that we find most helpful.

Domain Analysis

Performing a domain analysis on SEMrush is very helpful when trying to ascertain your website’s strength or others. The SEMrush domain analysis shows overall authority scores, the total number of visitors, backlinks connected to the site, top keywords, ad stats, and other factors.

Competitive Positioning Map

This feature allows the user to know every single factor associated with their keywords. Right from the searches to the suggestions, everything to do with keywords is analyzed, and the relevant stats are displayed. The rank tracking feature is constantly updating to ensure it shows the most up to date information from Google.

Backlink Audits

The backlink audit feature is particularly useful as it can trace all the websites linking to your site. Furthermore, SEMrush can classify the toxic links, i.e., the links that can be spammy or lead to poor site health. You can quickly disavow these weak links, which can lead to improved Google search rankings.

Link Building

The proactive link building tool in SEMrush can identify your competitors and the type of content they share. Our favorite aspect of using SEMrush is their link building feature. With this feature, you can gather information on your competitors and find what pages are most popular with their audience. From there, you can curate your own content that surpasses theirs either through length or quality, and request those that have shared your competitors content to share yours, leading to more backlinks to your page.

Site Auditing

The easy-to-use interface of SEMrush also offers a site auditing feature that can point out all the issues with your site. This audit will show everything from the overuse of keywords to duplicate keywords. Everything is checked to avoid any negative impact.

Competitive Intelligence

While this is not a part of the package and needs to be purchased as an add-on, competitive intelligence is worth noting. Competitive intelligence helps with all digital marketing campaigns. It provides you input on competitors’ growth dynamics and performance of digital marketing channels. It allows you to uncover competitors’ target keywords you’ve overlooked. It even analyzes the texts and banners your competitors are using.


Like every good company, the customer service of SEMrush is very reliable and helpful. They can solve all your issues with text, email, and even have a support line that you can call, which is very rare for SAAS companies.

Pros and Cons

To sum up the most common issues and excellent advantages of SEMrush, we have found the following significant points.


  • Domain Analysis: As everything is laid out clearly in one place, domain analysis is elementary and convenient
  • Data Handling: The data handling capacity is excellent. Even with large amounts of data and features, the interface does not get cumbersome
  • Reporting: The number of reports you can pull in one day is the highest out of any other SEO SAAS company
  • PPC Data: SEMrush provides you with plenty of PPC data along with organic search data, which can together be used to enhance your search rankings.
  • Support: The support team is very agile and gives services through multiple mediums like call, chat, and email.
  • Site Auditing: The site auditing feature provides a simple set of guidelines to follow to improve the technical SEO and on-page SEO of your website.


  • Data Provision: It only provides data for Google and does not include any other search engines like Bing.
  • Limit on Simultaneous Projects: SEMrush limits the number of projects that you can run simultaneously. This impacts the number of features that are available under the projects section.
  • Additional Purchase of Seats: You get only one user account, no matter what your plan is. You may have to buy separate seats if you wish to add more users.

Key Takeaways 

Overall, after analyzing different digital marketing tools, we can say that SEMrush is the most robust. Their essential features like site auditing and link building perform excellently in comparison to their competitors. If you are looking for the cream of the crop digital marketing software to take care of all your needs, we recommend SEMrush. 

You can sign up here if you want to try the platform risk-free for 7 days before making your purchase decision.

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