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Review: Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

Who is Gary Vaynerchuk?

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the world’s leading marketing experts and regular New York Times bestselling author. He also serves as the chairman and CEO of VaynerX, a media holding agency that includes VaynerMedia and PureWow. Gary and the rest of the team at VaynerX help businesses improve their digital marketing and grow their online presence.

His passion for growing businesses began when he grew his family wine business, Wine Library, from a valuation of $4M to $60M using YouTube. Since then, Gary has had millions of followers around the world across multiple social media channels. His content is invaluable for entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone with a social media following.

In Crushing It!, Gary shows us how we can use each platform to grow our personal brand and following. His books and other content will change the way you build your influence and personal brand.

Aside from teaching businesses how to improve their digital marketing, Gary is also a famed angel investor and venture capitalist. His previous investments include Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Venmo, and others.

You can find Gary’s story, podcast, and social media handles here. His insights have helped me develop my personal brand and he will do the same for you. With patience and consistency, anything is possible in this new digital age!

What you’ll learn in Crushing It!

The important elements of quality content and a successful personal brand.

“…what really matters is a pretty short list: intent, authenticity, passion, patience, speed, work, and attention.”

Vaynerchuk, page. 29

The stories of entrepreneurs/influencers that found a niche, developed a major following and created a business via their social media presence. These include:

  • Rich Roll Enterprises
  • The Good Dog
  • Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn
  • Shonduras, and many more!

How to use social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram separately but in a symbiotic relationship.

Growing your brand will depend on using different channels. Therefore, you should understand what the users on each platform are looking for and tailor your content accordingly.

“Facebook’s algorithm will always give preferential treatment to native Facebook content. You’ll get far greater reach by creating an original video for Facebook than by recycling something from another platform.”

Vaynerchuk, page. 211

The importance of a Facebook Business page.

“No matter what kind of influencer you want to become, everyone must start with this step: create a Facebook business page…Don’t ever underestimate Mark Zuckerberg, and don’t ever bet against Facebook.”

Vaynerchuk, page. 135

How GaryVee has organized and automated his life to ensure that he always has valuable content for his followers.

“…I’ve come to realize that, actually, the learning process should be your content. That means it’s not a problem if you’ve got more passion than expertise. Our best-loved icons…They’re the ones that started out tinkering in their basements, who sold product out of the backs of their cars, who rose and fell and rose again.”

Vaynerchuk, page. 79

How to keep your eyes on the horizon and not dismiss growing platforms in the future.

“All I’m doing is looking toward the horizon to see what platforms are capturing people’s attention and altering their behavior. If I see something that is performing consistently, I take a closer look, and then a longer look, and then I start to execute.”

Vaynerchuk, page. 254

Final Verdict: 9.3/10

If you want to grow your online influence or profit from an online business, Gary Vaynerchuk deserves your undivided attention. Crushing It! serves as a refreshing reminder that it has never been easier to share your brand and business with the world. While each platform may be different, they each have the potential to spark tremendous growth for your online presence.

As long as you are consistent, patient, and diligent, your brand will benefit from the work you’re doing. Therefore, no time, effort, or content ever goes to waste! When you run into obstacles along the way, tune in to any one of Gary Vee’s podcasts, channels, or books for guidance. Lastly, don’t forget your “why?”, it will remind you why your brand and online voice, is important.

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