Rachel Carpenter – Intrinio

Rachel Carpenter

Rachel Carpenter is the Founder and CEO of Intrinio, a real-time data marketplace. Intrinio’s mission is to power the innovators defining the future of finance through modern data technologies. That means automating the data supply chain with advanced infrastructure and machine learning. Not only that but delivering high-quality data through cutting-edge tools and getting it all in the hands of people who are challenging the system.

Rachel joins Jay on The Success Bug and the two discuss the grind of starting a business after graduating college. Rachel discusses the backlash she faced from friends and even family about her decision to found Intrinio as opposed to a more traditional career path. She also opens up about the amount of time and energy it takes to raise funds from investors, and her experiences as a woman in the world of entrepreneurship.

Why You Should Know Rachel

Rachel Carpenter embodies the lifestyle of the entrepreneur. After finishing her undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, she was faced with a choice. She could follow the traditional path of joining corporate America and getting a shiny job in finance. Or she could take the road less traveled, and pursue her dreams of founding and running a successful business. Unsure of how to proceed, what did she do?

As many of us would, she went to her mother. Thankfully, her mother nudged her in the direction of her passion. And we’re all better off for it. Rachel has grown Intrinio into a full market dataplace and become a thought leader in her industry. In this interview, Rachel will destroy your imposter syndrome by sharing her unique and inspiring story.

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