PPcocaine Net Worth

ppcocaine net worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of PPcocaine is? Well, the social media personality and rapper has quickly made a name for themselves and is worth a fortune.

They are famously known for their hit song 3 Musketeers. 

As of May 2023, PPcocaine has a net worth of $800,000. 

This post will illustrate how at such a young age, they were able to achieve success.

Early Life

PPcocaine, formerly known as Lilliane Catherine Diomi, was born on June 1, 2001, in Los Angeles. However, they were raised in Santa Clara by their grandparents and father.

Throughout high school, they enrolled in dance and grew a passion for it. 

After they graduated from Golden Valley Highschool, they became an erotic dancer, which would be the start of their career as an entertainer.


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Similar to Ana Shumate, Diomi would rise to fame from the popular app Tik Tok. They posted a snippet of one of their first songs, PJ, and the song went viral on the app.

They would capitalize on the buzz and release their debut single, DDL  which also went viral on Tik Tok. 

Domi is openly lesbian, and their singles have been sex-positive, and they fully embrace their identity.

Their openness pours out into their music, and in July 2020, they posted a snippet of the song For That Cash on Tik Tok.

The song was well-received and regarded as a lesbian anthem on the platform.

They were building a nice following on the app; however, they did not have that same spotlight in the music industry.

Domi would quickly changed that and release, 3 Musketeers and it became their first single to chart in the US. 

The single would peak at number 22 on the Billboard Bubbling under 100 charts and 76 on the Irish Singles Chart.

This was their most significant hit and solidified them as one of the hottest young rappers in the industry.

Due to their success, the record labels began calling, and they would pick up. In August 2020, they signed a deal with renowned Columbia Records.

They have a unique style of music. It’s over the top and sexual but resonates with many.

Their aggressive vocal delivery paired with explicit content has made them a fan favorite, and they have over 1 million followers on Tik Tok and over 700 thousand on Instagram.

Ppcocaine Net Worth

As of May 2023, Ppcocaine has a net worth of $800,000. The majority of their wealth is from their record deal and music streams.

Additionally, they are well involved with social media and have an Only Fans account and a Youtube channel.

At just 20 years old, the Los Angeles native is already a star. If this rate continues, their wealth should only increase over time.

Key Takeaways

Embrace your identity

Ppcocaine came out as a lesbian, which is a courageous act. As a result, they gained a considerable following who strongly supports them.

Ppcocaine being so open allowed them to be a voice for the ones who are unheard. Embrace who you are; you might positively impact someone who is not as brave as you.

Don’t be afraid to be different

Ppcocaine’s musical content is very explicit and could even rub some listeners the wrong way. However, this is the music they love to make, and it’s gotten them successful.

A lot of the time difference is good. Don’t be afraid to differ from the norm. You could be blocking your path to success.