Options for Sending Money to the Philippines on Father’s Day

Options for Sending Money to the Philippines on Father's Day

As an expat, you might be thinking about the best methods to send your father money on Father’s Day back in the Philippines. The lives of expats are challenging already –while they have to bear the distance of a million miles between them and their loved ones.

If you feel the same way about your father back in the Philippines, you might want to find the best money transfer service provider to make a safe financial transaction. Before choosing the best financial transaction service provider, you should know your options. 

Understand Your Options for Sending Money to Your Father  

Some say that money cannot buy happiness – but – the truth is that much of life’s happiness depends on money. For instance, as an expat, money might be your primary source to make your family happy as well as your father on Father’s Day.

By sending money back home, you can encourage your father to take the day off and go to his favorite restaurant. He can also buy himself a nice present on Father’s Day. 

There are several ways you can send money to the Philippines this Father’s Day:

Cash Pickup: This method allows you to send money to a particular location, such as a bank or a local finance agent, from where your father can pick it up.

Bank/ Wire Transfer: With this method, you send money between your bank and your dad’s bank. 

Mobile Money: Through this method, you will send your father the money in an e-wallet.  

Home Delivery: In this method, the cash gets delivered to your father’s address. But – this can be a long process. 

Understand Precautionary Measures 

As an expat, if you are planning to send your father money on Father’s Day, and this is your first time sending money – you should understand the potential risks that are linked with not doing your research and choosing the right money transfer method.

For instance, Western Union is one of the safest and oldest peer-to-peer methods that allows for secure financial transactions. In fact, Western Union is deemed the best way to send money to philippines at a real-time rate. 

When choosing a financial service provider, you want to do your research on the following aspects:

  • The service provider’s transfer fees.
  • The current exchange rates for the currency.
  • The timeline to complete the process. 

If you do your research and assess the best options, you will see the best money transfer services have no transfer fees. However, you will want to be mindful of the hidden charges that can quickly add up to the money transfer rates.

At the time of sending money, double-check that you have the correct recipient details so that your father receives the money on this Father’s Day.  

The Takeaway

If this is your first time sending money back home, you might naturally worry about choosing the right service provider. The best thing you can do is to ask other expats how they send money or remittances to their loved ones. This way, you will know your options and have the peace of mind that you have chosen a trustworthy service provider.