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Optin Monster Review – The Best Lead Generation Tool

OptinMonster is an email sign-up plugin that has caught the attention of many WordPress news-and-review blogs over the past few years. It certainly has caught ours. We have just recently started to use OptinMonster and have seen some amazing results. We wanted to share our review of OptinMonster and give a detailed overview of this list building tool and our experience with it.

What is OptinMonster

Launched in 2013, OptinMonster is a pop-up creation tool that helps with lead generation. The pop-ups capture email addresses and advertise discounts to create brand loyalty and offer incentives to visitors to check out their products. However, OptinMonster doesn’t just provide pop-ups. The tool also includes features like exit-intent forms, footer bars, scroll boxes, and more. 

Currently, the tool claims to have optimized over 21 billion user sessions on about 700,000 websites. Why has it gotten so much popularity?

Well, OptinMonster’s features seem to transcend the limits of your average lead generation tool. It can optimize website conversions, provide targeted campaigns to viewers, and even reduce cart abandonment. All of these features helping increase engagement and revenue regardless if you’re a blog, eCommerce business, or agency.

OptinMonster for promotional methods
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Currently, the exclusive experience of OptinMonster is available under four different plans, each being offered at very reasonable rates. 


Billed annually at $9/month, the Basic plan supports lead generation on one website. It gives you unlimited campaigning opportunities and allows up to 3500 page views per month. It provides many of its analytics tools, as well as page-level targeting, list segmentation, subscriber recognition, and email integrations.


With advanced provider integrations, the Plus plan allows you 15000 pageviews at $19 per month. It supports two websites and allows you to run unlimited campaigns on both platforms. You also get full insights into the analytics and reporting chart, allowing you to better understand your page’s customer behaviors. 


This is the most popular plan with OptinMonster. With a payment of $29 per month, you get seamless features with support on three websites. The plan ensures that you get up to 50,000 page views per month for each website. You also get two sub-accounts so that your team members can collaborate with you on the sites.


This premium plan of OptinMonster costs you $49 per month and opens up a plethora of opportunities. Usually only used by larger enterprises, you get unlimited access to all the exclusive features. You can take your business to the next level with 250,000 views per month. Your team can create custom branding, custom chat integration, success scripts, geolocation targeting, and more.


As part of this review, we wanted to take a look at the features of OptinMonster. What we have found is that they have taken over the market solely because of the various benefits it provides. While it serves the purpose of lead generation, email marketing, and sales enhancement perfectly, here are some other features that make OptinMonster stand out:

Streamlined Interface

The streamlined interface of OptinMonster makes it easier to create their opt-ins. It provides a set of tabs with different functionalities. The single interface also requires no refreshing and also doesn’t overwhelm you with options.

Variations in Campaigns

The industry standard for opt-ins is the lightbox pop-up. OptinMonster enables you to experiment with the opt-ins by giving you multiple split testing options. You can go for fullscreen fillers, or choose the less intrusive ones like sidebar form, slide-in, after post form, and floating bar. They also allow you to optimize your campaigns for mobile pop-ups.

Premade Templates

The best part about OptinMonster is that it gives preloaded templates with brilliant graphics. Choose any template as the base and customize your image, text, and color with the in-built visual editor. This takes all the design work out of building your pop-ups.

Set Triggering Rules

The detailed targeting options give you in-depth features to control everything related to your website and plugin support. From exit-intent triggers to cookie collection targets, the premium regulators help you tailor your plugins to various audience types. There are targets based on geolocation as well, and you can specify different rules for each of them.

Abandonment Issues
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Easy A/B Testing

One of the most powerful tools, the A/B testing, allows you to check your opt-ins’ potency by comparing two or more variants. You can correlate all the aspects, including targeting and triggering. You can find out the most efficient opt-in and delete the underperforming ones. We do this all the time with our pop up campaigns.

WordPress Integration

OptinMonster is seamlessly integrated with WordPress. WordPress even has a plugin for it that takes 30 seconds to integrate. This gives it an upper hand over its other competitors that don’t have a plugin option with WordPress.

Multiple Website Access

As OptinMonster is a cloud-based tool, you can manage different sites and opt-ins from a singular interface. This avoids any data mismanagement and provides more straightforward accessibility.

Pros and Cons

While OptinMonster has been designed for all kinds of businesses, our review is transparent in saying it may not be for everyone. Like all platforms, OptinMonster has its pros and cons.


  • Simplicity: Designing an attractive form and getting more views has never been easier. However, you can still create custom forms from scratch (if you have knowledge of HTML and CSS)
  • Customer Service: Reliable customer service helps you in all aspects, from integration to basic troubleshooting. You can also reach out to receive tips on how to improve conversion with different available tools.
  • Easy email integration: OptinMonster integrates itself into almost all email marketing service providers. It even allows you to tag people before transferring them to your email list.
  • Mobile-Friendly: The pop-ups are customized for both computer and smartphone usage.


  • Internal Analytics: There is no internal analytical data available on OptinMonster. While you can see the improvement in your campaign performance, you cannot see how or where they converted.
  • Design Usage: You cannot copy the same form to your different websites. If you need the same design, you will have to create it separately on each site.

Should You Use OptinMonster

With upgraded features and improved user experience, OptinMonster has grown massive leverage over all its competitors. In terms of ease of use, and at its price, no other lead generation tool stands a chance. We can say with the utmost confidence that OptinMonster is the best email opt-in form plugin available.

If you want to check it out, you can try it now for 14 days risk-free.

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