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Never Underestimate the Influence of Music on Focus

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Many of us listen to different types of music. It affects all of us in different ways. What you might not know is how music affects your brain and its productivity. And if you’re someone who likes listening to music at work, you’re going to want to read this.

This week, our team took a deeper dive into this question and decided to find out

the best ways to utilize your Apple Music, SoundCloud, or Spotify library to your advantage, specifically in the workplace.

Music = Happy


Why do you think so many people listen to music while exercising? Listening to music has been proven to improve mood. When doing so, dopamine is released in the brain, reducing stress and anxiety.

What is dopamine?” some of you may ask. Dopamine is an organic chemical that acts as both a hormone and neurotransmitter. But for our purposes, all you need to know is that dopamine eases your mind.

The bottom line is, listening to music you enjoy improves your mood, which will subsequently help you perform more productively.

Want to focus? Listen to familiar music


While listening to music has been proven to improve our mood, the next step is knowing what music to look to, to maximize your productivity, and studies show that it should be familiar.

In other words, the music we are familiar with improves concentration – more so than unfamiliar music. On top of that, you are more likely not to focus on the task at hand when listening to different music (because you will probably be focusing on listening to unfamiliar lyrics).

Lyric-less music is the way to go


Speaking of what music to listen to, studies have shown that music without lyrics is much more useful for mental performance at work than music with lyrics. Music with lyrics has proven to reduce our mental performance, while instrumental music does the opposite.

So, it’d be best to save the music you love to sing along to for after-work hours. Studies have shown that classical music or mellow, steady beats are conducive to good mental focus. Try to incorporate this into your playlist if you haven’t already.

Overall, music can be an effective tool for staying focused while you work. The trick is knowing how to utilize it, and hopefully, this shed some light on it for you. If you’re interested in some new playlists to add to your day, this article by Life Hack recommends some great tracks to get you started.


  • Listening to music that you enjoy will improve your mood and concentration while you work
  • Listening to music that is unfamiliar to you will improve your focus while you work
  • Music without lyrics is significantly more effective for mental performance than music with lyrics

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