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Marcus Cook

Marcus Cook is a serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder of The Success Bug. As you (hopefully, by now) know, The Success Bug is a blog and podcast dedicated to studying successful entrepreneurs, entertainers, and self-made millionaires. As of April 2021, The Success Bug reaches over 70,000 people every month through the content that it puts out on its website.

Marcus and I sit down and discuss the origin story of The Success Bug. We talk about our original business plan, the multiple pivots we made along the way, and the victories and setbacks thus far. We discuss what it was like to start a blog, the hate you’ll receive, and the sense of imposter syndrome that so many of us face when starting anything.

But here we are, 70,000 monthly readers later, and growing. Trust us when we say we’re not going to stop until we achieve our ultimate goal: To inspire you all to escape the 9-5, one episode at a time. Please enjoy Marcus Cook!

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