Kat Timpf Net Worth

Kat Timpf Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Kat Timpf is?

As a libertarian columnist, TV news anchor, reporter, and comedian, Kat Timpf has made quite a name in the mass media industry. Her successful career catapulted her to fame and earned her an impressive net worth.

As of May 2023, Kat Timpf has a net worth of $1.5 million. In this article, we’re going to explore everything you need to know about Kat Timpf’s journey to success.

Early Life

Katherine Clare Timpf was born on October 29, 1988, to her parents Anne Marie Timpf and Daniel Timpf.

Timpf grew up in Detroit, Michigan, United States, with her siblings named Elliot and Julia Timpf.

Kat attended Lutheran High School North for her early schooling. After graduating high school, Timpf enrolled in Hillsdale College where she earned her degree in Bachelor of Arts in English. In 2010, she graduated from college with flying colors.

In 2014, Kat’s mother, Anne Marie, died of a disease called cardiac amyloidosis. Kat also shared in a post that her mother has had multiple misdiagnoses.

Career Steps

Kat Timpf talks about the new chapter in new book
Source: Fox News Radio

Katherine Clare Timpf struck a remarkable career that brought her a massive fortune. Here are Kat’s career steps:

Newspapers and Magazines

Shortly after graduating college, Timpf started working as a video and print reporter for CampusReform.org in Arlington, Virginia, USA. The organization’s objective is to uncover and report prejudice, fraud, and abuse on college campuses.

After that, Timpf worked as a news anchor at NASA’s Third Rock Radio. She also joined The Washington Times as a digital editor. In addition, Kat Timpf became a reporter and producer of ‘Total Traffic Network’ in Santa Ana, California, USA.

Katherine Timpf wrote columns for several well-known newspapers, such as ‘Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,’ ‘Investor’s Business Man Daily,’ and ‘Orange County Register.’ Others include ‘Washington Times’ and ‘International Business Times.’

Aside from that, she also wrote columns for the ‘National Review’ online. However, Katherine Timpf shared that she received several death threats when she wrote a column about Star Wars fans. She shared that her humorous remarks enraged so many followers.


Aside from writing, Kat also became interested in other platforms, like podcasts. Timpf became a co-host at Fox new’s weekly podcast called ‘Tyrus and Timpf.’

Additionally, she hosted her weekly podcast titled, ‘The Kat Timpf Show.’ She invites guests and talks to them about random subjects, including her private life.

Radio and Television Programs

Kat Timpf started getting national attention when she appeared on a famous late-night talk show called ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show,’ which is now known as ‘Gutfeld!’. Other than that, she also made appearances on radio programs and TV shows, such as ‘America Live with Megyn Kelly,’ ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto,’ and ‘Fox & Friends.’

Others include ‘Stossel’ and ‘The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.’

Kat also worked as a comedian at Baltimore’s commercial FM radio station called ‘98 Rocks.’

In 2017, Kat joined the ‘Fox News Specialist.’ It’s the Fox News Channel’s afternoon show, where she worked with her co-hosts Eboni Williams and Eric Bolling.

Unfortunately, the show got canceled in September 2017. The cancellation was due to the alleged sexual misconduct of her co-host Eric Bolling.

On the bright side, Katherine Timpf became a host of her show on Fox Nation. The show ‘Sincerely, Kat’ allows fans to submit their questions to Kat.

National Review Controversy

In 2018, the National Review retracted Kat’s column regarding a Title XI sexual harassment case. The case involved a student at the University of Missouri.

According to the conservative editorial magazine, Katherine Timpf’s column left out relevant details. Timpf’s story implied that the student complained about the advances of an alleged harasser because he was larger than her.

In contrast, National Review stated that the case deposition revealed that the alleged harasser had made several unwanted advances toward the ‌student. In addition, the harasser has been stalking the female student, therefore violating Title XI.

Awards and Achievements

In 2012, Kat Timpf became a recipient of the ‘Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Program Grant Award’ through ‘The Fund for Yankees Studies.’ She was acknowledged for her serious and enterprising journalism.

In the same year, the grant money allowed Timpf to complete a project called ‘As California Goes, So Goes the Nation: The Consequences of Following Golden State Policy.’

Kat Timpf Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Kat Timpf has a net worth of $1.5 million.

She makes most of her income as a host of her own show ‘Sincerely Kat.’ She also earns a living as a television personality, comedian, journalist, digital editor, and producer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When did Kat Timpf get married?

In August 2020, Kat announced her engagement with Cameron James Friscia. Then, the couple tied the knot in May 2021. Kat wore one of Kleinfeld’s dresses for her big day!

On top of that, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, the host of ‘Kennedy on Fox,’ officiated the ceremony.

What does Cameron James Fiscia do for a living?

Timpf’s husband left the U.S. Military after holding various posts, such as Executive Assistant to the Brigade Commander and Assistant Officer. Then, Friscia joined Merrill Lynch Pierce & Smith Inc as a broker.

Currently, Cameron James Friscia is a well-known research associate at Coatue Management. It’s an investment management firm based in New York

When did Kat Timpf quit the National Review?

In April 2020, Kat published an article titled ‘Saying Goodbye’ on the National Review website. She revealed that her time writing for the National Review has come to an end.

Timpf stated that she accepted a full-time position at Fox News. Hence she’ll no longer have the time to write for National Review.

In the article, she thanked her fans, including her publishers, Jack Fowler and Rich Lowry.

Key Takeaways

Humble Beginnings

Katherine Clare Timpf started her career by working as a video and print reporter for the Leadership Institute’s CampusReform.org. She also wrote articles for famous newspapers, like Pittsburgh post-Gazette and Orange County Register.

Aside from that, she became a reporter for Total Traffic Network.

Beginning of Fame

Kat started to gain popularity when she appeared on multiple TV shows and radio programs, including ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto’ and ‘America Live with Megyn Kelly. In addition, she became a host at podcasts like ‘Tyrus and Timpf’ and ‘The Kat Timpf Show.’

Stay Resilient

Timpf received a lot of death threats when she wrote a satirical piece about Star Wars fans. Aside from that, the National Review retracted her column because the article left out relevant details about the harassment case involving a female student at the University of Missouri.

Despite the backlash, Katherine Timpf stayed resilient and continued to make a name for herself in the mass media industry.