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Instapage Review – Create Landing Pages That Convert

If you are looking to create useful landing pages that will help you generate leads and convert more visitors, the chances are that you have come across Instapage

There are dozens of landing page builders out there from Unbounce to Leadpages, but we have found Instapage to take the cake. Instapage isn’t just your average page builder. It offers a full suite of powerful tools with modern templates to ensure that you can get started on the right foot. 

In this Instapage review, we will cover all the key points that you should know about Instapage and help you decide if this is the best solution to your landing page needs.

About Instapage

Instapage has gained massive popularity in the website building industry and has become one of the best land page building software you can find. Their user base, currently over 15,000 customers in over 100 countries, has grown mainly due to its outstanding support, advanced features, and competitive pricing. 

Instapage products contain drag and drop features that enable anyone from small business owners to enterprise clients to build pixel-perfect pages for advertising optimization. 

Their flexible tools allow you to create landing pages that help generate more leads, elicit actions from visitors, and sell more products. 

The best part about Instapage is that there are no coding or design skills required. Not only does it simplify the process of creating landing pages, but it also has features like analytics, heatmap, and split testing tools. These additional features enable you to use visitor data to design even more effective landing pages. 

Different Plans Instapage Offers

Instapage offers three plans: 

  • Core
  • Optimizer
  • Team & Agency

All three plans come with standard features, including unlimited domains, visitors, and pages, which is something that most landing pages platforms don’t offer. 

Also, these plans have marketing automation integration, email marketing, CRM, and compatible with WordPress. 

Here are the plans in detail:

Core plan

This plan comes with real-time collaboration, email support, necessary integrations, and mobile responsive pages. When paid annually, the plan costs $69 per month. 

This plan doesn’t offer expert design consultation, custom web fonts, brandable lead notifications, subaccounts, custom code editing, dynamic text replacement, or A/B testing. 

However, if you are just getting started, you won’t need to go above the Core Plan as that has all the features necessary to build elegantly designed landing pages.

Optimizer Plan

This plan comes with the core plan features, and other features like professional integration with popular apps such as InfusionSoft, Autopilot, SalesForce, and Zapier. When paid annually, it costs $99 per month. 

Other features in this plan include:

  • Chat support
  • A/B testing
  • Ability to edit team member’s access to landing pages
  • Unlimited versions tests
  • Instablocks
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Heatmaps
  • Ability to customize landing pages with CSS, HTML, JavaScript

However, this plan doesn’t come with sub-accounts; therefore, it won’t be 100% suitable for companies and agencies with many departments or websites. It doesn’t have expert design consultation, custom web fonts, audit log, and brandable leads notifications. 

Team & Agency Plan

This plan comes with the optimizer plan features and other additional features and costs $179 per month when billed annually. The additional features include:

  • 24/7 phone support,
  • Webhooks integration
  • Unlimited subaccounts
  • Ability to edit CSS styles and access to all coding features
  • Brandable lead notifications
  • Expert design consultation
  • Up to 5,000 custom web fonts
  • One on one onboarding.

Instapage Features

Instapage surpasses almost all of its competitors by offering everything you need to create conversion-focused landing pages. Let’s look at the features you get from using the service. 

100+ Fully customizable templates

You are offered access to over 100 optimized and customizable templates to boost your conversion. These templates can be used for any purpose from click-through CTAs, apps, events, webinars, eBooks to lead generation. 

You also have an option to import landing pages templates and then modify them to meet your needs. Alternatively, you can purchase ThemeForest’s (the world’s most popular WordPress theme marketplace) premium themes and upload them. 

These themes are all mobile responsive; therefore, they can fit any device, enabling you to get conversions from all devices, including tablets and mobile devices. 

Top Rated Landing Page Builder

Instapage offers one of the best builders for landing pages. With its drag and drop feature, you can easily edit and add elements like timers, social buttons, maps, shapes, forms, buttons, videos, headlines, images, and paragraphs. 

The integration with GoogleFonts and TypeKit makes it possible for you to get up to 5,000 custom fonts, which no other landing page builder offers. 

Attractive Widgets

With the widgets, you can add other functionality like custom code, timers, video, and CTA buttons.

Create a sense of urgency with countdown times, and encourage the visitors to consider the offer within a limited time. They are useful when driving webinar signups or when there is a product launch or live event.

Even without coding skills, you can customize your landing page with JavaScript and CSS/HTML, which will let you add Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and Google Tag manager with ease. 


instablocks insert instapage

Instapage comes with built-in block templates, which you can use to create multiple landing pages.

Instablocks offer a perfect way for users to concentrate on creating new content and avoid duplication. With that, the advertising and marketing process becomes much faster. 

You will have to create some standard page blocks containing specific layouts and footers, headers, and customer reviews, then save them, which will enable you to edit them later to meet your campaign needs and reuse them, which saves you a lot of time. 

BigStock Image Library

Instapage integration with Bigstock offers you access to up to 31 million stock vectors, videos, and photos. To our knowledge, Instapage is the only landing page builder that can offer royalty-free images for a flat price. 

You can access these photos by using their categories section or by searching using keywords, and find the perfect image that suits your landing page. 

Image Manager

This feature allows you to upload your images up to a size of 10MB. You can upload the images using a URL or from your computer. You can even store and organize the pictures in folders on the platform. 

Their storage and organization feature allows you to retrieve your desired image with little hassle.

We’ve all experienced the feeling of uploading an image to a page, and it is either too big or too small, throwing the whole page out of whack. Instapage allows you to use crop images when uploading them on your landing page so that you can just upload them without worrying about its size. 

Customizable Form Builder and Confirmation Message

This tool lets you customize forms on your landing page. You can collect all the necessary information from the leads with radio buttons, drop-down lists, checkboxes, and multiple fields. 

You also have an option to customize the message that your visitors see when they confirm the form. 

PPC Combability

Instapage supports AdWords and PPC, and you can easily add landing pages to different ad groups, which depends on your desired ad demographics, features, products, and channels. 

Depending on the keywords that the visitors were using when they found you, you can match the copy of a landing page to match their search intent by using Dynamic text replacement. 

A/B Testing

This feature is crucial, and every landing page builder must have it. A/B testing allows you to create two different versions of a landing page and then test the different variations. 

By doing this with Instapage, you can see which variation drives the best results and discontinue the more inferior performing variant.

Robust Heatmap Visualizer

Instapage’s heatmap allows you to track the user’s behavior on a webpage. By studying their behavior, you can obtain information on the least/most visited areas or the least/most clicked element of a webpage. You will also know where the visitors are dropping off or how far down they scroll before leaving.

This data will offer you an insight into the page elements that need testing and areas that need optimization for better results. 

Collaboration solution

Instapage offers the ability of more than one team member to collaborate in real-time when designing the page. Much how you can work on Google Sheets at the same time as others, Instapage allows multiple people to view and leave feedback simultaneously while creating your landing page.

Real-time reports

With this feature, you can monitor data reports and make necessary adjustments in real-time. 

Subaccount Permissions and Privacy

This feature helps you to add several users to an account without sharing the account details. This way, they can easily access your landing page. 

You also have an option to give different access to different users. Some users can edit the landing pages, while others can only view it through read-only mode. The read-only mode is particularly perfect for clients in an agency setting. 

This feature lets the whole team work together in creating the landing page. It could comprise of conversion specialists, copywriters, and designers. 

What makes Instapage great, especially for larger enterprises, is their ability to publish their landing pages on any number of domains that you want. It’s perfect when working with many businesses and clients with several websites. 

Customer Support and Help Center

Instapage support offers you access to chat, email, educational materials, and phone support.  

The help center contains all the information you need to create your landing page. You can get information on managing custom domains, grouping landing pages, and managing your account. There are many articles and video tutorials to help answer any questions you may have on their help center page.

Their customer support is available either through email or chat, and they pride themselves on quick responses. Those who choose to sign up for a premium plan can even enjoy phone support. 

On top of all this, even have a blog section where they cover a wide arrange of topics within digital marketing and landing page optimization. One of my favorites is their thorough post on how to create landing pages using their platform.

High security and reliability

Instapage’s landing page builder offers incredible security and reliability with five different servers, automatic SSL, dedicated security team, and 99.99% server uptime. 

Pros & Cons

Like all things, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Before you decide to get Instapage or not, you have to know the pros and cons. 


  • Numerous integration options – Third-party integrations are crucial for modern websites, and that’s why Instapage offers various integration options with email marketing providers, eCommerce sites, and more. 
  • Mobile responsive – Instapage increases conversion rate by applying high responsive designs, which ensures that you can view the landing page on any device. More and more customers are accessing websites via tablets and smartphones, which means that they will enjoy an optimized mobile experience. 
  • Reliable support staff – when Instapage users run into a problem, they can always count on the support staff to help them.
  • Enhanced limited offers strategy – when you utilize their limited time offers, you can show potential customers a countdown clock for your promotion. This feature is beneficial for any direct response marketing effort.
  • Landing page to template conversion – you can easily import templates from a landing page. Instapage lets you duplicate a given design from a third-party provider and turn it into a template which they can customize. 


  • Fewer widgets – The available widgets are probably enough to create useful landing pages, but some other platforms offer more widgets.
  • Relatively high price – the price is fair for most profitable businesses, but not suitable for small website owners on a bootstrap budget. 

Key Takeaways

We have covered as much as we can in this Instapage review. When it comes to the best landing page builder in the industry, Instapage is the premier platform. It comes with all the necessary features you need to build useful landing pages and even allows you to integrate all of your favorite third-party apps.

If you own an agency and work with multiple clients, you should look into this platform as they let you have subaccounts, and give you the ability to share with people through a read-only mode. 

The only real disadvantage with the platform is that there is no phone support for professional and basic plans. However, the email support response is as quick, if not quicker, than most other landing page builders out there. For the price, you can’t really ask for more. 

To see if Instapage is right for your business, you can test its capabilities risk-free in their 14-day free trial.

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