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The Success Bug’s Guide On How To Start A Side Hustle From Scratch

Everyone wants to start their own side hustle… but where do you start?

With The Success Bug’s Guide On How To Start A Side Hustle From Scratch

As an upcoming entrepreneur, you don’t have the time to take the trial and error approach, you need help from someone who’s already done it all before and can show you how to build a successful side hustle from the start.

In this 36 page eBook, business owner, social media expert, and small business consultant Marcus Cook guides you through creating a successful side hustle and avoiding the common mistakes that most people make when starting.

Take the Guesswork Out of Starting a Side Hustle

The Success Bug’s Guide On How To Start A Side Hustle From Scratch takes the guesswork out of starting your side hustle and it’s perfect for you if you are:

  • time-poor: you don’t have time for guesswork and dead-ends
  • action-oriented: you want to do, not read
  • focused: you understand that building a side hustle doesn’t happen overnight
  • tired: You are fed up with courses and ebooks that just regurgitate the same information
  • human: you don’t want to feel overwhelmed with information and no strategies
  • determined: you know you can succeed

Step-by-Step Advice to Save Hours of Time and Endless Frustration

By the time you’re finished this eBook will have helped you:

  • Spot a Potential Business Opportunity… while also being interested in the subject.
  • Understand why most side hustles fail… and how you can make sure you don’t.
  • How you can validate your idea… before ever launching your product or service.
  • Monetize your side hustle… even if you aren’t an “expert” in your field
  • Learn how to be more productive… and change your mindset from “employee” to “entrepreneur”
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What’s in this eBook?

Over 4 practical chapters, Marcus distills his experience as an expert in starting a side hustle that has landed him in online publications such as Startup Nation, Business2Community, GrowthHackers, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

✅ How to start a side hustle around what you are good at
✅ Understanding the factors that lead to a perfect business opportunity
✅ How to target “The Long Tail” and what that means for your business
✅ What is SEO and how you can use it to grow your online presence
✅ The three ways you can make money from your website and how you can do it
✅ The extremely important monetization question YOU MUSK ask yourself before starting your side hustle
✅ How to find the best strategies to grow your side hustle using uncommon marketing tactics
✅ How to start a side hustle around what you are good at
✅ The “2-hour rule” and how it allows you to focus on what truly matters for your side hustle
✅ What business Marcus would start if he could start his entrepreneurship journey over

A Practical Guide to Start A Successful Side Hustle And Monetize in 90 Days

Each chapter and its sub-chapters let you implement Marcus’s mentoring in a way that suits your side hustle, regardless of what it is.

This eBook is written to be actionable and provide a step by step instructions on achieving success. Before you know it you’ll have monetized your side hustle and thinking like an entrepreneur. Financial freedom is possible for anyone, and this ebook provides the blueprint that will enable you to enter any market and create profits.

Money-Back Guarantee

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If you’re not satisfied with The Success Bug’s Guide On How To Start A Side Hustle From Scratch after 30 days, let us know and we’ll refund your money—that’s how confident we are that this ebook will help you build a successful side hustle from scratch.

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