How to Maximize Productivity in Small Home Offices

small home

Remote work is in trend and people find their homes to be the best place to do their office work. Instead of visiting cafes or shared spaces every day, it makes more sense to develop a space within your home. It saves you the cost of leasing a workstation somewhere outside, saves travel time, and allows you to adopt healthy habits. 

Making it a successful plan though requires careful planning because home is also known to be a place of huge distraction with guests coming in, kids playing around or pets running from one room to another. So like everything, your home office has pros and cons. Let’s find out the best ways to maximize productivity when working from a small home office.

Extend Tidiness Beyond your Desk

Clearing your desk might not be enough for heightened focus. The concentration level goes up when the entire house is straightened up. You might be confined to your workspace for long hours and might not see the other parts of the house as important. But that’s a wrong idea. An organized living space contributes to improved focus. Tidying up the entire house, even if not directly visible from your workspace, will set the tone for a more focused work environment.

Just like you tidy the house, there are some other things too – like your Mac. Uninstalling the apps from computers that you barely or maybe never use plays a big role in maximizing productivity. The complete removal of these apps will free up memory and speed up the computer’s processes. The other benefit is that the decluttering of your digital workspace will make it easier to navigate and find necessary tools on the system. This means fewer distractions when working and also the riddance of resource-draining applications. Streamlining the apps, icons, and tools on your system goes a long way, just like a neat and clean desk. 

Adopt a Mouse’s Perspective

Consider your environment like a mouse. Look for the quietest corner of your house. If you prefer a serene atmosphere, a corner where there is no disturbance is the safest option to work calmly. Working from a home office situated away from potential disturbances will ensure undisturbed focus. If a peaceful workspace is what you like, make sure it doesn’t overlap with shared spaces.

Streamline your Workspace

Beyond a doubt, a clutter-free desk ups productivity level. Think of minimalism – keep just a couple of folders and a few sticky notes around. Sticky notes serve as helpful tools but excess items like books, scattered papers, or half-filled coffee cups hinder concentration. Maintaining a balance provides both physical and mental space for optimal productivity.

In addition to embracing minimalism and limiting the number of folders and sticky notes on your desk, consider the impact of buying new cubicles. While it may seem like a simple solution, purchasing new cubicles can significantly improve the organization and functionality of your workspace, making it easier to maintain a clutter-free environment. Investing in new cubicles can eliminate the distractions of scattered papers and half-filled coffee cups, creating a more conducive environment for concentration and productivity.

Optimize Breaks for Productivity

When it’s break time, resist the temptation to get onto social media and keep scrolling mindlessly. Take more meaningful breaks, such as reading relevant articles or taking a short walk. By timing your breaks and engaging in activities that inspire, you can recharge your mind and return to work with a refreshed approach. Strike a balance between preventing interruption of productivity and providing effective relaxation.

Use a to-do list

Create a detailed checklist for the day, followed by a shorter list focusing on tasks achievable within the next few hours. The importance of a manageable to-do list is well-known. Breaking down your day into smaller, actionable tasks helps in planning and reinforces your accomplishments as you check off completed items. A concise, organized to-do list keeps you focused and motivated throughout the day.

Introduce Greenery to your Workspace

You might not set up your office in a garden – that’s not highly practical. But including elements of nature can enhance your workspace. Adding a desk or floor plant provides a refreshing touch and visual variety. Go for fresh flowers on the desk to create a connection with the outdoors. If maintaining a plant seems challenging, resilient options like small cacti or succulents can bring a touch of nature indoors.


Remote work is here to stay as companies are finding it a viable option and employees love it. Since it’s not a one-day work arrangement, turning some corner of your house into a small office and keeping it optimized to get the best out of remote work, follow these tips. You will definitely see an increase in work productivity and also a greater level of enjoyment.