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How to Create the Perfect Tagline

I’m Lovin’ It. Just Do It. Stay Thirsty, My Friends. So Easy a Caveman Can Do It. Snap! Crackle! Pop!… Any of these sound familiar? These are some of the most successful taglines of all time.

Without giving away any hints, saying the industry they’re in, or even naming a product, you know exactly which companies I am referring to. Why is that? How come when we hear “I’m Lovin’ It” we immediately think of Mcdonalds?

Better yet, why does Mcdonalds have a tagline, to begin with? What types of taglines are the most successful? These questions and more will be discussed in this article.

First, what is a tagline? A tagline is a catchphrase or slogan used primarily in advertising. It is often used to communicate a brand message.

The tagline can be in the form of a question, like Verizon’s, “Can You Hear Me Now?” A challenge, like Lay’s, “Betcha Can’t Just Eat One.” Or, a claim, like Disney’s, “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

As you can see, they’re often short and help shed light on the company’s product or service.

Why Are They So Important?

So, they are catchy, but is that the only reason we use them? Not necessarily. Yes, we need it to be short and sweet so that it is easily recalled. But the main reason we use a tagline is so that people know what our business offers.

Without any prior interaction with the word Budweiser, you would have no clue what the company does. However, when you hear Budweiser, “King of Beers,” you know exactly what Budweiser offers. We don’t create a tagline just to be catchy. We do it to position our brand.

Finding the right auto insurance is a tedious process. There is a lot of jargon in the paperwork, hidden fees, and many other things that make signing up a pain. So imagine, a company comes along selling auto insurance, and their name is the “Government Employees Insurance Company.”

Yes, boring, but no more boring than State Farm, Progressive, or Liberty Mutual. So, how do you make customers remember your brand versus all the others out there? One, shorten your name for god sake.

Try going from “Government Employees Insurance Company” to “GEICO.” Then, add a simple but catchy tagline, “So Easy, A Caveman Can Do It.” With this tagline, GEICO was able to communicate its brand image properly and claim it can make getting car insurance less of a complicated process.

So, How Can You Create The Perfect TagLine?

No matter what industry you are in, there are certain guidelines for creating a tagline that you should abide by.

It should be on-brand: If you make tasty family cookies, your tagline shouldn’t be “Tasty AF.” Parents wouldn’t want to buy a brand for their family with a tagline like that. Know your audience.

Don’t spell it out: If you are a car manufacturer, your tagline shouldn’t be, “We create great cars.” Um, yeah, I hope. We don’t need a bland statement that doesn’t have any pizazz to it. If you create exceptional, top tier cars, try using something like, “Drive in Luxury.”

Keep it short: A tagline should be no more than 5 words. No matter how complex your business or different segments you serve, you should be able, to sum up, your brand message in under a few words.

Capital One specializes in credit cards, auto loans, banking, and everything else that deals with personal finance. However, their tagline is a short, sweet question that gets to the point, “What’s in your wallet?”

Don’t base it off fad culture: At different points just over the past couple of years, there were viral events like the death of Harambe, the proliferation of Fortnite, and the video “Damn Daniel.”

Imagine incorporating those somehow into your tagline to help ride the wave of the fad. It may gain traction in the short term but will be terribly positioned for growth in the long term.

Don’t be too vague: Save the vagueness for the large companies. Apple’s tagline: “Think Different,” works because, well, it’s Apple. It’s on-brand for them as they have revolutionized technology by thinking different.

However, when they were just getting started, their slogan was “The Power to Be Your Best.” This makes more sense for a small company that is aspiring to sell you computers to help with everyday tasks.

Key Takeaways

Creating a tagline is crucial for communicating your brand message to potential customers. The name of your company is simply your name. You cannot communicate much with just the name of your company.

If we just heard the words “Coke,” “Heineken,” or “Gatorade” on their own for the first time, we would have no clue what these companies did. It’s only once you start hearing their taglines that you understand their brand image.

When creating your tagline, ensure it’s relevant to your product/ service, exciting and catchy, under five words, not based on a fad, and not too vague. You can also use an online tagline maker to create catchy taglines for your brand.

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