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How To Build a Socially Conscious Company

Being a socially conscious company matters. As we’ve noted in one of our most recent articles, companies have to take a stand on current issues like climate change, racial inequality, and sexual harassment. On top of that, brand activism brings several positive benefits to your company, like improving your company’s image.

With that said, you have to be right when you are deciding to form an active brand. Here are a few tips to properly become a more socially conscious organization.

Educate Your Staff to Build a Socially Conscious Company

socially conscious company

Before you jump into a pool, you have to know how rough the water is. Understand what the root of the cause you want to support is before making any sort of promise. Remember, the purpose that you are supporting requires you to be socially conscious. Take the time to research a variety of sources on a cause’s history and be as up-to-date on all current events regarding said issue.

Also, you need support from the entirety of your company to properly put your firm in the proper position to be socially active. Educating your employees on these issues can occur in several ways, whether that comes from meetings or emails. 

The easiest way to do this is to encourage your employees and peers to educate themselves. You can influence them to do this by sharing a variety of sources to read, either through emails or just by casually recommending them useful articles. Maybe share something that you find attractive in your research. 

Find a way to inform yourself on the cause that you are supporting before jumping head first into promoting this cause. 

Set Achievable Goals

socially conscious company

Once you are properly informed on an issue, you can start to make a plan of action. With that said, being socially conscious does not mean rushing into something. 

Start by setting some service goals for your company. Whatever goals you set, make sure that these goals are quantifiable, so that you can measure your success. Also, set due dates to keep your company on schedule. 

This can come in the form of fundraising goals, or in the amount of waste disposed of in your company. Whatever goals you make, make sure that they are providing motivation to enforce change while also being within your company’s limits.

Be Open

socially conscious company

Being socially conscious means that your company is taking a stand. You are putting your organization, your employees, and yourself on one side of an issue or another. So, decide to take part in social justice and be honest and open about this choice. 

Also, avoid making a generic “we are a socially active brand” message. A basic page of writing or even a scripted video segment can make your company appear hollow and cheap. Take time to craft an articulate and poignant statement about your stance on an issue. Also, within your statement, include some form of a call to action. This can be in the form of a donation or a declaration of change within your company. Most importantly, make sure that you take a side and be clear about it.

Be Active

You know what your cause is, and you have set goals to pursue your socially conscious endeavors. Now, it’s time to take direct action. 

What form of action you take is up to your company’s plan. Start by having employees volunteer their time to a local charity or environmental organization. You can encourage employees to volunteer during work hours while also promoting your message and providing regular change. 

socially conscious company

Another option is to donate money and build a structured, efficient company. Bombas, the clothing company, famously seen on Shark Tank, donates one item to charity for every item purchased. 

TOMS has worked hard to be transparent and promote social change as well. Just this year, they’ve donated money to COVID-19 relief funds. Throughout their existence, TOMS has made their shoes from sustainable materials, promoting environmental welfare.

If you need a place to start, you can always look to your backyard. Most mid-sized companies focus on socially conscious efforts within their home state. By starting at the local level, your company will directly help make your greater community better. Then, once you get a better grasp of promoting change, you can expand your company’s efforts to the greater global community. 

These are just a few options for taking action. Make a concerted effort to be active and provide real change.

To Build a Socially Conscious Company, Keep at it

Finally, the most crucial step in the process of building a socially conscious company: sticking to your goals. As obvious as this may seem, you need to stay on top of your plan and keep it going if you want to make a difference. 

Keep checking how much money you were able to donate. Or, see how many hours your company was able to volunteer at a local charitable organization. Analyze this data. How much more money can your company donate in the next year? What worked from this campaign? What failed? How can you keep innovating and furthering your cause? 

The hardest part about making a change is that you need to keep at it every day. You need to take a look at your company and ask yourself: Is my company moving in the right direction based on our goals? What can I do today to make my business and our community better?

Key Takeaways: 

  • Being a socially conscious organization benefits both your community and your company.
  • Take a stand on an issue and be committed to your stance. 
  • Once you make a plan, take action and start making change 
  • Stay on pace and try to keep making progress, day-by-day

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