How Millionaires Get Rich and Build Massive Net Worth


We all do our best in our lives to be financially independent. Ultrarich people make up 1% of society, and these wealthy folks have billions in net worth. How did they get these millions and billions? What secrets did they follow, and what can you do to achieve that level of financial freedom? There are so many questions that we want to ask these millionaires. Their lifestyle with private jets, sports cars, superbikes, and exotic yachts seems too exciting. First things first, 85% of the millionaires are self-made, and they did not inherit the wealth. But it was not easy. They spent years of their lives to be here.

How did they acquire wealth, and what are the major sources of income that are common for most wealthy elites? In this article, we will review some top sources of income for people with millions in net worth. For a better understanding, here is the cutdown of wealth owned by most millionaires:

  • Businesses- 45%
  • Investment- 30%
  • Inheritance- 15%
  • High-paying jobs- 5%
  • Entertainment- 5%

As you can see, jobs usually don’t get you rich, and you have to own a business or make an investment to get there. How can entertainment make you rich? We will also explore this aspect in this article.

Sources of Wealth for Millionaires

If you are already doing a job, starting a business may not be possible for you. Running a startup requires your complete focus and attention. So, either you can make smart investments or come up with little ventures that might generate passive income for you. Now, let’s see how these sources work for the wealthy folks around us.


5% of the world’s richest people earned their net worth by working in the entertainment industry. If we analyze the highest-paid actors in the world, they are charging millions for one ad or commercial. They do several films every year and add millions to their net worth on an annual basis. Celebrities from the different niches of the entertainment world are wealthy in most countries. They not only earn from their main field, but they also take part in other ventures like gambling. Many players from football and other sports are seen making millions at online casinos.

Celebrities and athletes take gambling as a form of entertainment, and they publicly admit their love for gambling. Our editor, Valentin Querol, has published many articles about celebrities who cherish gambling, and you must read these articles for some interesting insights. 

Players like Ronaldo and many other stars from Hollywood are seen playing at casinos. Their fans follow them on social media, and these fans need to understand gambling is not a financial tool to get rich. Although playing at online casinos with free spiny bez depozytu can reduce the risk level, you need to be a high roller if you want to get rich with gambling. Instead of trying exotic conventional casinos with millions, you can play online casino games with little investment. Now, here are some other popular categories from the entertainment industry that helped people to get rich:

  • Acting
  • Music
  • Production
  • Sports
  • Comedy
  • Social media
  • Mentorships
  • Public speaking

All of these fields are related to the world of entertainment, and hundreds of people from the entertainment world have made it to the list of richest people in their industry.

High-Paying Jobs

It is commonly said that a 9-5 job cannot get you rich. You can make enough money to live a happy and independent life, but you need to make investments or start a business if you want true financial freedom. This is true in some contexts, but some professions pay handsome salaries. Managers and people at higher posts make millions in different industries.

The average net worth of employees in managerial and executive positions is estimated at around $30 million. These people gave the best years of their lives to their companies and firms. These highest-paying jobs include lawyers, doctors, investment bankers, IT specialists, management consultants, and many other professions.


For the rich elites, their investments generate most of their income. Many think of investment as a tool for financial independence after retirement, but wealthy people rely on their investments for their regular income. These investments not only help to increase their wealth in the long run but also generate passive income for a stable lifestyle.

They don’t invest for the hard days, but they make investments to make their easy days easier. They not only focus on growing their assets, but they also generate passive income from these investments. Here are preferred investment options for the ultra-rich:

  • Equity- 27%
  • Cash- 20%
  • Bonds- 18%
  • Real estate- 8%
  • Hedge funds- 7%
  • Infrastructure- 2%
  • Commodities- 2%

People like Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, and many other popular businessmen have invested their billions across different industries and businesses. The diversity of their investment portfolio makes it easier to enjoy returns all over the year. You can also make smaller investments in different options, but make sure to perform your due diligence for these investments.

Entrepreneurship and Businesses

Owning a business or successful startup is the most common source of income for the top and richest people in the world. The net worth of 66% of billionaires comes from different well-established businesses. Their mindset is the key to success in the world of entrepreneurship. These people did not make millions from their very first business. They have failed several times, but they did not give up.

If any of you want to make money to get rich, he needs to have a mindset of struggling. It takes a lot of dedication and determination to be successful in any industry. You will face failures, but you need to stay determined no matter what.


Were these people lucky in their financial ventures? Yes, luck has little role to play in someone’s success, but their efforts make them rich. Mere luck cannot get you this far away. You can get lucky one or two times, but you need the determination and mindset of an achiever to get here.