Julia Roberts Net Worth

Julia Roberts at EAT PRAY LOVE Premiere, The Ziegfeld Theatre

Have you ever wondered how Julia Robert has a net worth of $250 million? Well, the rom-com queen is known for her glamorous looks, incredible acting skills, and fine taste.

As of May 2023, Julia Roberts’s net worth is $250 million.

This post will guide you through her unique journey to fame and success in the ruthlessly competitive industry.

Early Life

Born in 1967 on the 28th of October in Georgia, Julia Roberts comes from a rich background with English, Scottish, Welsch, German, Irish, and Swedish hues.

She was raised by a Catholic mother. Her father is a Baptist. Eric Roberts and Lisa Roberts Gillan are Julia’s siblings.

Roberts also has a half-sister, Nancy Motes. Unfortunately, Julia had to choose to live with one of her parents, as her parents separated in 1972.

She grew up with her mother and went to Griffin Middle School and Campbell High School to acquire an education.

In her early years, Julia wished to become a veterinarian. She completed her higher education and attended Georgia University.

However, Julia dropped out of university to move to New York City and pursue a career in acting. When she signed with Click Modeling Agency, she enrolled in acting classes to refine her skills.


Julia Roberts is a phenomenal actress and producer. She has won several awards throughout her extensive journey, including three Golden Globe Awards, and being nominated for four Academy Awards.

Roberts is best admired and popular for her stellar performances in movies that include ‘Pretty Woman,’ ‘Notting Hill,’ ‘Eat Pray Love,’ ‘ Sleeping with the Enemy,’ and ‘Erin Brockovich.’

In her over 30 years of working in the show business, Roberts has appeared in around 50 movies.

Her career began when she appeared on the show ‘Crime Story’ in 1987, after which she made her first appearance on the big screen the next year.

Julia starred in Satisfaction and then Mystic Pizza the same year. Although she has many feathers to her cape, her supporting role in Steel Magnolias won her the Golden Globe Award in 1989.

Julia Roberts reached the pinnacle in her career when she appeared in ‘Pretty Woman.’

She continued to give phenomenal appearances in Flatliners, Hook, Dying Young, The Player, I Love Trouble, Notting Hill, and Micheal Collins.

These movies continued to bring her fame and allowed Julia Roberts to prove her talent and rightly earned her fame.

Some of her winning roles in 2010 include ‘Valentine’s Day’ and ‘Eat Pray Love.’ Roberts also performed in a comedy film, ‘Larry Tomatoes,’ where she appeared alongside Tom Hanks.

Topping the list of her latest movies and shows are the documentary series ‘Makers: Women Who Make America’ and the ‘Givenchy campaign’, which hit the screens in 2015. 

Roberts has ruled the box office for years with her multiple exceptional performances that made her one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

A Taste For Perfection

Julia Roberts has a refined taste symbolized by her lavish lifestyle and various homes spread among the most desirable places in the US.

Being one of the top actresses and touring worldwide has further perfected her palate for magnificence, whether it be her clothes, health, or life.

Interest In Real Estate

Julia Roberts' $8.3 million, five-story century-old Victorian Revival-style home in the heart of San Francisco


Source: NY Post

Julia Roberts has shown an interest in the real estate world, something easy to gauge from her diverse property portfolio, much like her acting portfolio.

She is a proud owner of some of the most expensive properties in the country.

Among her properties was a $7 million mansion in Malibu and a magnificent apartment in New York worth $3.8 million.

Among her latest purchase is a century-old Victorian Revival-style house in the heart of San Francisco, which she bought in 2020.

The five-story home, worth $8.3 million, has five bedrooms with bay windows, a wine room, 4.5 bathrooms, an outdoor dining space, and a garden.

Eat, Pray, Love, And Travel!

As if owning enviable properties on beaches is not enough, the star is also known for being a wanderlust. Much like her role in Eat, Pray, And Love, the actress loves to travel.

She has been seen multiple times vacationing on islands with her kids.

Without a doubt, Roberts chooses fancy resorts for her stay. Christmas last year was spent on Sydney beaches after a summer holiday on a luxury yacht in Positano on Italy’s Amalfi coast.

Fondness For Luxurious Cars

Regarding Roberts’ rides, she is an unwavering fan of Mercedes.

She owns a Mercedes-Benz GLS, Mercedes-Benz GL, and a Mercedes Sprinter Van, all very practical for a family with three kids and worth between US$41,000 and US$150,000.

How You Look Is How You Feel

Have you ever wondered how Julia Roberts looks 40 when she is in her 50s? Roberts wishes to always look her best, and she works for it.

The actress pays a hefty sum to a seasoned personal trainer, Kathy Kaehler, who helps her in her endeavor.

Kaehler has a starling curriculum vitae regarding her profession as she has worked with celebrities like, Kim Kardashian, Drew Berrymore, and other renowned stars.

She helped Julia with her role in America’s Sweetheart in 2001, and since then, she has been a constant for her.

A Million Dollar Smile

Julia Roberts smiling in Pretty Woman


Source: B Media

It is hard to forget the dazzling smile of Vivian, the iconic 1991 role in Pretty Woman that Julia played.

The smile won so many hearts and became such a trademark that there were rumors about Julia having it insured for $30 million. However, she has since dismissed the rumors.

Highlights Of Her Career

Some of Julia Roberts’ most celebrated movies include:

  • Pretty Woman in 1990
  • Notting Hill in 1999
  • Eat Pray Love in 2010
  • Mirror Mirror 2012
  • Wonder in 2017
  • Ben Is Back in 2018
  • Critics’ Choice Movie Award for 2001 Best Actress (Won)

Julia Roberts Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Julia Roberts’s net worth is around $250 million.

Although Julia Roberts’s life seems to be right out of a fairytale, everyone has their share of hardships and struggles that teach them invaluable life lessons.

Witnessing the growth, achievements, and success of Roberts, one can only wonder what her lifelong journey taught her and what we can learn from it.

Now that you know her net worth, here are some of the lessons you can learn from Julia Roberts.

Key Takeaways

Say It All

She believes in saying it all at the right time and without a moment of hesitation. Since once the time passes away, you are left with nothing but regrets.

Julia has always been very vocal about her thoughts and feelings, which merits appreciation and is worth adopting.

Perceptions Change, You Don’t

Another significant takeaway from Julia’s life is that your perceptions change as you grow, age, and mature.

It does not mean you have to change as a person; rather, how you perceive things changes. Although fame changes how you look at things or accept them, you as a person remain the same.

Being True To Yourself

Julia’s journey shows that, in the end, you are the person you have to be with. No amount of pretense, costumes, or being in character helps because you remain you.

Julia Roberts is a renowned artist who has given some of the best hits of all time and ruled the box office for a significant period.

She wished to become an actress and worked to make it true. Her hard work has paid off in the form of many awards and being one of the highest-paid Hollywood actresses.