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Here’s Why Your Getting Clicks But No Conversions

We’ve all been there. You spent the time, you targeted the appropriate demographics, and you hit “Review and Publish.” Time to start making sales, right? You see the traffic start coming to your site. You’re getting link clicks… but no sales. It’s so frustrating! You throw your hands up in the air, thinking Facebook ads are broken. 

Maybe it’s not Facebook, though. Maybe it’s your landing page. Your sales text isn’t persuasive, or your images are low resolution. Maybe you even made a cardinal sin and just brought them straight to your checkout page. Or what if it’s any other myriad of issues like your page takes too long to load, there’s no search bar, or you don’t have a return policy. 

3 Tricks For Increasing Your Conversion Rate

Although there are many things you should focus on if you want to increase your conversion rate, there are three that are most important. Here is what you should be testing for if you are getting clicks but not conversions.

Are You Targeting The Right People?

Target Market

This is not only the most important one, but often the most overlooked. Starting a business, for most of us, is a qualitative effort. What I mean is it is more descriptive and conceptual than based on numbers. So if you were to make a store where you sell custom hats it’s probably because you love hats, people have told you they think your custom hat is cool, and maybe even some have tried to buy it off you.

It is rare that you someone goes to IBIS World, looks up industry growth rates of the custom hat market, runs a Porters 5 forces, and makes a decision based on the numbers to create a custom hat store. 

I would always recommend if you’re going to start a business, do something that you genuinely love, not for the money. However, I want you to take the complete opposite approach for Facebook ads. People come into Facebook ads with a predefined target market. For that custom hat example, you could assume the majority of people who will want to buy would be interested in skateboarding.

Also, some others that could be interested would be interested in Nike and street fashion. However, after a few days of running ads, you see that street fashion is performing well, but skateboarding and Nike aren’t.

For your traffic to translate into conversions, it needs to be the right type of traffic. You may have ideas for what that may be, but all we care about is what the data shows, not our opinions. Once you see that street fashion is doing well, you can cut the other ad sets.

From there, you can start running different ad sets focussed around suggested demographics that Facebook gives you. Eventually, we can turn on Campaign Budget Optimization and let Facebook do all the heavy lifting for us in deciding where our spending goes, but more on this in a different post.

Where Are You Bringing People From Your Ads?

Bringing People From Your Ads?

To understand the importance of this we need to remember why our user is on Facebook. Facebook and Instagram are social platforms. Meaning people don’t go on Facebook to buy something the same way you would on Amazon or Google Search. So if someone clicks on your link on a Facebook ad, that simply means you’ve piqued their interest.

However, this DOES NOT mean they are ready to buy. So unless you just happen to show the right product, to the right person, at the right time, your conversion rate will not be all that it can be. 

Imagine if you owned a car dealership. Let’s say someone was driving by and saw a billboard ad and decided to stop by. You wouldn’t see them walk through your door, bring them to the car, rattle off a sentence pitch and then ask them to buy, right?

Of course not. You would let them sit in the car, tell them all about the benefits, notify them of a deal you’re running just this month. Then, and only after you sold them on it, would you ask them to buy.

Facebook ads are the same way. The Facebook ad may have brought them to your site, but your landing page is what’ll get them to buy. 

What Is The Feel Of Your Site?


If you are targeting the right people and running them to an informative and comprehensive landing page, you’ve done 80% of the work. There’s really only one thing that can go wrong now: Your site isn’t trustworthy.

When someone comes to your site, what feeling do they get? Does it look like you put time and effort into design, or does it look like it was thrown together the night before? Are there spelling errors? Is there a contact page? Is there a return policy, privacy policy, or terms of use? 

Do you see what I’m getting at? You want to come off as a professional. No one wants to give away their card information on the internet, especially if the site looks like a scam.

Ask a friend to look at your site and give an honest opinion of what they think. Install a heat tracking app so that you can see where people are leaving when they come to your site and where they click the most. By being able to see where the majority of people leave, you can start to understand what to improve and what needs adjustments.

Key Takeaways

If you are getting clicks but not purchases, there are a couple of things that could be going wrong. Your ad may need to be changed, your landing page might need some work, or maybe your website needs to be optimized. Possibly all three. The only way to tell is by testing all of those options and seeing which ones give the best results.

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