Frankie Muniz Net Worth

Net worth of Frank Muniz

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Frankie Muniz is? This actor won several awards for his acting performance on TV.

When Frankie Muniz starred in the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, his life was never the same. His popularity took off as well as his assets.

As of May 2023, Frankie Muniz’s net worth is $45 million. In this post, we’ll show you how this TV star earned wealth.

Early Life

Born on December 5, 1985, in Wood Ridge, New Jersey, as Francisco James Muniz IV—Frankie Muniz is the son of a nurse and a Puerto Rican restaurateur.

His parents’ names are Frankie and Denise. He also has a sister named Christina.

Little Frankie and his family stayed in Jersey until he was four years old, then they moved to Knightdale, North Carolina.

A few years following their relocation, he earned his first acting role in a local production in Raleigh, N.C. The eighth-year-old Frankie played Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.

From then on, Muniz took acting seriously and began accepting acting jobs. However, Frankie had to stop attending school to keep up with the schedule.

So, in sixth grade, mommy Denise began homeschooling him. This gave her son more flexibility in his newly-launched career.

Acting Career

Muniz had his film debut in 1997. In a TV film called Dance with Olivia, he played the character of a young boy. He also appeared in another television film entitled What the Deaf Man Heard in the same year.

However, Frankie’s acting career took a turn when he played the title role in the Fox sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. Its 151 episodes aired from 2000 to 2006.

Projects With Other Artists

In that same year, Malcolm in the Middle was launched, and Muniz appeared with Kevin Bacon and Diane Lane in the comedy-drama film My Dog Skip. The movie earned decent reviews as an excellent family-oriented drama film.

In 2002, he played Jason Shepherd in the movie Big Fat Liar. He had Paul Giamatti and Amanda Bynes as co-stars. This 88-minute comedy film earned $52.4 million worldwide.

The following year, Muniz became a CIA Spy in the movie Agent Cody Banks. Hilary Duff—another young star—played Frankie’s love interest in the film.

A sequel to this movie was released in 2003. It was subtitled Destination London.

In addition, Muniz also made some guest appearances in other popular sitcoms, such as Lizzie McGuire and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

Despite his growing popularity, Frankie took a hiatus from his acting career in 2006 to follow his car racing dream.

Racing Career

Muniz had a long-time interest in car racing. When he was given a chance to drive the pace car for the 2001 Daytona 500, he met his car race hero—Dale Earnhardt.

They could have started a friendship; however, Earnhardt was killed when he crashed his car during the final lap of the race.

Despite what Muniz saw, the fatal car crash didn’t discourage him from chasing his dream. He had his first car race in 2004, where he finished 7th in the annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race.

Racing as a Pro

In 2006, Muniz began to take car racing more seriously. He stepped on the gas pedal and competed that year in the Formula BMW USA Championship. He was with the Jensen Motorsports team.

He also joined the 2007 Champ Car Atlantic Series and raced for the season. It earned him a total of 41 season points.

In 2009, Muniz finished in the top ten in every race he participated in. However, his season was cut short because of an injury.

Since then, racing has been part of Frankie’s everyday life till he took a break in 2013. He had his comeback in 2021 and competed in Bakersfield, California.

He was also seen at the Daytona International Speedway in January 2022 as a participant in the ARCA Menards Series test.

Music Career and Other Projects

While having a break from the race track, Muniz gave the music industry a shot. He joined the rock band Kingsfoil in 2012 as their drummer. He also had endorsement projects for Imperial Cymbals and SJC Drums.

However, a conflict in schedule forced him to leave the group after two years.

In 2017, Muniz went on with his music career as the manager of the indie pop group Astro Lasso. The said group consisted of Frankie’s former bandmates Tristan Martin and Jordan Davis. This drummer-turned-manager hit the road to help the band with their many gigs.

Apart from music, Muniz also tried venturing into the retail business. In 2018, Frankie purchased the shop Outrageous Olive Oils & Vinegars. He enjoyed the company despite the time and energy he had to run the store daily.

However, he had to leave the shop in 2020 when his wife got pregnant.

Awards and Achievements

Early in his acting career, Frankie Muniz received tons of recognition for his talent.

Several award-giving bodies, such as YoungStar Awards, Kids Choice Awards, and Young Artist Awards, recognized his performance in the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. They all handed Muniz the best young actor award.

The same sitcom also earned him nominations for Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards as the best television actor.

Personal Life

Frankie Muniz & Paige Price at the 2017 People's
Source: CNN

Frankie had been in a couple of relationships before settling in 2020. First, he was engaged to Jamie Grady in 2005. They stayed together for two years.

One year later, Muniz began dating the publicist Elycia Marie Turnbow.

Their relationship was tested in February 2011 as they fought. Allegedly, the altercation ended in physical assault, yet the police found no injuries. Despite the scandal, they got engaged that year but parted ways later.

In February 2016, Frankie met Paige Price while she was working as a TV host at the Frank Sinatra 100th anniversary invitational. They dated for two years, got engaged, and exchanged vows on February 21, 2020.

A year after the wedding, Paige gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The couple gave him the name Mauz Mosley Muniz.

Frankie Muniz Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Frankie Muniz’s net worth is $45 million. Muniz earned $480,000 during the first season of the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle.

In the second and third seasons, Frankie earned a total revenue of $1.41 million.

In the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons, it was reported that Muniz was paid $4.95 million in total. His pay doubled in the final season, where he earned $150,000 per episode.

That last season had 22 episodes. Apart from his earnings in Malcolm in the Middle, his other TV and movie projects helped him build his wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s Frankie Muniz’s illness?

At first, Frankie was thought to have a Transient Ischemic Attack, also known as mini-strokes.

However, upon further examination, the doctors discovered that Muniz was misdiagnosed. The actor only has aura migraines.

What is Frankie Muniz’s ethnicity?

Muniz’s father is Puerto Rican of Spanish descent, while his mother is half-Italian and half-Irish. So, it’s safe to say that Frankie Muniz is a mixture of Irish, Puerto Rican, and Italian!

Key Takeaways

Chase Your Dreams

Even though Frankie already had massive success as an actor, he didn’t stop there. He pursued his other dream of becoming a racecar driver.

Sure, some might not understand what you’re doing; but just like a racecar driver, take your attention away from them. Eyes on the road so that you can finish and win the race!

Don’t Be Scared to Try New Things

Like Frankie Muniz, don’t be scared to try new things. If the last plan didn’t work as expected, cast your net on the other side.

Have an open mind. Travel the path you’re not so familiar with. Who knows, you might find great success at the end of the road.