Eddiana Rosen – How To Become A Business Coach

Eddiana Rosen

Why You Should Know Eddiana Rosen

For our tenth interview of the TSB Podcast, we welcomed Eddiana Rosen, Business Coach, and LinkedIn Strategist. She’s been featured on Forbes for her blog posts and manages multiple six-figure businesses as a coach. In one of our most inspiring interviews yet, Eddiana explains her journey from the Dominican Republic to the U.S. at just fifteen years old.

Eddiana Rosen

After immigrating to the US, Eddiana had to learn English on her own. Her dream? To climb the corporate ladder and become a C-Suite Executive.

But like many of us, her plans changed. Now, don’t get me wrong; she achieved her goal of joining corporate America. But what she found was that her lifelong goal wasn’t what it seemed. Like many future business owners, she wanted more from herself.

She knew she wanted to start a business, but she didn’t know what to do. Until one day, she realized her venture was right in front of her eyes the entire time. In her role as a human resources representative at her firm, she was able to watch how the business was run from a birds’ eye view.

So, when the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the globe, and Eddiana, unfortunately, lost her job, an opportunity arose. You see, her husband has owned and operated a successful video production company for several years now. With her newfound time, Eddiana decided to try her hand at business coaching her husband’s company. By taking over the firm’s sales and marketing strategies, she quickly realized this was something she’d be able to monetize on her own.

What followed? By taking advantage of LinkedIn and it’s lucrative organic reach, she’s been able to launch her website as well as coach multiple different businesses the same way she was able to for her husband.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

Eddiana Rosen
  • How to overcome the hardships of being an immigrant and start your own successful business
  • What exactly it means to be a business coach
  • The steps you can take to become a business coach yourself
  • How to utilize LinkedIn’s powerful organic reach to market your brand and create social proof for your business

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Get In Touch with Eddiana Rosen

  • Eddiana’s website: www.eddianarosen.com
  • Her LinkedIn Profile: Eddiana Rosen
  • Her YouTube Channel (Must-Follow: Guaranteed Content 2X per week!): Eddiana Rosen

Notable Quotes

“LinkedIn is an amazing platform. Not only for job searching but also for generating leads, creating content in a way that you’re going to [create] traction. Something that [really] blew my mind when I was doing research is that LinkedIn currently has almost 700 million users. Only 1% of those people are creating content.”

“No one else can tell [your] story the way that [you] do. I want to encourage, starting with this podcast, the people who are trying to do something besides college. Or even just having something on the side.”

“I came [to the United States] as a junior in high school. An English speaking high school. You can just imagine the obstacles and a lot of the issues I had when it came to the language barrier.”

“When my husband started his business, I was hesitant at first. But eventually, I told him that I’d go in on it with him and support him. So, I became his business manager. I helped him create leads on the back end, emails, and marketing campaigns, all while working full-time.”