Doctor Mike Net Worth

Doctor Mike Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what Doctor Mike’s net worth is? It’s a common question many fans of his have asked.

Well, the resident family physician, social media entrepreneur, philanthropist, and professional boxer is quite secretive about his net worth.

However, considering his career, social media platforms, and other multiple revenue sources, we can predict an estimation of his net worth.

As of May 2023, Doctor Mike has a net worth of $10 million. This article will guide you through how he achieved this success.

Early Life

Many have recognized Doctor Mike as a celebrity influencer with looks that are sure to garner attention. However, before his success went viral, he wasn’t always “Doctor Mike.”

Born and raised in a Jewish family in Saransk, Russia on November 19, 1989, Doctor Mike’s birth name is actually Mikhail Varshavski. His family immigrated to Brooklyn when he was five.

There, his high school friends started calling him “Doctor Mike.” He finished with a bachelor’s degree at the New York Institute of Technology majoring in Life Science.

Afterward, Mike attended a medicine program in 2014 at the Atlantic Health system to further his knowledge and skills as a physician.

Things took a turn in 2015 when Buzzfeed featured Doctor Mike’s Instagram. In that same year, People Magazine named him the “Sexiest Doctor Alive” in the Sexiest Man Alive edition.

Then, he founded Limitless Tomorrow—an organization devoted to aiding individuals struggling with financial barriers and helping them realize their brighter future.

The following year, Mikhail Varshavski started his YouTube channel named “Doctor Mike.” His entertaining yet informative approach to medical terms was an immediate hit with viewers.

How He Earned His Net Worth

Doctor Mike net worth
Source: NBC News

Doctor Mike is a man of many professions. Whether he grew up doing what he loves or strived for a better future—or both—one thing for certain is that he knows how to identify opportunities.

Instagram Account

Perhaps what started it all was when he joined Instagram and posted pictures of his life with his dog. His undeniable looks and passion for his work garnered BuzzFeed’s attention.

Mike soon found himself in BuzzFeed’s article “Um, You Really Need To See This Hot Doctor And His Dog” featuring pictures of him and his lovable husky.

From there, he accumulated many followers and now stands at 4.4 million followers as of December 2022. This platform serves as his extra income source aside from his main ones.

YouTube Channel

One of the major contributions to Mike’s wealthy net worth comes from his YouTube channel. He started his YouTube journey on August 19, 2016, with his channel name—Doctor Mike.

He decided to document and share his medical knowledge on this platform, and no one can say it wasn’t his best decision. Over the years, his channel grew and reached 1 billion views.

He amassed 10.4 million YouTube subscribers with 2,148,606,952 total views. To this day, he has uploaded 569 videos with millions of views per day.

A monetized channel can pay an average of $3 to $5 per 1000 views.

With millions of subscribers in mind, Doctor Mike likely generates tens of thousands of dollars every month.

Family Medicine Physician Service

Aside from using his social media presence to cover the importance of health literacy and battle misinformation, Mike works in the real world as a family practice physician.

This career can make an average of $193,000 to $251,000 per month. However, this can highly depend on factors such as education, years spent in the profession, certifications, and skills.

With this data, we can conclude that Doctor Mike receives a wealthy income as a family medicine physician.

Adding Another Profession: From Doctor Mike to Boxer Mikhail

Mike made his debut as a boxer on the 29th of October 2022 when he entered the boxing ring in Glendale, Arizona. He went against UFC veteran Chris Avila on the Jake Paul-Anderson Silva.

11 years ago, he turned to this sport to help him deal with his mother’s passing. Now, Mike became a professional boxer, not to gain popularity or money, but to challenge himself.

Doctor Mike Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Doctor Mike has a net worth of $10 million.

Possibly even more if we credit his other revenue sources, such as affiliate commissions, lucrative brand deals, sponsorships, sales, and speaking gigs.

Doctor Mike earns a handsome amount through his YouTube channel and medical career. We estimate he has made anywhere from 6.5 to 11 million dollars from 2016 to 2022.

Meanwhile, his income as a family medicine physician also provides a healthy multi-six-figure income for the doctor.

Collection of Cars

Doctor Mike has a passionate hobby of collecting cars: the Ferrari F8, BMW i8, Ferrari 458, Audi R8 LMX, and a 1930 DeSoto.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Doctor Mike Varshavski a Real Doctor?

Yes, Doctor Mike is a real family medicine doctor. He actively engages in debunking health misinformation and he’s known as the #1 health and lifestyle expert.

Trusted sources, such as the New York Daily Times, American Medical Association, and many others, have commended Doctor Mike for his accurate research and findings on coronavirus.

What Is Doctor Mike’s Specialty?

Doctor Mike is a multifaceted board-certified family medicine physician.
He started pursuing his medical career at age 6, finishing with a degree in Life Sciences and a Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine by the age of 24 (with honors).

Key Takeaways

Stay a Humble Professional

Despite being a celebrity having fans all over the world, Doctor Mike continued doing what he does best—educate and help those in need. He didn’t let fame get over his head.

Mike continued sharing his medical knowledge on his YouTube channel in a light and entertaining way. He stayed humble, genuine, and professional in the end.

Chase What You Love

Mike might be an expert as a family medicine physician, but he’s also incredible as a social media influencer, philanthropist, and—quite recently—a professional boxer.

He didn’t stop at one opportunity and instead chased one career after another. It may be a personal hobby to post on his social media, but one thing is clear: he loves what he’s doing.

Work to Help

Varshavski’s entire purpose in pursuing his multiple careers is solely to help people. He has the heart to help and the mind to pursue this.

Mike doesn’t seek anything in return, only to give what he can by using the skills and knowledge he’s gifted with.