Devale Ellis Net Worth

Devale Ellis Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Devale Ellis is? Well, the American media personality has made his name known in many fields, leading a promising acting career as well as being a social media influencer, former football player, podcast host, and more!

As of May 2023, Devale Ellis has a net worth of around $3 million.

If you want to know more about Devale Ellis’s net worth, life achievements, and more, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know!

Early Life

Devale Ellis was born in Brooklyn, New York to Troy Ellis and Karen Ellis on April 2, 1984. He also has a brother and a younger sister.

Ellis went to James Madison high school in his hometown where he showed a noticeable promise in sports.

In fact, Devale Ellis used to play both basketball and football, but he later chose to focus on the latter, aspiring to become a professional national football league player.

High School Football

During his senior year at high school, Ellis participated in the public school athletic league  (PSAL) and performed very well.

In fact, he ranked among the top ten wide receivers in terms of goals and catches, earning the nickname “Show Time”.

College Football

Devale’s athletic performance earned him a chance to go to a good college, joining Hofstra University and playing college football on his university’s team, playing alongside Marques E. Colston, who will later become New Orleans Saints wide receiver.

Although he was brought in as a backup, Colston’s injury gave him a chance to showcase his skills.

For a short-lived college football career, Devale had a pretty impressive run with 22 touchdowns and an average of 12.5 yards per catch (over 176 catches for 2,207 yards).

In 2005, during his senior college year at Hofstra University, he scored 5 touchdowns and averaged 103.8 yards per game in terms of receptions.

This stellar performance earned him 9th place in terms of all-purpose receptions and second in the Atlantic 10.

Devale Ellis’s brilliant displays were often halted by injuries. In fact, he required surgery on four separate occasions, which obviously had its toll on his performance in the following years.

However, it wasn’t all that bad, as during those times that Ellis met Khadeen, who was going to be his future wife in 2010, although he had to leave for Detroit for most of his professional career.

NFL Football

Detroit Lions

Devale Ellis’s first shot at professional football was when he was signed by Detroit Lions back in 2006 as an undrafted free agent after participating as a tryout player in the rookie mini-camp.

Ellis was signed to the team’s practice squad and was waived from the active roster shortly after playing the season opener against the Seattle Seahawks.

On October 15th, he was upgraded to the active roster again where he started against the Buffalo Bill. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make the cut and was later dropped by the team in late 2008.

Cleveland Browns

After a short break, Ellis was signed by the Cleveland Browns On new years’ eve of 2008, but he was later dropped on July 26, 2009, when he couldn’t impress the Cleveland Browns management.


Sistas' Devale Ellis Reveals How Hands-On Tyler Perry Really Is
Source: The List

The disappointing end of Devale Ellis’s dream of becoming a professional NFL football player in 2010 didn’t leave him completely out of luck.

At the end of the day, sports kept him in a good shape, and combined with his looks, Devale Ellis was determined to pursue a career in acting.

Of course, things didn’t go as smoothly at first, and Devale Ellis needed to be as patient and determined as he has always been to achieve his dreams.

At first, Devale Ellis accepted small roles in shows and movies, with his first role being “Tommy” in the 2013 movie “Full Circle”.

After several roles, Devale Ellis got his first break as a lead actor in the “Vish Merrick” series that premiered in 2017.

His performance in the series attracted more producers and directors to work with him. Among the names that developed an interest in Ellis’s acting was Tyler Perry, who was writing and producing a show on BET network called “Sistas”

Today, Devale Ellis has a main role in two ongoing shows, both of which are “Zac Taylor” of the comedy-drama series “Sistas” and its spin-off “Zatima”. Devale Ellis also starred in the 2022 movie “A Christmas Fumble”.

Youtube Channel

Another aspect that also had an influence on Devale Ellis’s net worth was his youtube channel called “ The Ellises”, which he created with his wife Khadeen Ellis.

The couple created the channel in October 2011 shortly after Cleveland Browns let Devale Ellis go.

The Ellises is an entertainment channel in which Devale and Khadeen show funny skits and family vlogs with their children as well as a glimpse into their everyday life and fun activities.

Today, the channel has amassed a large audience, and as of December 2022, it has over 450,000 subscribers and a total of 76.2 million views.

In addition to monetizing their videos, the channel sometimes displays ads for various services and products, which also contributes to the family’s (and Devale’s) overall net worth.


Another noticeable source of income for Devale Ellis and his family is a podcast called “Dead Ass”, which he created and hosted with his wife since 2019.

The podcast talks about all kinds of topics with an extra focus on healthy marriage, love life, culture, politics, and tips to excel in business.

The podcast often includes public figure guests, most notably U.S. President Joe Biden in 2020.

Social Media Influencing

In addition to his football and acting career as well as podcasts and youtube channels, Devale Ellis also has a huge audience on Instagram with over 1.9 million followers, essentially making him a social media influencer.


Lastly, Devale Ellis also released a book named “We Over Me”, which he co-authored with his wife Khadeen.

In the book, the couple talks about their relationship along with tips for millennial lovers to build and maintain a healthy and happy family.

Devale Ellis Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Devale Ellis has a net worth of around $3 million. His main sources of income are currently his acting career as well as his time as an NFL football player.

His social media and youtube channel also have a huge following and generate a lot of views, contributing to his family and personal wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Devale Ellis’s wife do?

Like her husband, Khadeen Ellis is also a social media influencer and an actress who starred in various roles, such as “The Business of Christmas”.

Additionally, She co-hosts Devale’s Youtube channel “The Ellises” and Podcast “Dead Ass”

How old are Devale Ellis’s Kids?

Together, Devale and Khadeen Ellis have 4 children together. Their children are:

1. Jackson Karter Ellis (born in 2011)
2. Kairo Shakur Ellis (born in 2016)
3. Kaz Hendrix Ellis (born in 2017)
4. Dakota Marley Ellis (born in 2021)

Key Takeaways

Family Comes First

Devale Ellis is a true family man that is all about his wife and kids. He always cherishes his family members and includes them in almost all of his social aspects of life.

Since the day he met his wife around senior high school and early college days, the couple has always been together.

Devale and Khadeen Ellis went through the darkest of times together, including his injuries and short-lived NFL football career.

His youtube channel “The Ellises” is a perfect example of how he regards his family as his true source of empowerment.

Never Give Up

As previously established, the life of Devale Ellis and what he is today didn’t come easy, as he always had hardships and hurdles that he had to cross in order to reach his goals.

Although he failed to achieve his dream of making it as a big football player due to multiple severe injuries, he never gave up and always sought success in several other adventures.

Today, Devale Ellis can look back at his life as a story of perseverance and determination to achieve one’s goals, whether it’s financial or social.

Venture out

Lastly, a great lesson that we can learn from Devale Ellis’s story of success is that venturing out and investing in various streams of income is one of the best ways to keep your net worth growing!

While many people would be satisfied with their career as a former football player or a movie star, Devale Ellis also invests a lot of time into growing his brand as a youtube and media personality, which earns him sponsor deals and boosts his income even further!