Key Tips To Create a Compelling Video

Today, video is no longer an upcoming content marketing trend but an integral part of the marketing strategy of many organizations.

And all of this because the video is highly effective!

Including a video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Video matters in this digital era, with 81% of the businesses using it as a marketing tool.

Almost 50% of the online searchers look for videos of products they want to buy. In addition, you will also find social media flooded with all types of videos. Additionally, 92% of mobile consumers share videos on a wide scale.

Videos are fast taking over the online world, with more than 85% of the businesses publishing videos in 2019, just 75% in 2018. These statistics make it clear that creating a compelling video for brand marketing is not a matter of choice but a necessity.

Wondering how to make one? The tips below will help you out.

6 Tips To Create A Compelling Video For Marketing Purpose

Set Objectives For Your Marketing Video

Before starting the process, be clear about your objectives behind creating a marketing video. This will help you choose the perfect video format and brainstorm different ideas.

You can use videos in varied phases of the customer’s journey. Studies show that 1/3rd of the businesses use videos for sales, while 20% use them for customer support and product management.

So, depending on your business requirements, the video can serve these purposes:

  • Creating brand awareness: Introducing the requirement for your product and making your brand look enticing
  • Explaining special attributes: Providing information to existing clients to improve product adoption and client retention
  • Generating leads and sales: Convincing the prospects to communicate or buy

Once your goals are set, it will get easier to proceed with the next steps, such as choosing the tone, writing the script, etc.

The key here is to create a short, catchy video informing people about what you do. A video maker tool can help you create compelling videos within minutes. Whether making explainers, demos, or interactive videos, ensure your content offers solutions to your prospects’ problems. 

Identify Your Target Audience

Once you have set your video marketing goals, it is time to know who your video is for. Understanding your target customers can help you choose the correct language and tone to address them, increasing your video’s effectiveness.

Get in touch with your sales team first to know your target audiences. That’s because they speak to customers throughout the day and know the type of people who can buy your product over the competitors.

Also, work on what you want to focus on in your video. Why should people watch your content? What is your main selling point? Answering these questions will make you focus on just the highlights and essence of your product in the content.

You can also talk to customers directly or monitor your brand discussions minutely. This involves reviewing customers’ opinions about your brand with friends and followers.

Write A Script

Now that you have all the essential details for making a video sit down to draft a storyboard. Remember, the script of your video is its basic foundation. A good story requires a problem and a solution; the same goes for your product video.

Your video should start with a problem faced by the target audience and then introduce your product as the solution to the problem. Also, ensure to use the ideal tone for your video representing your brand and the product you are selling.

You can sound flirty and fun if you are promoting a dating app but if you are representing your brand as a smart solution, try to sound smart in your video. The best is to choose a straightforward and conversational tone, free of corporate terms and jargon.

Try to learn and speak the language that the audience speaks.

If you are serving tech geeks, include technical terms in your video and if they are teenagers speaking in emojis, use the same. Doing so will let you connect with your audience and convince them to buy your product.

Recording Your Video: The Cast And Voiceover

Video recording will be the easiest part of the entire video production procedure, provided you use an online video-making tool. Even if you are a beginner at this, it will take you less than an hour to get all the clips you need for your video.

These video makers come with premade templates and a media stock library of images, videos, and music to include in your marketing video. So, there’s not much that you need to do.

As far as the cast for your video is concerned, take in people behind your brand and feature real employees in your video instead of hiring professional actors. As for the voiceover, you can rehearse and experiment with different versions with the video crew and finalize one.

Share Your Video

Now that your video is ready, it is time to get it out there for the entire world to see. Decide where you want to share the content based on your target audience and your video marketing goals.

You can use your video on your website’s landing page or home page to promote your business. Including it in nurturing emails and social media platforms will bring more leads and conversions.

YouTube is the go-to platform to host your video. You can reach a huge audience here if you use the right set of keywords.

Focus On Central Theme And Include A CTA 

Make sure your video has a central theme or idea. Also, choose terms that reinforce this central theme in your video. Be as detail-oriented as possible here.

Do not forget to give a call to action or CTA at the end of your video. Some common CTAs you can use – contact us, buy our product, download our app, visit our site or subscribe to our mailing list.

The Bottom Line

Remember, consistency is the key to the success of your marketing video. The excellent thing is that 54% of the customers want more brand videos.

This means that you are on the correct track to getting closer to the potential audience if you have started to invest in making videos because this will bring you more sales.

Also, understand that traction takes time to build properly. So, don’t lose hope when the audiences or numbers are low initially.

Continue to experiment with different videos, share top-quality content with your audiences, consistently promote your business, and get the desired results.