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3 Reasons To Remain Optimistic About COVID-19

 COVID-19 is scary, no use in trying to deny it. 



Never before have we been forced into social isolation for the universal wellbeing of our nation, or faced a level of uncertainty this great. As a millennial, I imagine this is somewhat what it feels like to be a citizen of a nation at severe and life-threatening war. However, this week, as we often like to do here at TSB, we decided to take a break from success and entrepreneurship tactics and dig into COVID-19, the best practices to remain healthy during this outbreak. Reasons to stay optimistic amidst your likely frightening Twitter feed. 



1. Although late, America has taken drastic measures


Via The New York Times
via The New York Times

Let’s be honest; the USA was entirely late to the party. It’s become clear that as a country, we were not as prepared for COVID-19 at the outset of the pandemic as some of our fellow nations were (see: South Korea already having administered 3,000 more tests than the USA).


However, since its rapid outbreak in the US, The federal government, along with major corporations, has now taken drastic actions to curb the inevitable (say it with me, inevitable) spread of the virus. These include the unprecedented move of reducing restaurants to delivery and takeout only and indefinitely closing facilities with significant traffic such as gyms, schools, and even bars that don’t sell food. 


On the other hand, major corporations such as Disneyland and Broadway theatres have closed indefinitely, along with the NBA, MLB, and NHL ending their seasons until further notice.

However, the moves by the Federal Government and these significant corporations shouldn’t scare you; rather, they should give you a bit of optimism. The amount of social interaction these closures will prevent is astronomical, and should hopefully play a significant role in the reduction of COVID-19 contractions in the USA.





2. The numbers are saddening but hopeful


While any amount of deaths is a terrible thing, the overall death toll of the virus remains relatively low. As you likely know by now, 80% of confirmed cases of COVID-19 have featured mild to moderate symptoms. 


The morbid truth to all of this is that more US citizens will contract the virus, and unfortunately, more US citizens will contract the virus fatally. However, so far, it seems that we are not looking at a black plague situation. Those at most risk are the elderly (specifically ages 80+), and those with underlying health conditions. For the vast majority of not only the US population but the world’s population, cases are mild and recoverable. Just over 79,000 have recovered from the mercurial virus since its outbreak.


Moral of the story: It’s up to us younger folks to help curb the spread of this virus by practicing consistent social distancing and frequently washing our hands. Only leave the house when necessary, and together, we can slow the spread of this virus while brilliant minds work on a solution, which brings me to my next point…




3. Don’t Look Now, Australia’s Up to Something


Continent of Australia

I added this in, as this hasn’t seemed to gain a ton of traction so far. But Australian scientists are closing in on what they believe to be a “cure” for COVID-19. Yes, a cure, not a vaccine. A potential cure would be incredible for two reasons:


1. The treatment involves already regulated drugs used to treat diseases such as HIV and Malaria, so the timetable of distribution would be shorter than a vaccine.


2. A vaccine won’t be ready for at least twelve months to a year, according to multiple sources; if a cure is indeed a possibility, this, along with the continued development of a vaccine, could nip the virus at the bud.



As I mentioned, COVID-19 is scary, but with the onslaught of negative reports surfacing regarding the virus, hopefully this will put your mind a bit at ease.



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