CJ So Cool Net Worth

CJ So Cool Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of CJ So Cool is? Well, the YouTube star is one of the biggest content creators in the game right now and is worth a fortune.

As of May 2023, CJ So Cool has a net worth of $7 million.

He is famously known for his reaction and prank videos. This post will dive into how he achieved success.

Early Life

CJ So Cool, formerly known as Cordero James Brady, was born on March 29, 1989, in Gary, Indiana. He had an extremely rough childhood.

His mother was a drug addict, and his father died while in prison.

Despite his misfortunes, he was still able to focus on his studies. As a result, he graduated from William A Wirt High School in his hometown. 

He joined the Navy and was assigned to the Presidential Guard after graduating.

After a brief Navy stint, he enrolled in Purdue University but ultimately dropped out and started looking for work.

CJ worked a plethora of entry-level jobs ranging from restaurants to casinos.

He often worked very long hours, but he always kept a positive mindset and looked forward to making his coworkers laugh. 

Coworkers and family saw CJ’s potential and urged him to show the world how funny he was.

In 2014, CJ took their advice and made a YouTube channel. This would be the start of his illustrious career as a YouTube creator.


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Once he created the channel, he didn’t post right away. Instead, he took the time to learn how to edit and record. A year later, he created his first video, CJ  Shoe Collection. The video was a great start and garnered over 800,000 views.

CJ would switch gears and get more into reaction videos because they were very popular at the time. 

The content change benefited him tremendously, and his viewership grew from hundreds of thousands to millions. 

He also makes pranks and “try not to laugh” videos, which also added to his fame and popularity.

His channel has exploded to one of the more popular channels on YouTube and now has over 8 million subscribers.

Like Kyle Foregard, CJ has become an internet sensation and has turned YouTube into a well-paying full-time career.

CJ So Cool Net Worth 

As of May 2023, CJ So Cool has a net worth of $7 million. His YouTube channel is his most prominent source of income, and he earns around $5,000 daily.

He also has made the songs So Cool Anthem, Bag Chasing, Memories, and more. His following continues to grow daily, and as time goes on, it’s safe to say his wealth will also.

Key Takeaways 

Knowledge is power

An intelligent thing CJ did before getting started with YouTube learned how to edit and video record. This allowed him to make content that has led to millions properly. It would be best if you took the time to learn.

Nothing gets accomplished without proper education on your craft. Take the time out daily to learn, and success should follow.

Positivity always wins

Throughout all the struggles he endured growing up and as an adult. CJ always kept a positive mindset, translating into large amounts of wealth.

There’s a lot of negativity in the world, and it can be very draining. However, it’s crucial that through it all, you keep your head up and keep going.