Chris Cuomo Net Worth

Chris Cuomo Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Chris Cuomo is? This television journalist is best known for his Cuomo Prime Time special on CNN.

In addition to working for multiple news outlets, Chris Cuomo is also the brother of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Additionally, Chris’s father, Mario Cuomo, was the Governor of New York State as well.

As of May 2023, Chris Cuomo has a net worth of $12 million.

Early Life

Cuomo is a New York City native, who grew up in the borough of Queens. His parents, Mario and Matilda Cuomo, both valued his education greatly.

After graduating from Immaculate Conception School in Jamaica, Queens, Cuomo went on to a private prep school in Albany. Chris Cuomo went on to achieve his undergraduate degree and J.D. from Yale University and Fordham University School of Law, respectively.


Cuomo went into television journalism with a focus on political and social issues. He continued to increase his exposure through CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News.

ABC also took Cuomo on, with him being a co-anchor for the 20/20 program. His coverage of how heroin addiction impacted suburban communities brought awareness to the issue.

As a news anchor for Good Morning America, his resume varied greatly. From September 2006 to December 2009, Cuomo not only covered the War on Terror but other volatile stories.

News stories that Cuomo has covered also include the 2007 Virginia Tech Shooting, the Haiti earthquake, the 2009 Fort Hood Shooting, Hurricane Rita, and more.

While working with ABC, Cuomo also managed a website called “Cuomo On The Case” which had two weekly digital programs. These two programs were called The Real Deal and Focus on Faith.

Moving to CNN in 2013, Cuomo became the co-host of its morning show. His CNN debut was covering the February 2013 Nor’Easter.

In 2018, Cuomo went on to host Cuomo Prime Time. Before leaving CNN, Cuomo was also working on a book about the presidency of Donald Trump.


Chris Cuomo has been honored with numerous Emmy Award nominations. Additionally, Cuomo received the News Emmy Award, being one of the youngest recipients.

His other awards also include the Polk and Peabody Awards, the Edward R. Murrow Award, the Gerald Loeb Award, and the Silver Gavel Award.

Chris Cuomo Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Chris Cuomo has a net worth of $12 million. Much of Cuomo’s wealth comes from his CNN salary which paid him $6 million a year while hosting Cuomos Prime Time.

Other things to consider include his extensive coverage of prolific stories, and his experience in the journalism field.

Chris Cuomo has since been fired from CNN in late 2021 after a lawyer for a former colleague accused the host of sexual misconduct. The New York attorney general also revealed Chris’s intimate and engaged role in his brother’s political affairs that CNN was unaware of.

Key Takeaways

“You can’t just talk politics all the time – it’s boring.

In journalism, it is important that you add some personality to the content you are reporting on. This goes for all areas as well.

Use yourself to your advantage by standing out, as long as its within reason.

Put yourself in uncomfortable situations

When Cuomo got the opportunity to report on the War on Terror, this meant that he would be working in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and exposed to dangers such as IEDs.

The presence of risk that comes along with an opportunity should never scare you away.

Your reputation is everything

As great of a television journalist Cuomo was, his reputation has now been sullied due to his misconduct cases. Warren Buffet said it best: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”