Chapel Hart Net Worth

Chapel Hart Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Chapel Hart is?

The trio wowed their fans when they appeared on America’s Got Talent’s stage and sang their hearts out. And although they didn’t make it out as winners, they earned praise and gained thousands of new fans.

Their journey wasn’t a disappointing one; they managed to get the Golden Buzzer and, more importantly, managed to get praised by THE Dolly Parton after their first performance on the show!

As of May 2023, Chapel Hart has an estimated net worth of $100,000. There isn’t much there isn’t enough info about their assets and salaries.

Early Life

The three members of Chapel Hart are a family from Mississippi, with the sisters Danica Hart and Devynn Hart, and their cousin Trea Swindle. They supposedly took an interest in music at a young age, particularly in their small town, Poplarville.

The three members were raised in a huge family that, according to them, included 108 grandchildren! Their family all grew up in one community called Harts Chapel, which they used as inspiration later on to name their musical band.

The three kids were interested in music from day one, which led them to record a music video after Trea, the cousin, wrote a song called Country Paradise. You could say that this was their headstart in the musical world.

At first, Danica and Trea created a duo and started singing cover songs in New Orleans’ Royal Street to make a name for themselves. Then, Devynn joined them later.

According to Trea, she was originally a prison guard and was taking some time off in Orleans when she tried singing and found herself good at it. She started convincing Danica to join her, and she did. After that, Devynn lost her job, so they convinced her to join them, and the trio was formed!

Although there isn’t enough info about their birth years, the three members look to be between 20–25 years old.

America’s Got Talent Journey

Although Chapel Hart started singing at a young age, the three members didn’t make it big until they appeared on America’s Got Talent. Here’s a rundown of their journey in the talent show:

Almost Didn’t Make It

Fate works in a funny way! Although Chapel Hart was only one step away from winning America’s Got Talent, they almost didn’t make it to the talent show in the first place.

They had a scheduled tour with Indigo Girls at the time of the show, but they didn’t make it because one of the folk mini band’s members got a COVID infection, so the tour was called off.

According to Trea, Lindsay Rush, who’s responsible for America’s Got Talent scout, reached out and told them that the world needs to hear their music. Her persistence eventually convinced them to join, and the rest was history!

Golden Buzzer

Chapel hart’s journey in America’s Got Talent was historical from day one. Their debut was iconic, where they sang their original song called You Can Have Him, Jolene.

The song was inspired by Dolly Parton’s Jolene, and the girls aced their performance up to the point that they were given the Golden Buzzer by a unanimous vote from the judges, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandell, and Simon Cowell.

Thanks to the buzzer, they automatically qualified for the competition rounds.

Making history didn’t stop here. Chapel Hart managed to drive their album, The Girls Are Back in Town, to No.1 on iTunes right after their iconic performance.

And to top it off, Dolly Parton apparently watched AND liked their performance because she took it upon herself to praise them in a tweet.

As if that’s not enough, Chapel Hart also received an official invitation to get a Grand Ole Opry debut, and Darius Rucker invited them to sing in his next album.

Their second performance at America’s Got Talent wasn’t any less good, and it earned them one hell of an applause round after they were done.

Not the End They Were Looking For

With how Chapel Hart hit it off in their AGT audition debut, no one had a doubt in mind that they’d come out winners. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Chapel Hart was the first band to get eliminated during the season finale. And instead of the local Mississippians, a Lebanese dance group called Mayyas went home with the trophy.

That wasn’t the end for Chapel Hart, though. If anything, their performance with Darius Rucker during the finale was a sneak peek of their upcoming musical career.

Musical Career

Chapel Hart members attending the 2022 CMT Music awards
Source: Billboard

Despite only making it big after joining America’s Got Talent, Chapel Hart was already on the right career path before joining the show. The three members started as a cover band in New Orleans. Shortly after, they wanted to sing their own songs, so they started writing.

In 2016, Chapel Hart’s first short album debuted under the name Made for Me. However, the band wasn’t actually formed yet. Instead, it was only Trea and Danica trying their luck, and they put a name to their duo: Hyperphlyy.

Three years later, they had managed to convince Devynn to join them and released their second official album, Out the Mud. However, they were still singing under the name Hyperphlyy.

Shortly after, they rebranded themselves as Chapel Hart, and they collaborated with a record producer called Jeff Glixman in 2020. Glixman became their manager later on, and they released their first single with him in 2020 under the name Jesus & Alcohol.

The second single followed in 2021, called I Will Follow before the trio released an entire album called The Girls Are Back in Town in July of the same year.

Because of their distinctive music, CMT selected Chapel Hart as the up-and-coming female country band for their country music initiative, Next Women of Country. That’s another success on Chapel Hart’s scoreboard!

Chapel Hart Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Chapel Hart has an estimated net worth of $100,000.

However, that’s a mere estimation because there’s not enough information about the members’ assets or salaries. The only information available is about their upbringing, but no one knows how much money they make.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Chapel Hart band now?

The group is still based in New Orleans, but they’re apparently taking some time off after their journey in America’s Got Talent.

Danica, one of the trio, underwent vocal cord surgery in October 2022, so there’s a chance they’re waiting for her full recovery to return to the scene.

What did Dolly Parton say about Chapel Hart?

Dolly Parton praised Chapel Hart’s performance in a tweet after she heard their original song, which was inspired by her own hit, Jolene.

She wrote,’ What a fun new take on my song!’ and because Parton is all about fun, she added a humorous bit featuring her husband, ‘Carl’s birthday is today, so I think I’ll hang on to him! And I’m not notifying Jolene that today is his birthday.’

How did Chapel Hart do on America’s got talent?

Chapel Hart was off to a great start on America’s Got Talent. They received the Golden Buzzer after their first performance in the talent show, making it directly to the competition rounds.

After that, they delivered an iconic second performance and another historical performance in the finale with Darius Rucker.

Unfortunately, though, they didn’t make it out with the trophy.

Key Takeaways

Losing Isn’t the End

Chapel Hart may have lost in America’s Got Talent finale, but that wasn’t the end for them or for their fans. Their finale performance with Darius Rucker was iconic, and it’ll hopefully be the start of something new.

It doesn’t matter if you lose or don’t get something that you desperately wanted. As long as you have the will to start again and work with what you have, you’ll eventually make it.

Make It Work With What You Have

The three members of Chapel Hart grew up in a huge family that included 105 other grandchildren. They may have given up on making it big, and they may have kept complaining about the lack of resources or the crowded neighborhood they were in.

Instead, they used that to their advantage and gained inspiration from their childhood for their musical band.

The moral of the story is to try to think of a way to use your resources, even if they don’t seem ideal.

Your Job Doesn’t Define You

Trea Swindle was originally a prison guard, and she could’ve spent her entire life working the same job. Instead, she explored new opportunities on her time off, and apparently, she was right to do so.

Not only that, but Trea also took some time to convince her two cousins to join her, and they didn’t do so at the same time. First, Danica joined Trea, and Devynn only joined them after they’d already recorded their first EP.

If you’re doing something you don’t love, it’s never too late to call it a day and explore new careers. You may have a Golden Buzzer waiting for you without knowing it!